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If your town was placed under quarantine for a deadly infectious disease, would you obey the order and stay, or attempt to leave? (UserQ)

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JamesMadison La Palma
01/08/12 10:32 pm

Of course, republicans would take off running to save themselves

01/08/12 11:29 am

If I have the disease, I might as well stay. But if I don't, then hell, I'm leaving and quick before I catch it myself!

01/02/12 11:50 am

Has no one seen an infection-themed Hollywood movie?? Even if you don't think your sick, chances of you harboring the infection are high. If you leave, then you're almost guaranteed to spread it to the world. I would stay, rather than be an arrogant and selfish bastard and infect the world.

01/01/12 12:57 pm

Sounds like INFAMOUS don't cha think?

rbreezy Virginia
01/01/12 7:15 am

If u would attempt to leave u would put urself in more danger than just staying in ur house and not going anywhere

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/31/11 9:38 am

Bag that. I'd head to the woods with a tent, a sleeping bag, a couple of guns with ammo, a knife, some rope, and some water and food, and wait 'til things blew over, or everyone died off.

KyHeff Kentucky
12/31/11 8:29 am

PhorZ, any room in that boat 4 me? get me the hell out of there.

12/30/11 10:30 pm

I would leave in case they were just gonna kill everyone.

reichukey Oregon
12/30/11 1:56 pm

I would go live in isolation in the woods close to were I live. Plenty of rivers to get water from and plenty of deer to hunt.

12/30/11 10:16 am

If there is a deadly disease, I'm getting the heck out of here. NYC is the perfect place for others to get you sick, and with that much chaos, riots would be crazy.

14573 Scary Numbers
12/30/11 7:38 am

And no I don't care If I am in said town

14573 Scary Numbers
12/30/11 7:37 am

@cowboy sure he signed it but has arrested an entire rural town, forced a child to spend 25 years in maximum security prison, or some other travesty like that. I would rather have a town fire bombed before I let some whoha who is probably on some way infected out just because he got stir crazy

14573 Scary Numbers
12/30/11 7:35 am

Once again just because your not sick doesnt mean your water bottle you take with you doesn't have said deadly disease floating around inside of it

12/29/11 10:48 pm

Nevada's going to get us killed. ( no offense )

12/29/11 10:46 pm

If you're going to get shot for leaving, die from the disease, then it's really just choosing how to die, isn't it?

12/29/11 10:36 pm

I'd stay if I was infected, but couldn't they separate the infected and the healthy? And let the healthy leave after some health tests? Or do they not care that much as to try to help instead of locking everyone up like animals?

12/29/11 10:30 pm

Wait r we infected or, do we not know?

12/29/11 10:27 pm

Deadly disease… hmmm, let's see.

cowboy Dawns Highway
12/29/11 7:21 pm

Obama signing NDAA is no conspiracy.

14573 Scary Numbers
12/29/11 4:52 pm

Also cowboy your statements carry no reality just insanity and conspiracy theories

14573 Scary Numbers
12/29/11 4:48 pm

One more thing why does no one want to leave until there told they cant

14573 Scary Numbers
12/29/11 4:48 pm

@cowboy your an idiot Obama hasn't initiatives anyone free speech exists and you can do what ever you want although judging from your statements you probably shouldn't be allowed to

adalla Virginia
12/29/11 4:33 pm

What kind of a sociopath would leave? What the hell is wrong with people today? Guess they need their sneakers...

12/29/11 4:01 pm

Don't they shoot people who they see trying to leave

12/29/11 3:57 pm

I've corrupted my mind with too many movies and books. In most of them, the government caused it as an experiment and we would have to be killed in the, I'm gone!

cowboy Dawns Highway
12/29/11 3:30 pm

No basis? Obama signed NDAA. But ok.

cowboy Dawns Highway
12/29/11 3:29 pm

Sorry to ruin your fun with some reality Leonel.

12/29/11 3:10 pm

@cowboy I care, but not enough for u to spoil a perfectly good and fun app with ur comments that have no basis on this feed. When it is a political question about Obama or that topic then speak about it. If I wanted some guy to randomly preach to me about Obama being Hitler then I would have called

cowboy Dawns Highway
12/29/11 2:25 pm

I guess Leonel doesn't care that our government can now hold anybody, for any reason, for as long as they want now thanks to Barack Hussein Obama. So now what happens? I get attacked for daring to speak out against his dear leader. Oh well. What else can I say? Liberalism is a mental disorder.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
12/29/11 12:58 pm

I'll stay as long as I don't have to leave my house. I don't want to risk infection by human contact. and as long as they leave me alone. and as long as they keep the power, satellite tv, and Internet connection turned on.

ketchupman Florida
12/29/11 11:40 am

I would stay but slowly go insane during the process :3

12/29/11 11:37 am

Do we assume we are also infected? I'm not staying if I'm not...rather die trying to get to freedom and safety, than die of a disease i got as a result of being a caged animal. Hoever, its not very responsible to leave if you know, suspect, or are unsure that you carry a deadly infection.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
12/29/11 8:53 am

This is the USA... If they say stay, and you ran, you'd get shot.

Protecting the nation as a whole is far more important than letting a few idiots spread crap around the country. They would shoot you and not think twice about it.

12/28/11 10:52 pm

Leaving would be stupid. while I'd hate being trapped, I'm not infecting everyone else because I got a little stir crazy.

14573 Scary Numbers
12/28/11 8:55 pm

One more final note some diseases can carry in things you take with you after you recklessly flee. That handkerchief you carry just spread the disease past the quarantine and you get a red October quote " you fool you've killed us all"

12/28/11 8:43 pm

Matters, If it just came up and I'm certain I'm not infected I would leave, but if their is any symptoms I would stay, since because me leaving I could create another flow of the infection...

14573 Scary Numbers
12/28/11 8:19 pm

Side note they do authorize lethal force for some quarantines so try to leave and Rey will put a bullet in your head

14573 Scary Numbers
12/28/11 8:17 pm

@Iforgot there are such things as carriers who get said deadly disease but no symptoms. Carrier gets uppity and leaves and congrats you have killed half of America with anthrax or something along those lines

12/28/11 5:39 pm

I'd stay. It's funny, I'm reading the Stand right now.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
12/28/11 3:28 pm

Yep. I'd stay. All of my extended family lives away. I'd hate to think I was the one that brought a disease to them.

12/28/11 2:20 pm

Cowboy, believe it or not, unlike iVote, SoH has responsible developers that don't want every question to turn into a heavy political debate. So please on a moral or loose question answer the question and not smear ur opinions everywhere, thanks.

12/28/11 2:16 pm

I'd stay, because I don't want to be that one asshole who escapes a quarantine and kills us all.

cowboy Dawns Highway
12/28/11 8:18 am

I'd leave. With Obama signing NDAA, who knows what experiments government will pull next.

12/28/11 7:59 am

I actually have, the doctors had to wear suits to see me

12/28/11 6:36 am

Wouldn't want to risk spreading it.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
12/28/11 5:48 am

I would go to my hunting cabin, far away from everyone. I would remain secluded until it blew over.