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Show Of Hands February 9th, 2012 12:00am

If your beloved dog lost the use of his back legs, would you have him put to sleep, or have him fitted with some back-wheels?

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02/15/12 4:41 pm

What kind of question is this?

02/15/12 12:57 pm

We do it for soldiers, why not dogs. We have the same sense of loyalty to both, if on different levels.

02/15/12 12:35 pm

If my dog were suffering, I'd put her to sleep for her own sake. But if she were otherwise fine, just missing her legs, roll on!

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
02/15/12 9:50 am

anybody ever see "old yeller"? those damn shots are expensive.

bazinga719 Illinois
02/14/12 8:34 pm

wouldn't have the heart to put my dog to sleep. my friend recently had to put 2 of her dogs to sleep. I feel sooo bad for her :_:

02/13/12 8:14 pm

Heck,if I had the money, those wheels would have spinners. My Sally would have the most pimped out ride!

hexin Wisconsin
02/13/12 5:52 pm

I hate how Americans kill their dogs at the slightest inconvenience presented. I've had some sick sick animals, but would never think to kill them. In pain? Morphine time.

Liberatheist Mustafar
02/12/12 11:10 pm

I love my dogs too much to put them asleep.

kandykane California
02/12/12 10:35 am

Depends if she is in pain, or if she is pretty old, but I would probably put her to sleep.

minemine Oregon
02/11/12 10:28 pm

If I had the money, wheels for Fido!

02/11/12 10:19 pm

roll just because my dog is only 1 year old. if she were older and it was poor quality of life i would euthanize her.

02/11/12 9:43 pm

I love my dog more than my own sister. Granted, the dog loves me and my sister is a bitch.

02/11/12 8:40 pm

Look, I think I love my dog more than most, he has been the most constant thing in my life over the last ten years, but people need to figure out whether or not they are prolonging their dog's life for the dog or for selfish reasons...

02/11/12 7:52 pm

if she is in pain the put her asleep, but of she is just legless then she can roll.

02/11/12 5:24 pm

my dog was hit by a car and had to have her leg amputated. she doesnt seem to miss it. she runs fast, swims ( although in circles). and shes fine. no loss of quality life.

dlyliny1 New York
02/11/12 3:59 pm

@bioexpert, I had no idea! Tx 4 the heads up. Altho I hate his rabid "religious white-guy" stand on abortion, I thought he seemed the least evil & could possibly make some changes. Now I wouldn't pick him if he were the only one in the race. Tx for showing me what an abusive douche he is! Poor dog!

dlyliny1 New York
02/11/12 3:23 pm

@Tops, so sad for u but u did such a kindness for her. Unlike humans, animals don't fear death so when it's time, they know and want to go. Sweet that she so wanted u to be ok and at peace that she ate her food one last time. I'll bet she's bragging to the other pups in heaven that her mom was #1!

02/11/12 1:33 pm

no animal should suffer

02/11/12 11:28 am

How are there so many people who care about their dogs (which is good) and yet don't give a second thought about Seamus, and support Romney?

Nerdz Texas
02/11/12 8:27 am

too cruel to let my dog die but also cruel to make him roll..... 2nd I guess

Tobi Ohio
02/11/12 8:13 am

Wow the amount of people who would put a healthy dog to sleep is sickening. My dog has been crippled for years and years, often using wheels to get around. Not even that expensive, and he is very happy.

chellsbells Illinois
02/11/12 7:44 am

I just went thru this with my 5 yr old Doxie he did regain some use. But still a very big part of our family

02/11/12 1:24 am

Agreed. Theres a lot of variables involved on this answer.

02/11/12 1:17 am

It depends on how old and overall healthy the dog is in the first place but I said wheels! If the dog is sick and won't be able to adjust well it may be kindest to put it down but if it'll be happy and healthy, yay wheels!

02/10/12 10:57 pm

If my little baby lost his hind legs, I would give him wheels! There is no reason to take her little innocent life away because se didn't ave hind legs! She would be strong, emotionally and physically. I think my dog would like having the wheels. She wouldn't want to die because of the accident.

DrKelly Wisconsin
02/10/12 10:40 pm

@topsqueen. that is so sad! sounds like you had enough compassion to let her make that decision and you support and love her no matter what?

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
02/10/12 10:27 pm

My beloved Princess, a black lab was in so much pain she stopped eating. When I let her know it was her last day she gavel a loving look and actually ate agin. I thank God I live in a right to die state.

02/10/12 10:20 pm

Depends on the age of the dog and their overall health.

02/10/12 6:09 pm

@Perot- Stay?! Lmao!!! And chasing squirrels?! Great idea! Give one to every over weight person- 2 squirrels with 1 stone!

alabaster1 Louisiana
02/10/12 4:50 pm

this is very eerie! I'm going to have to deal with this issue in the very near future. He' s already dragging one of his back paws.

02/10/12 3:58 pm

If he was in pain and would not have a good quality of life, I would put him to sleep....but if the wheels were effective, yes.

02/10/12 12:39 pm

It does depend on the quality of life. It's important to remember that generally when you pet loses the use of their back legs, they also lose the ability to control their bowels.

I said put them to sleep, but that's because I've already been through this situation.

02/10/12 11:53 am

it depends on their quality of life. I had a cat who had kittens, and one of the kittens got run over by a car and lost the use of their legs, plus the use of their lower region of their body. So we had to put it to sleep. Why make it suffer when it was incontinent and it's legs were crushed beyo

02/10/12 11:22 am

I would put her in a little red wagon and help her chase squirrels.

02/10/12 11:08 am

If my dog lost all her legs, I would rename her "Stay" and love her just as much. She is my little buddy. If she is happy... More power to her.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
02/10/12 9:28 am

I have a friend with a cat that was born with no use of its back legs. She still has it. Its like 5 years old. It is the sweetest cat, it seems very happy.

I would do the wheels for my cat. Definitely.

02/10/12 7:28 am

Love my Lil buddy. As long as vet said he wasn't in pain & would be ok w/ wheels, then rock & ROLL!!

blakestr San Diego
02/10/12 6:59 am

Dogs with wheels are awesome! Just keep scooting.

Besides the fun if they r happy and are still playful then keep em alive.

On another note is amazing we can't choose for some1 to use euthanasia on us if we choose but for our animals who have little disabilities it's as easy 123 to cut them off.

02/10/12 6:54 am

Anyways, have you seen some of the dogs with back wheels? They're happy as can be. If we put them down, it's not to stop their suffering, it's to save money. People in wheelchairs "suffer", but we don't put them down.

02/10/12 6:53 am

@hmann Haha, perfect. Kids that belong to parents that don't want them suffer a lot more than a dog in a family who loves them and wants to help them.

erika348 Texas
02/10/12 6:46 am

I actually had to make the choice 5 years ago. $3500 later, a lot of therapy, he is now walking again with

asstickler Michigan
02/10/12 6:36 am

it would all depend on the dog's quality of life.

02/10/12 5:50 am

Hman, that was hilarious. Good one lol

hmann Georgia
02/10/12 5:44 am

@coke... It's a choice, not murder silly. Let's just allow abortion up till the fetus is 18 years of age. My teens attitude is getting to be more than I can handle.