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Show Of Hands October 9th, 2012 12:00am

Will extensive use of small touch screens and keyboards result in some humans evolving pointier fingers?

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DrReid Ever present.
10/16/12 6:36 am

Stupid question, that is not how evolution works.

10/15/12 2:45 pm

Gee, I don't know, does playing games on an iPhone improve the ability to survive and reproduce? I think no.

Mikemack79 Illinois
10/14/12 5:43 pm

We (humans) won't use our fingers for touch-typing long enough for it to change/effect our evolution.

nelsosar000 Minnesota
10/14/12 3:49 pm

Hahahahaha this is just funny to think about

10/14/12 12:28 pm

When I first read this question I think it said "result in some humans evolving pointer fingers" so of course I thought no

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/13/12 8:51 pm

@JAsher, I did not come from a damn monkey. Stop insulting me.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/13/12 8:50 pm

No. It's more likely that you'll see people with flattened fingertips from tapping all day. Pointier fingers...bahahaha!!!

JAsher Fishers, IN
10/13/12 2:23 pm

but the fact that we don't use our feet for much is why we lost much of the dexterity in our feet when we evolved from primates.

JAsher Fishers, IN
10/13/12 2:22 pm

lesser dexterity. Again, just because people so something doesn't make a change; it's the tiny natural things that make evolution work. Another example, if people started using their feet to do everything, we would probably begin seeing more children born who can use their feet for everyday tasks,

JAsher Fishers, IN
10/13/12 2:20 pm

Evolution isn't about how much someone/something does or doesn't do something; it's all about the ones that actually can. For instance, people with naturally good dexterity will likely breed people with naturally good dexterity. In the same sense, people with shaky hands will often have kids with

whyn0t Denver
10/13/12 9:52 am

Flatter fingers maybe, but not pointier. :)

10/12/12 9:34 pm

For that logic to work fat fingered people would have to die and pointier fingered peeps survive?????? Lol

Shovel Arizona
10/12/12 6:17 pm

No relation to reproducing, eh? What if the guy is unable to text the girl and/or the message turns out wrong due to his chubby fingers? She gets angry and leaves him.

protocon53 Virginia
10/12/12 5:44 pm

Technology will progress beyond touch screens faster than an evolutionary time constant. We may develop pointy heads though :)

BadWolf The Library
10/12/12 12:56 pm

Obviously we do, because far too many people don't get it

10/11/12 8:27 pm

How would natural selection work against those of us who have fatter fingers? Mumbai question!

10/11/12 2:03 pm

Lol... Not unless women become more attracted to pointier fingers. If you are ever going to bring up evolution or have an opinion about it you should learn what is it at least.

10/11/12 7:19 am


Hawkn Texas
10/11/12 5:07 am

We don't even need to teach this in schools. People need to just google "evolution"

qchulk Indiana
10/10/12 9:27 pm

* lack of understanding of evolution

Weave77 Indianapolis
10/10/12 8:03 pm

No, because one's finger size has no real bearing on their reproduction rate (thus their ability to propagate their physical traits on down to subsequent generations).

10/10/12 7:26 pm

We will all be cross-eyed too. From centering our focus for long periods of time. And sitting to close to the tv can cause blindness

Sindri Basilica of Torment
10/10/12 5:16 pm

Yea..... Maybe In 40,000 years (sarcasm)

gonzoboy Northern AZ
10/10/12 2:18 pm

Sure. Just like our fingers have evolved into forks on one side, knives on the, with a spoon and pencil thrown in there somewhere! You know. Evolution!

BadWolf The Library
10/10/12 1:57 pm

2 out if the three top comments are mine! Yay me!


10/10/12 12:33 pm

because people selectively breed based on the precision of text. 22% of democrats need to learn science and the rest of the population need to stop being completely ignorant.

10/10/12 11:44 am

No, evolution doesn't work like that.

10/10/12 11:18 am

Just like what was predicted fifteen years before now. And fifteen before that... I always see population and technology as the thing that is about to explode and transform the world into something foreign. Probably not. It will be this but slightly better.

BadWolf The Library
10/10/12 9:19 am

No. That's not how evolution works.

DeathSheep Michigan
10/10/12 9:12 am

I suppose if you follow evolutionary trends, ya

BadWolf The Library
10/10/12 8:11 am

Why do people constantly call science a religion? Is math a religion? Are sports religion? Is cooking a religion?

10/10/12 8:08 am

We've come to a point where we have stopped natural selection for the most part. We keep everyone alive, including those not viable and those who would have killed themselves through stupidity years ago.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
10/10/12 7:27 am

@FalkonAire, the way you define theory sure sounds a lot like how one might define 'fact'...

yepnope Maryland
10/10/12 7:02 am

and their reaction will be similar to what ours is when we heard about primitive people who thought the earth was flat, but your case is worse because you actually have the evidence at your fingertips but religion is blinding you.

yepnope Maryland
10/10/12 7:02 am

tectonics, gravity, magnetism, the moon's influence on the tides, etc. Google it, but more importantly learn more about science in general. Technically NOTHING can be proven except mathematical proofs. One day someone may read what you said

yepnope Maryland
10/10/12 7:02 am

You need to walk up to whoever taught you that and punch them in the face for purposely misinforming you to push their personal agenda. Creationism's "evidence" is the bible (not actually evidence); evolution's evidence is MASSIVE, like the theory of heliocentrism, plate

blockfisher Clinton, CT
10/10/12 7:02 am

Actually evolution is proven. Parts of the evolutionary chain are still a mystery but you can't dismiss that it happens because of that. By the way evolution does not rule out the possibility of intelligent design by God.

Wert A picture of my junk
10/10/12 6:46 am

Lookup what science is and the scientific method. Then come back and read your post and feel like a fool.

thinker2 nc
10/10/12 6:42 am

If you're lost with an iPad, it better not have apple maps on it, or you're screwed.

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
10/10/12 6:38 am

Assuming pointy fingers did offer some kind of genetic benefit, technology evolves WAY faster than humans. It's the keyboards that will keep improving to accommodate how we are now.

katniss Dallas, TX
10/10/12 3:49 am

No because, at least for now, it's not a matter of life and death.

1arlie Indiana
10/10/12 3:26 am

Can't be proven scientifically the same as creation can't. They are both beliefs how the universe came int existence. Therefore it's a religious issue and not science.

1arlie Indiana
10/10/12 3:24 am

Interesting how many people believe that evolution is science. It c

1arlie Indiana
10/10/12 3:21 am

Evolution is not science. Evolution can't be proven scientifically the same as creation can't they are both beliefs how the universe came into existence.

10/10/12 1:24 am

...Evolution is a result of superior genes being passed on. aka, duller finger people are dying because they are not as adept at surviving. NOPE.

emsies Seattle
10/09/12 11:34 pm

Facepalm. I have nothing to say to this.

sarawr Texas
10/09/12 11:24 pm

People in nevada are the most stupid. Oh goodness i love the demographics displays.

sarawr Texas
10/09/12 11:22 pm

If you understand evolution at all, you know a mutation has to increase your chances of breeding. Fidling on your phone does not increase your chances of breeding. Unfortunately for all of us ooohohohohoho

disappoint Minneapolis
10/09/12 11:01 pm

This. This is why other countries make fun of us.