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Should proof of citizenship be required for children to be enrolled in public schools? (UserQ)

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Paulitical Missouri
02/10/12 12:07 pm

That said, we do need to make it easier for people to legally gain citizenship. Sorry racist half-wits, but this IS America. We were founded and made strong by the sweat of immigrants. I'm sure white illegals do not concern you as much as darker-skinned ones. Lol! Thankfully u are a dying breed:)

Paulitical Missouri
02/10/12 12:03 pm

I'm a progressive and I say that if the kid was born here then they're American and should get the schooling - even if the parents are illegals. However, if the kid is an illegal...then no. That would be ridiculous...

02/06/12 8:14 am

That would eliminate sooooo many mexicans!

02/03/12 4:32 pm

Legal residents should be allowed to be educated too...

02/03/12 2:11 pm

If they don't have U.S. citizenship, they shouldn't receive our education

02/02/12 11:27 pm

Can't use colored paper, cause we don't have the money, while the principal drives to school in his fancy Lexi. School buses seats are torn open, history textbooks say bill Clinton is president. And I don't even live in the ghetto town. I live in a nice community, but an ignorant country.

02/02/12 11:25 pm

@army of one
I'd rather educate the future generation than worry about tax money that isn't really going to schools. Have you seen public school recently? We use chalkboards. Have you ever heard of doing something out of the kindness in your heart? How are these children going to survive in America?

swimguy Illinois
02/02/12 10:32 pm

I said no and I was born in america, don't know how I'm illegal...

02/02/12 6:06 pm

And... Again... They pay taxes lol

02/02/12 2:22 pm

It might not be the childs fault, they might be here because they were forced and/ or they may want to learn... Regardless they're here illegally, their parents/ guardians aren't paying taxes, and it's costing us. What's next? Give them welfare and other special privileges? Oh wait.

02/02/12 9:13 am

@lax I said no... Am I illegal?

02/02/12 7:40 am

Figure out how to get them here legally, paying the taxes that pay for their schools.

02/01/12 11:42 pm

This just makes me mad. I don't care where a child is from. If they're wanting to learn, that's more than the majority of idiots at my school can say.

lax New York
02/01/12 3:19 pm

if u say no ur probably illegal so yea every1 shld b checked

02/01/12 2:59 pm

If you don't mind me asking queen.. How long did it take total? Had a friend who took 17 years so I was just curious

queenfinn Virginia
02/01/12 1:55 pm

Definitely not!! I'm still a resident, (even though I have lived here nearly my entire life) and you're saying I can't get an education because the system takes such a long time?! (We FINALLY got our green cards two years ago. Thank God for work visas) That is total garbage.

02/01/12 12:44 am

Word! Alienating the children will just lead to a bad future

JAMinATL Georgia
01/31/12 10:21 pm

The children are in the country through no choice of their own. I don't see how denying them an education can be the "right" thing to do.

01/31/12 5:27 pm

What if someone is just about to become a citezen

01/31/12 11:25 am

They pay taxes... I'll keep saying it until people get it lol. It may not be right but it's the truth

Ranks New Jersey
01/31/12 10:42 am

Yes. I don't understand why people think your kids can go to school for free when everyone else pays for a school tax?? It's bullshit & I'm considered a liberal & I'm Mexican American I don't get it I get you want a better life Watch out for a possible Civil War in Mexico, it's overdue.

01/31/12 8:35 am

Did another immigration raid less than a week later to distract everyone from that incident. Even when he finds illegal workers, does anything happen to those businesses afterwards?

josephgene Washington
01/31/12 8:34 am

@ace21 why would you say brown people are the backbone of society

01/31/12 8:34 am

@tsgt living in AZ what do you see more often. Sheriff Joe raiding drug drop houses or businesses that MAY have illegals. He doesn't go after the dangerous criminals, which should be obvious after he botched 400+ cases of sexual assault some of which included child rape. As a matter of fact he

NYevo NY
01/31/12 3:58 am

c/TSgt: as we've seen, they will go over, under, and around walls. I think the better policy would be to start making an example of businesses that hire illegals, hence creating a major part of the reason that they come. Its one major root of the issue.

Ace21 Fillmore, San Francisco
01/31/12 1:06 am

Yea guys, let's kick out all of the brown people who are the backbone of our economy because brown people scare us! And then we can build a gazillion foot ladder to keep them out for good!! (or at least until one of them makes a gazillion-and-one foot ladder)

01/30/12 11:06 pm

I do think the process to become a naturalized citizen should be made easier, but first the borders MUST BE SECURED. Without that happening first, nothing will change.

01/30/12 11:05 pm

I live in Arizona where the immigration problem is HUGE. I wouldn't be surprised if a fourth of the population of my high school were illegal. We need to secure our borders and stop letting illegals get away with stuff. Not all are bad but there are those who make it dangerous, i.e. drug traffickers

01/30/12 8:55 pm

@ny same here... Interesting lol

01/30/12 8:54 pm

@boomboom as I said before... Look up ITIN. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

NYevo NY
01/30/12 8:54 pm

AirForce: i seem to agree with you just over half the time. Very interesting

01/30/12 8:49 pm

@airforce if they are not citizens how are they required to pay taxes to the IRS they don't exist

asstickler Michigan
01/30/12 8:48 pm

i agree with both of your last couple of comments, airforce.

01/30/12 8:41 pm

What would deporting them do? We'd lose tax money. Prices on certain products would rise and if you think it would open up jobs you'd be disappointed. Again why not reform the policy and make it EASIER to turn these people into citizens

01/30/12 8:40 pm

who wants to pay for some foreign kid to go to public school and why should anyone who pays to sends their kids to catholic school pay for public school too

NYevo NY
01/30/12 8:37 pm

BobC: i'll get right on that. I have a patty wagon that holds 12 million.

01/30/12 8:26 pm

Illegal immigrant...NOT undocumented immigrant. what don't you liberals understand about breaking our law. Should I be allowed to rob a bank because I need the money? Deport them all back to where they came from.

NYevo NY
01/30/12 8:11 pm

The spin doctors play to our predispositions and trick us into thinking what's best for their employers. Brilliant they are.

01/30/12 7:50 pm

The U.S. always has a problem going for the root of the issue. What happens when u don't pull the root of a weed... It grows back. We cry about drugs yet don't do anything about cartels. We cry about illegals yet we don't do anything to the companies that profit off cheap labor...

01/30/12 7:48 pm

And again... They pay taxes. Quit listening to the media. They can pay both federal (ITIN) and state taxes.

mellnok Massachusetts
01/30/12 7:31 pm

Being an undocumented immigrant is not a crime. It's a CIVIL offence, not a criminal offence. Also, if the U.S. were to pass a law like this, it would be the only modern western country that requires proof of citizenship to attend a public school.

01/30/12 7:31 pm

It's interesting that the 14th amendment was never changed. Possibly to keep any acts of racial discrimination out of the constitution... Considering 2 years later they passed the naturalization act limiting citizenship to "white persons and persons of African decent"

NYevo NY
01/30/12 6:20 pm

I take my question back. Article 14 is pretty clear on why an illegal immigrant's baby is a citizen. Its in the first line.

NYevo NY
01/30/12 6:11 pm

Does the constitution explicitly state who qualifies as a citizen?

01/30/12 5:50 pm

..,set it to rest. I do not think the anchor baby process is not should it be a legit way of granting citizenship. I also do not think dual citizenship is a wise nor healthy policy.

01/30/12 5:48 pm

...native American Indians. The constitution is only as lawful as it's intent. And the intent of the 14th amendment was certainly not to allow our neighbors, Mexico and Canada, to simply Plop a baby across the border and claim American citizenship. I would like the Sup Ct to take this issue up...