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Show Of Hands September 14th, 2012 12:00am

Does your family act silly/goofy when nobody else is around?

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munkey? SilentMunkey
09/20/12 1:40 am

Yes we do. I have started acting 'normal' in front of other families... I have found they respond well. I think we are a naturally goofy people. =)

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
09/18/12 3:09 am

My family acts the same around anybody. We don't hide our true selves. Sure in certain situations we are more serious.

FakeSound Arizona
09/17/12 2:11 am

22% of families act silly all the time.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/17/12 1:16 am

Always have fun. We learn through play together.

09/16/12 11:16 pm

no, they act like that when EVERYONE is around.

niteowl Hold Fast
09/16/12 4:48 pm

@heatherluvs, what part of Texas are you in?

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
09/16/12 2:06 pm

Family are the ones you can be goofy with.

Sam95 Nebraska
09/16/12 10:28 am

They are even when people are around.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
09/16/12 7:04 am

We all are goofy when people are around. Who gives a damn what people think?

09/15/12 10:30 pm

I am the goofy one, even when people are watching.

09/15/12 9:35 pm

no difference if someone is around or not

Jaedian Massachusetts
09/15/12 8:43 pm

Yes. They're even worse when there's an audience.

09/15/12 7:23 pm

Yes, all the time. Doesn't matter who is around

09/15/12 4:45 pm

My family is the antithesis of goofy.

09/15/12 2:10 pm

Me and my sis almost have our own language - words we use when nobody is around. This includes goofy nicknames.

09/15/12 1:50 pm

Even when people are around!

angiebrite Gallifrey
09/15/12 1:39 pm

No we are very angry all the time! Grrrr

FrostedMin California
09/15/12 12:53 pm

Gosh they act goofy when people ARE around. -____-

09/15/12 12:28 pm

Were goofy when EVERYONES around. Were halrious like that

09/15/12 11:11 am

No they act like racist fucking homophobes. That's why I'm getting the hell away from here as soon as i can

09/15/12 10:56 am

We act that way even around other people lol

emsies Seattle
09/15/12 10:01 am

My family is goofy even when there ARE people around.

Kingtoast Utah
09/15/12 8:48 am

Yeah we sing and burp and scream and yell, then when we have people over it all just goes away lol

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
09/15/12 8:47 am

Damn spell check. Really need to proofread lol

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
09/15/12 8:47 am

I could give a fat F why other people think of me. Of u don't like our silliness, then you're not the type of person I want around me :)
So there!

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
09/15/12 8:46 am

I u don't I feel sorry for you! We act silly at all times. Laughing is good for your well being.

09/15/12 8:35 am

Uhhhh, we do it when there are people around, haha.

amnolek Pennsylvania
09/15/12 8:03 am

Only when no ones around. I don't think we really care! Haha

09/15/12 6:30 am

No. They do it all the time.

09/15/12 6:16 am

More like mean and being a super bitch when no one is around

09/15/12 4:51 am

My family has a lot of fun together but don't care who is around. I love my family. Sometimes it feels like we are a sitcom or something!

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
09/15/12 4:03 am

My family does it when people are around!

tdaddy Kentucky
09/15/12 1:14 am

My 83 yo mother in law acts silly or goofy even if others ARE around. Sometimes it is just plain embarrassing!

09/14/12 11:50 pm

Growing up, no. It was like Cameron's family in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

My wife and I do though. Sometimes even when people are watching.

09/14/12 11:46 pm

My family is full of stiffs.

Sworleyed Illinois
09/14/12 11:45 pm

They don't care if anyone else is around.

09/14/12 10:43 pm

Joking around is part of the sweetness of life, makes the best memories!

AnnieM The Island
09/14/12 10:31 pm

My dad, on the other hand, has always been silly. He was always playing tricks on us as kids (playful ones, not mean ones) and making jokes. As a kid I often had a hard time telling if he was joking or serious about something. I think I've picked up his silly, corny sense of humor. My poor kid. ;)

AnnieM The Island
09/14/12 10:29 pm

As far as my family when I was growing up, I can't remember my mother ever really being silly, though she wasn't super serious either. My step-dad, well, we called him "The Stick-In-the-Mud". Pretty often.

AnnieM The Island
09/14/12 10:27 pm

At home I act goofy around my kid all the time. I make up songs about random things and goofy dances to with them. My son is getting to the age where often says "Mom. Stop. Just stop it." if he's not in a silly mood as well.

Comet? Tennessee
09/14/12 10:21 pm

Yes sometime silly, laugh, angry and cuss.