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EarlyBird Portland
01/19/13 7:22 pm

I prefer coloring book

01/19/13 10:28 am

Okcougar I feel the same way! My friends constantly ask to bring home the book I'm working on but they all have little brothers so I'm prepared for the worst-- well, not exactly. They're kinda scared of me cuz I'm stronger than them so they're careful. But I can't help being overly concerned.

01/19/13 10:23 am

I'm reading a book or writing a story half the time. Bottom line, you'll rarely see me without a book somewhere nearby.

01/18/13 6:09 am

I juat want my school books to be digital

tdaddy Kentucky
01/17/13 5:19 am

I own and read far more digital books so digital it is.

01/17/13 4:39 am

I have been collecting for around 7 years actually. My family finds these books and they are added to the collection. I'm actually about to complete my 1st edition dickens digest set. It's great.

01/17/13 4:30 am

I'm so jealous. I dream of amassing a collection of first editions. How long have you been collecting?

01/17/13 4:28 am

I agree when it comes to heavy text books that have to be toted back and forth daily, but electronics fail and break easily. Paper doesn't crash, fail, lose battery power, or break when you drop it. When it comes to pleasure reading, I typically read one book at a time, so weight isn't an issue.

01/17/13 4:24 am

I like carrying a book in my purse and being able to pull it out and read it at any given time, while never having to worry if the battery is charged or frantically searching for an outlet.
Also my job requires me to stare at a computer screen all day long, so it's a nice break for my eyes.

susanr Colorado
01/17/13 2:27 am

The Amazon ebook lending thing only works with actual Kindle devices, doesn't it? And doesn't work with the Kindle app on an iThing? Otherwise I could make good use of it, lending to my daughter.

chile safer than congress
01/16/13 10:30 pm

I wonder if the local library could check out a kindle? I will donate mine if they're willing to do so. It opens up a realm of options for those without $ to spare.

01/16/13 10:19 pm

I have a hard time loaning books to friends. I'm always worried I'll never see it again. Kudos to you for being able to do it and expose your friends to great literature!

01/16/13 9:42 pm

Seeing as though I have a study in my home where I keep my hundreds of first editions and my other books, I'm obviously bias. I don't like digital because my eyes get messed up. Also it's great for conversation when I give friends or female companions the grand tour. Print is for me.

01/16/13 9:33 pm

Lol didn't even think of that!

01/16/13 9:28 pm

I can't lend a ebook to some one that doesn't have a iPad or Kindal or whatever. None of my friends have those. With there ol broke asses

01/16/13 9:21 pm

I feel the same way but its good to know amazon has that option.

chile safer than congress
01/16/13 6:54 pm

Amazon has e-book lending/borrowing amongst complete strangers, or specific persons

chile safer than congress
01/16/13 6:53 pm

Easy choice :
One Electronic Library in my pocket trumps two heavy books in my backpack.

01/16/13 5:59 pm

I like print cuz I can lend my books to friends. Which I do often. If I download the book I can't lend out.

Renegade Florida
01/16/13 5:41 pm

Why not both? [muffled fiesta music from that taco-shell commercial plays in the background]

UnknownVarial3le Madness
01/16/13 2:36 pm

I'm sorry the Kindle is far superior. I can travel to anywhere and bring my Library with me! Sorry folks, print is dead!

01/16/13 12:21 pm

It's nice to always have reading material with you, but I still like the conversation starting nature of a print book. Whether reading in public or on a shelf it's a great way to begin a discussion.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
01/16/13 8:32 am

Emsies I use the Kindle app on my iTouch sometimes for the portability and I agree the backlighting is torture after a while. If you get a chance to look at an e-ink device like the Kindle Reader without backlighting, you'll find they're as comfortable as paper - even more so in bright light.

PAK the Armpit of Florida
01/16/13 3:42 am

I love my kindle! It's light weight (perfect for travel) and I can read the trashy book of the moment totally incognito. However, I still enjoy reading a hardback book. My kindle cannot completely replace sitting down and turning a page.

Br@ndon Your Soul
01/16/13 3:33 am

Wow, older people prefer digital. Surprising.

emsies Seattle
01/16/13 12:15 am

I'm never comfortable with reading an electronic copy of a book. The backlighting is just too much after a while.
Also, I'm totally and 100% devoted to paper books.

susanr Colorado
01/16/13 12:07 am

And some folks have said that being able to increase the font size is helpful for older eyes, and it's easier for arthritic fingers not to have to hold a book & turn pages.

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
01/15/13 11:23 pm

I love my iPad because it is backlit, I can change the font, and I have electronic bookmarks, highlighting, and notes. Plus, I can get books from my house - I'm not old enough to drive yet.

01/15/13 11:20 pm

I know! I actually came up with this question and thought the age reactions would have been flipped! But, once I read the comments and thought about it, I think older generations read more which makes the convenience of digital space easier for them...

BryanK OK
01/15/13 11:16 pm

I've read printed books and books in my iPad. I prefer printed books. I like the feel of a good book. (:

01/15/13 11:14 pm

Electronic bc I can read it on multiple devices w/o having to carry around a book. When commuting to work (crowded public transit) I read on my iPhone, at home I read on my iPad. Classics, series, books that I LOVE I buy in print. No point in killing trees for a book I dislike or will only read once

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
01/15/13 10:31 pm

I prefer paper. I get satisfaction from flipping pages.

01/15/13 9:30 pm

I buy books. I love the feeling of a book in my hands, and the smell of a new book's pages. I feel like if its on a tablet or an iPad, I don't really *have* the book.

hmh461 tn
01/15/13 9:29 pm

The results really surprised me. I would have thought the younger you are the more likely you would to use digital and the older would use print. Interesting.

Lulzy New Jersey
01/15/13 9:21 pm

Electronic screens feel too restrictive to me.

01/15/13 9:10 pm

I love free book reading sights but I only use those when I'm too lazy to buy or check them out. Lending out a good old book that I own is awesome cause I can share the happiness that book brought me and the more it is worn out and as owners change, the book gains character and value grows for me.

01/15/13 8:47 pm

PAPER!!! I have a hard enough time reading computer screens. I also have to play with the pages while I read.

01/15/13 8:38 pm

College classes are much more difficult with digital books, especially in classes like Calc II when you need to quickly refer and compare earlier pages of the text

01/15/13 8:32 pm

And the cracking sound as the book is opened for the first time!

penelope USA
01/15/13 8:21 pm

I download them when I'm too impatient to go to the store, but I prefer paper.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
01/15/13 8:06 pm

There is something satisfying about holding a book. However, it is not satisfying to get late fees from the library. Therefore, I buy paper books and check out e-books. It's the best of both worlds.

munineye Ecotopia
01/15/13 8:00 pm

Further clarification: I torrent.

01/15/13 7:12 pm

shocked that youngins prefer paper. awesome.

01/15/13 6:57 pm

I love the smell of a new book!

max69power Florida
01/15/13 6:50 pm

Once you have a print book you have it even if the power or internet go out and they can't pull the copyright on you kindle has done this before and it made a book disappear off peoples devices without a notice. I do love the internet archive for free epubs though I will print the pages I want to kp

max69power Florida
01/15/13 6:49 pm

agreed who knows when a scholastic book publisher will pull the copyright. Once you have a print book you have it even if the power or internet go out and they can't pull the copyright on you kindle has done this before and it made a book disappear off peoples devices without a notice.

munineye Ecotopia
01/15/13 6:17 pm

By the way, I use a Kobo, a brand I haven't seen mentioned here. It uses e-ink, which seems gentler on the eyes, has no backlight, and the battery can last for a month. Best $80 birthday present yet!

munineye Ecotopia
01/15/13 6:12 pm

Also try paperback swap. You can trade books there for only the cost of postage!