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04/18/12 6:03 am

How bout cheese and pretzels?;)

tsk California
04/15/12 9:51 pm

I'm lactose intolerant & dont drink alcohol, so pretzels for me.

raphael237 New Jersey
04/14/12 11:45 am

Run the filters: absolutely proves Dems have better taste than Reps!

bellatrixx Indiana
04/13/12 2:32 pm

I think cheese and beer sounds better than those combos. Lol

ElizabethL BOS . NC
04/13/12 2:39 am

Beer & Pretzels: too heavy! I went with wine and cheese for the win. Beer and pretzels separately not bad though!

04/12/12 6:08 pm


monkxo New York
04/12/12 4:00 am

I don't drink. Only 13. But I like cheese better than pretzels

dbrat East Coast
04/11/12 9:09 pm

no booze - at all. give me good & plenty instead!

04/11/12 9:06 pm

That a boy Illinois :) home sweet home

JelloKyari SoCal
04/11/12 8:53 pm

What if you don't drink? I just chose cheese and wine.

purpleness Iowa
04/11/12 8:29 pm

I like cheese and I'm too young to drink, but beer smells like pee, and I imagine it probably tastes the same.

pateach2 love my son
04/11/12 7:19 pm

More like beer and wings...or tequila and fruit. LOL

haussparke Texas
04/11/12 3:30 pm

Cheese and beer duh. In fact I make both!

04/11/12 2:53 pm

Everybody I know in Kansas drinks beer. And lots of it. Cheese for me!

Nadinochka Narnia
04/11/12 1:47 pm

I don't like wine, but I do loooove cheese!

04/11/12 11:55 am

I just...really like cheese.

04/11/12 9:36 am

never heard of wine farts or a wine belly.

04/11/12 8:51 am

Beer is the BEST, but with pretzels, not my favorite so I picked wine. Give me beer and peanuts and there you go.

NotAsheep Nevada
04/11/12 4:18 am

but... I like Wine and pretzels..... I fly a lot and cheese is rarely an option lol

Xyrnus Federal Way WA
04/11/12 1:53 am

wine pita and hummus not an option?

Xyrnus Federal Way WA
04/11/12 1:52 am

hmmmm...lots of vegans in Montana too I see

gonk In a psychology textbook
04/10/12 9:53 pm

I love cheese! And pretzels. No alcohol for me, thanks.

04/10/12 8:50 pm

@langlsd, check out the winery trail from Saugatuk. lots of good wines and wineries!

04/10/12 7:59 pm

heck I'll take cheese over all 3

04/10/12 7:46 pm

Just discovering wines made here in Michigan. So, I have to go wine and cheese. Recommend trying some wines from the Grand Traverse Bay area.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/10/12 7:25 pm

EarlyBird we get to Oshkosh once a year and Tillamook every few months. Soft serve, cheese, and sausage high on the to-do lists. Now if they'd just put in a beer garden next to the Cheese Factory...

ty3desi Massachusetts
04/10/12 7:21 pm

Depends if I'm more French or irish on any certain day

04/10/12 7:02 pm

I have to agree with tardis alcohol is stupid!!!!!!!! I just like cheese more than pretzels

Zack100 Tatooine
04/10/12 7:01 pm

Wine over beer /!!! But pretzels over cheese!!!

Nerdz Texas
04/10/12 6:19 pm

I'm a minor so how would I know

04/10/12 5:50 pm

Wine over beer but alcohol is stupid either way.

EarlyBird Portland
04/10/12 5:39 pm

Zod- you remind me of Homer Simpson and when someone answered beer and cheese, it makes me think of Wisconsin.

04/10/12 5:33 pm

isn't beer explosive after about 3-4 hours?

04/10/12 5:20 pm

Wine & explosive sex, thank you!

MGLC New Mexico
04/10/12 3:53 pm

Under 21 people answering scares me. I am 14, just answered to read comments.

Emma Austin.ish.
04/10/12 3:46 pm

a glass of sweet German wine and pretzels with beer-cheese, thanks. :)

04/10/12 3:15 pm