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mrcoyote Casa Grande
08/09/11 8:10 pm

Indy because he kicks nazi and commie butt

08/07/11 8:41 pm

007 ... Bcuz... HE IS AWESOME

08/06/11 10:51 pm

CHUCK NORRIS was too epic for this poll...

ajb318 Indiana
08/06/11 12:46 am

Bond, but the only ones I really like are Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.

Mike3 Michigan
08/05/11 7:15 pm

James bond is a real man. With a real job

cveazey Louisiana
08/05/11 1:03 pm

007 is hotter! watch the old Sean Connery 007 movies! there is nothing better!

08/04/11 7:06 pm

007 is cooler, Indy is hotter...just a fact :D

Kels.USMC? West Virginia
08/03/11 11:27 pm

I love Indy but hands down gotta go with James Bond on this one. He was so cool in his tux and he was an agent that kicked hands down 007

Wes28 CBus
08/03/11 1:47 am

Bond gets WAY more action, if you know what I mean. This automatically makes him cooler than Jones.

08/03/11 12:16 am

@LuTang Your comment about the democrats and republicans is quite interesting indeed.

08/02/11 3:08 pm

You have to remember: at the end of every night James Bond will be the one being laid... Not Indy... But I'd rather be Indy to experience history and adventure. Wait... On second thought, Ah I can't decide. I say shag women like Bond and experience history and adventure like Indy... Good compromise.

08/02/11 10:51 am

Indy! History is so much better than a spy!

Piper? Texas
08/02/11 9:17 am

@Cryskull I agree with you Bond is to predictable.

08/02/11 2:54 am

My two favorite. Had to say 007 because the last Indy movie was terrible

08/01/11 10:20 pm

Um duh bond. Who doesn't love spies

Zack100 Tatooine
08/01/11 8:54 pm

How about Indy vs. Chuck Norris!

fmm Philadelphia suburb
08/01/11 8:50 pm

Craig is a great Bond but it's Indy .......

eradicator JC
08/01/11 7:46 pm

Indy gets beat up every time. He's supposed to be a relatable Everyman. And if you're judging the question based on notions of realism, you're really missing the point of both franchises

08/01/11 11:24 am

Indy is way too comic-booked for my taste. At least bond is more realistic. He gets beat up every once in awhile. And Bond stuff could actually happen. The Jones series is all too fake. And for those who said Bond is predictable, you're an idiot.

08/01/11 8:00 am

whoever mentioned Liam neeson I fully agree he has become a total badass lately. good call

08/01/11 1:50 am

First movie I remember watching in a theatre was "Temple of Doom". Gotta go with Jones.

08/01/11 12:33 am

Neither. Liam Neeson.

cryskull Culpeper, VA
08/01/11 12:27 am

James Bond - summary of ALL movies- guy wants to take over the world, only MI6 can save the world.

James Bond is as predictable as a Godzilla movie.

DearMel Colorado
08/01/11 12:18 am

Indy has more balls then Bond will ever have.

07/31/11 11:39 pm

Bond - two words.

COOL toys.

07/31/11 11:28 pm

@SouthernG... yeah, so much of a stretch that the rubber band snapped... What a steaming pile!

07/31/11 10:55 pm

BOND -pierce broswand

awt3000 California
07/31/11 10:45 pm

Yeah but they're British and they're Texans!!

SouthernG Man Cave
07/31/11 10:39 pm

@Lutang: hmm very interesting indeed. though I'm conservative minded independent, I voted Indy as I like archeology and haven't liked Bond of Kate due to no solid Bond actor.....though that last Indy movie was a stretch

Nerdz Texas
07/31/11 9:47 pm

I've never seen a 007 movie, so I'll go with Indy

Wert A picture of my junk
07/31/11 9:40 pm

The only significant result so far is the females like Indy while males like bond. The rest look like they fall within margin of error

geoag02 Dallas, TX
07/31/11 9:36 pm

@LuTang: I hadn't thought if it that way, but you make an interesting point.

@awt3000: I would hope that everyone (including those from Texas) who voted Bond knew he was British. They kinda make a big deal of it in every movie.

07/31/11 9:09 pm

Notice more democrats and lower income people chose Indy, the archeological Robin Hood...

While Republicans and the wealthy chose the terror-fighting secret agent 007.

Veeerrryyyy iiiiinnnterrreessstiiinnng.
(strokes beard).

07/31/11 9:05 pm

Indiana Jones is a Liberal who wants to steal all the treasures and give them to the museums for free so everyone can enjoy.

James Bond is a Conservative who's breaking international treaties and laws to protect the free world from evil doers.

Interesting how the votes went.

07/31/11 9:05 pm

I'm embarrassed that my state is voting bond....

dylansl Texas
07/31/11 8:26 pm

I bet this question was because of cowboys vs Aliens. With both Craig and ford

WildWeasel Texas
07/31/11 8:13 pm

James Bond is kind of like a naughty kid who gets special toys from his parents so he behaves, then continues to misbehave. Q should've fired him a LONG time ago!

SouthernG Man Cave
07/31/11 7:53 pm

lol imagine Pierce Morgan as Bond