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Show Of Hands May 3rd, 2012 12:00am

Do you think that waterboarding of captured terror suspects is unjustified torture or a legitimate intel-gathering technique?

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lmurder MDK
05/16/12 9:04 am

The day you grow up out of that vain liberal bitch life is the day our country will have a chance.
Who's side are you on?

05/16/12 7:27 am

the day humans denounce torture is the day we grow up

05/16/12 7:27 am

the day humans denounce torture is the day we grow up

glyiker America
05/16/12 6:36 am

If they tried to kill Americans, they deserve it

05/14/12 3:15 pm

gaymormon looks like you will have to vote for your boy Obama, I guess RP just gave up the fight. Damn shame too!

lizrox California
05/13/12 10:55 pm

there are much better ways of gathering ijnformation from captured terrorists. just watch the saw films, duhhhhh

gaymormon91 California
05/11/12 10:55 pm

Fuk off lmurder. You are a right wing terrorist.
Ron Paul 2012

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 5:21 pm

@mormonthatisgay sticks and stones may break my bones, but words from a vain fag will never hurt me....hahaha have a good weekend sucka!

gaymormon91 California
05/11/12 3:09 pm

Lmurder you need to read up on your history because you clearly do not know anything. If George Washington was alive today he would condemn torture. But you are to blind to understand and such a twit and a fool and a wretched pathetic excuse for a human being. You are on the same level as terrorists

gaymormon91 California
05/11/12 3:07 pm

Lmurder no he wasn't. Your a fool and you are just like the terrorists

gaymormon91 California
05/11/12 3:06 pm

Lmurder you are such a fool you backwoods inbred freak. The FBI and CIA have said the technique used in the show is one of the top 5 most effective ones they have used.

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 11:48 am

they tortured for fear/intimidation. It wasn't intel gathering but for pure punishment for disobeying her majesty.
You need to read up on your history! And stop being a record player. Georgie boy said this...and?

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 11:46 am

And as I said, Georgie boy was speaking of soldier on soldier torture.
He couldn't fathom where we are today and would conform to the idea of government on terrorist torture.
See...when we were fighting the British for our independence. The red coats captured a lot of citizens and US soldiers. And

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 11:43 am

Rule #1 Don't believe anything the media tells(feeds) you.

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 11:42 am

Hahaha I don't watch tv. Let alone fake crime drama with B grade actors.
You eat everything that's put in your face?
You remind me of my grandma. Whenever she hears something on the news...she listens.
Lady was raped 42 miles away from her and she locked the doors on a family gathering.

gaymormon91 California
05/11/12 1:07 am

Imurder they are thousands of more effective ways to gather information. Here is a perfect example. I dare you to go and watch Criminal Minds Season 2 Episodr 10 "Lessons Learned" this technique has been used in real life and is more effective then torture according to all experts.

gaymormon91 California
05/11/12 1:04 am

Lmurder who said anything about gitmo? Back on topic. Torture is torture. We don't torture I mean George Washington gave anti-torture speeches more times than you could count . He even said that if America tortured anyone for any reason the country had failed and needed to be restarted.

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 12:44 am

on the floor, nice heated/cooled conditions. Bed. Food. Maybe even literature(koran) if they can behave good.
They act like children. Do you look up to them? How can you have sympathy for evils work?
The devil inside you?
Lets put them in a prison near you! Haha night betch

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 12:41 am

and break the law to maintain the law. Kind of like the cops do.
But at least we did it in some form of professional way.
Compare our torture techniques to theirs. Compare our record to theirs.
Who's side are you on?
These people aren't human. They deserve to die in Gitmo with their arrow

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 12:37 am

that have some patches of Al-Qaeda networks.
Would you want to be on the next flight they strike?
Would you want to hear your kid was killed at a sporting event by a suicide bomber? It's 2012. We set the standards. I know if we do it we're, "just as bad as they are".
But we must curve our ideals

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 12:34 am

...fingers, toes to start to show the seriousness. No food. Water. Very little sleep. Hitting with the fists. Beating you with rifle butts, sticks are the least. Then they use blow torches, drills and meat grinders to get their info.
No doctor. No sanitary setting.
Just some third world countries

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 12:28 am

shaking, hypothermia, water boarding and maybe a little name calling and mind f_cking.
But they have the best doctors from John Hopkins standing by with just as great medical staff.
Their way of interrogating is throwing rocks at your head, multiple of them from all angles. Cut your body parts off

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 12:24 am

Water boarding was proven to have made KSM give up the Bin Laden's personal carriers name..
It took them 34 days for him to give that link to Gerenimo.
Death metal off and on every 8 seconds, strobe lights, sleep deprivation, diet manipulation, water boarding, stress positions, open hand slaps

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 12:12 am

away from the Bush era administration and their policies.
If we are so against it why did everyone sign off on it? Even demorats in the Senate Armed Forces/Foreign Affairs committee signed off on it.

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 12:07 am

The FBI and its Internal affairs chief were bias/sympathetic and against it.
The got nothing and were led on wild goose chases and wasting plenty of our money. Who do you trust? FBI or CIA?
And the CIA has new leadership/Obama taint sucking staff running operations and will say anything to stay

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 12:05 am

They belong to no country so there for they have no rights. And if we have to simulate drowning to make these barbaric caveman talk to give up senior leaders and plots then so be it.
3,500 tax paying good hearted? Hard working Americna citizens killed in two hours.
3-40 tortured. You make the call.

lmurder MDK
05/11/12 12:02 am

So we should talk nice to them and bring them to a civil court in New York and then put them in prison in the US?
Do you even care for this country? These sick/murderous individuals would cut your head off, burn your body and hang it from the sky in a heart beat while filming it.

lmurder MDK
05/10/12 11:59 pm

Who does Al-Qaeda belong to? No nation. They are a scattered terrorist group bent on taking innocent American lives. Because Mohammed says so and Osama implanted as idea.
They declared war against your/our children. What did our kids ever do to them. Even babies!

lmurder MDK
05/10/12 11:55 pm

That was for soldier on soldier in 1775. The British tortured the shit out of their prisoners(us). And NOT for intel reasons!
The third amendment is even a little outdated, don't you think?
Are fore fathers were smart. But with our way of life and technology I think they would be on board.

05/10/12 9:06 pm

stop lying brrrrrrrrr you bitch

05/10/12 8:59 pm

of course, the proper way for you to respond is to say that you oppose waterboarding on principle. and so it doesn't matter if it works, it still should not be used. Knowing you, you'll never be able to make that argument on your own, so I helped you out with it.

05/10/12 8:56 pm

but you did bring it up, and I like smacking idiots around, so now you shall be spanked. apparently Osama was found via waterboarding. straight from the mouth of Leon, Obama's shill.

05/10/12 8:28 pm

I haven't said one thing about Obama gaymormon. again you show how you are incapable of reading comprehension.

05/10/12 1:39 pm

lmurder also at report you cite that lead to 8-15 foiled plots was debunked by the CIA and the FBI both of which came out and said that the plots that allegedly were stopped because of them were a,redy stopped because they had already had the intel on them

05/10/12 1:37 pm

lmurder it doesn't fucking matter we don't torture anybody. George Washington would have you arrested.

05/10/12 1:37 pm

Osama was not found by water boarding brrrrr. how fucking dumb are you!! n

05/10/12 1:37 pm

Osama was not found by water boarding brrrrr. how fucking dumb are you!! n

05/10/12 8:51 am

Lmurder: well said, couldn't agree more!

lmurder MDK
05/10/12 8:22 am

from terrorists who won't co-operate. They will die for their convictions. So this is a technique to help them cough up reliable information.
Sitting them down talking over tea and crumpets isn't going to get us anywhere. No civil liberties for these haji's.

05/10/12 8:21 am

oh look, he brought Cdizzle out again. shame.

lmurder MDK
05/10/12 8:20 am

The CIA director of Clandestine operations Rodriguez Jr. said water boarding lead to 8-15 foiled plots and high value senior al-Qaeda leaders. One being the carrier for Osama bin laden. Anthrax threats, WMD, plane bombings an etc. Water boarding is a credible and reliable source of getting info

05/10/12 5:38 am

And the courier was the key to finding Osama....

05/10/12 5:37 am

yeah you keep saying no intel was gathered from enhanced interrogation but offer no proof. From what I have heard on those Discovery channel shows about Osama being killed they made it sound like KSM gave up the courier under water boarding.

05/10/12 5:07 am

Jopat thou aren't a fool. you don't torture. not one attack was stopped due to torture. the founders would hate him you.

05/10/12 5:02 am

chipmonk: It is always great to take the high road and be above the petty crap but if we are talking about a non-citizen and fellow Americans are in extreme danger sorry here comes the water board......