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Show Of Hands November 3rd, 2011 12:00am

Would you be in favor of requiring one year of service (community/social or military) for all American young people?

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jakersw22 Michigan
11/15/11 9:22 am

military, no. community service, yes. everybody needs to serve their community.

11/13/11 12:38 am

I think that those who are assuming we mean military are wrong. What would be so bad with helping your local church, YMCA or any other social program and learning to respect others. Get the true feeling of gratitude and what it means to give not just expect or demand. It betters People as a whole.

jesshol090 Iowa
11/09/11 4:36 pm

This is horribly wrong... I'm in college and taking 15 credit hours while doing an internship 15 hours a week trying to better myself. As far as I know most of my peers are doing the same, so now your telling me we r supposed to do a YR of comm serv or military. I'll pencil it in, no prob

11/09/11 1:44 pm

Strongly encouraging, yes. Requiring, no.

11/08/11 10:12 pm

War is sick and you can't force people to risk their life against their will! How would it be if we changed young people to sick elderly people?

Supernova North Carolina
11/08/11 8:41 pm

Everyone that voted "yes" all are basically saying the same thing: that kids these days complain, they are lazy, etc. Maybe the solution is raise your kids the right way and teach them respect, not force them into the military.

11/08/11 7:46 am

imagine you're aboard a leaky boat. you didn't build the boat and you might not be responsible for the leak, but if you refuse to bail water, guess who's gonna get tossed overboard first?

11/08/11 7:42 am

your constitutional (and other) rights deserve a system that defends them. it's selfish and moronic to think we just 'deserve' our freedom with no backbone to support it. how about you opt out of serving your country, go to prison, and make license plates.

ashann(: Washington
11/08/11 12:46 am

That goes against our constitutional rights!

14573 Scary Numbers
11/07/11 10:41 pm

The age filter here tells you something: those young enough to be affected don't like it and those old enough to be immune are ok with it. Everyones ok with a war so long as its someone else getting shot

Mythic California
11/07/11 5:05 pm

Why do so many of you assume that serving the collective, even under the threat of force, is more noble than living for one's own self? Being forced to sacrifice one's own labor, money, happiness and life for the sake of the "common good" has always led to poverty and misery on a grand scale.

Mythic California
11/07/11 4:49 pm

No bureaucrat will have a better idea of what to do with your time than you do for yourself. Aside from its inherent immorality, if we can all agree that the government spends our tax dollars inefficiently, what makes one think that they will spend our forced labor any more efficiently.

Mythic California
11/07/11 4:38 pm

I'm sickened by this. A majority of people across party lines are in favor of force and would deny freedom to the children of others. How depressing. You people have no concept of the principles that founded this nation.

11/06/11 10:26 pm

When has this ever been a free country anyway? I'm still not in favor of it though.

11/06/11 7:28 pm

That doesn't sound anything like freedom to me...

11/06/11 10:47 am

I wish this would happen.

O13 Alabama
11/06/11 10:39 am

Not only that, but what do you do with the ppl who refuse to serve? Move 'em to another country? Who will take them? Lock 'em up? Great, so now they are a tax burden.

O13 Alabama
11/06/11 10:36 am

(cont) giving it to "those who can't afford it" because it's for the greater good. Kind of like the whole "eminent domain" argument... until they come to your house with a bulldozer and want to expand some park that nobody uses, except the drug dealers and the homeless.

11/06/11 10:33 am

No citizenship without service. Go starship troopers.

O13 Alabama
11/06/11 10:33 am

While I do think that this requirement would do more good than harm to, and for, our country and citizens.... It is still indentured servitude, basically you are forcing every citizen to be a slave for a year. No different than forcibly taking more money from those who "can afford it" and (cont)

11/06/11 6:06 am

As much as I would love to see a drill sergeant's foot up these occupy Wall Street protestor's hind quarters, an all voluntary military has served this nation well since the 1970's.

11/06/11 2:20 am

@rydizzle you do realize how many things we are forced to do right? Why not get something good out of it

11/05/11 10:43 pm

Why? Send the criminals, they like to kill! And we can save money on health benefits, spouse benefits, and the GI Bill.

rydizzle Florida
11/05/11 6:17 pm

forced volunteerism doesn't make sense. this is America. Forcing someone to do something, regardless of how good it looks on the surface, is not freedom.

11/05/11 6:06 pm

On the surface it seems like a good idea but no one should be fighting for a cause they don't believe in

kandykane California
11/05/11 3:11 pm

@rosebud- that's true, it's not necessarily "right", per say, or even "convenient" for your friend, but he is a citizen of Korea, therefore, he should abide by their laws.

11/05/11 12:02 pm

I am all for handicapped and mentally retarded kids serving in the military DoctorBob. Granted they can't be snipers or SEALs, but they can do something.

11/05/11 9:08 am

maybe a required maximum lifespan? that's a good one too

11/05/11 9:07 am

yea sounds great.... then we can have a required number of hours to work each day, and then to pray to dictator Obama, and then a required food intake, oh yea I can see so many benefits of the gov mandating individuals with certain requirements...

onetruth California
11/05/11 8:39 am

Why is it that the same people that want to give the gov. full control over our healthcare, education, etc. think it is a terrible idea to give them control of our jobs for a year?

11/05/11 8:35 am

No way! The economy is so bad that they have to start working rite away. Wouldn't work at all!

Stephiee Mississippi
11/05/11 3:30 am

The government shouldn't be able to tell anyone what to do with their life. Period.

Colcat Kentucky
11/04/11 11:41 pm

Kandykane that may be the case in a democracy but we (the u.s.) are a republic research the difference if your not sure.

11/04/11 11:11 pm

Selfish, selfish old people.

veritas1 Panda
11/04/11 10:22 pm

This would be the ultimate intrusion of government into our lives: forcing people against their will to risk their loves fighting wars they may not even agree with. Encourage: sure! Mandate: Hell no!

11/04/11 10:03 pm

How many of you would be in favor of this for all felons? For example, immediately after completing their sentence they have to serve in the military- kind of like parole.

11/04/11 9:58 pm

Kandy- they do. I have a Korean friend who lives here. He has to decide between never going back and serving in the military of a country he doesn't live work or go to school in. Does that seem right??

kandykane California
11/04/11 9:17 pm

If israels a democracy, but it works for them over there. And I believe SKorea has a similar program for males when they turn 18.

11/04/11 9:16 pm

I joined the military. There are alot of it that sucks and I wish I could get out, but over all it has been a good thing. It's a job after all, and I've been seeing the world (stationed in England). I think it's good so kids can learn responsiblity and get a pay check.

kandykane California
11/04/11 9:16 pm

Yes. Maybe military for a year, or community service for a specified number of hours. Both would work. All young kids do is complain, complain, complain. Hard work would give them good skills that will help them get jobs. And for those of you saying it's not legal in a democracy, well, I'm not sure

11/04/11 8:25 pm

I joined the army... failed the sight test miserably. they were going to wave it but I failed the hearing test also... ironically because I've been shooting my whole life without hearing protection...

11/04/11 7:29 pm

MILITARY two years mandatory!! it works for other countries it would work here!

11/04/11 6:43 pm

Some basic questions for clarification-
How many hours do they work per week?
Who is responsible for interviewing, placing them, and tracking hours?
Do they get paid?
If they get paid, who pays them?
If they are getting paid for service, isn't that called a job rather than service work?

11/04/11 6:27 pm

Yes! many kids these days feel so entitled for doing nothing!

tsk California
11/04/11 6:12 pm

I'm legally blind. I'm exempt unless the air force pays for lasik surgery.