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huntermarks Frozard La
09/18/12 11:48 am

iPhone !! Apple will weed out all other competition in the end!!

fisk Idaho
09/16/12 10:03 pm

android and windows arnt the best but android over windows any day

09/16/12 5:57 am

iPhone !!!!

09/15/12 7:47 pm

If you have used a WP, you would say WP. Especially the new WP8 devices. Seriously, try it.

09/12/12 7:52 pm


09/12/12 3:18 pm

Windows always seems to find a way to make it more difficult than it needs to be. Android.

Rosebud Ohio
09/11/12 9:12 pm

I despise windows. With a burning passion. Android please.

09/11/12 8:29 pm

I think those who own Apple stock are fine with them being a B****. LOL

09/11/12 8:24 pm

I think Apple is about to announce new as well. We'll have to wait to determine that wouldn't you think?

BigBoss US
09/11/12 7:57 pm

Droid razor series all the way

BigBoss US
09/11/12 7:55 pm

Everyone knows apple is being a b*** not minding their own business when they sued Samsun for look alike products but apple leaves alone an exact copy of iPhone 4s that runs on android!

Mosley2012 Pennsylvania
09/11/12 7:41 pm

I like Apple, have iPad, iPhone, and iPod no problems. Had hp laptop that needed new hard drive within 1 year. Now have toshiba laptop that keyboard is not working though only had since 2010. My next laptop will be Apple for sure. Need it since I am online student.

09/11/12 5:29 pm

My MacBook is NOT having a single issue....I meant.

09/11/12 5:28 pm

I've had four laptops and all have been ruined by virus' within a few years. My MacBook is to having a single issue. There is no firewall or anti-virus or anything to buy either. Love it. I figure that the system for the phones and tablets would be the same.

09/11/12 5:25 pm

I don't have either, so don't really know. I voted android though. I wasn't sure about the app variety on the windows and that's what I like about the iPad. I'm Apple all the way.

09/11/12 4:25 pm

We need an iPhone Orion. Go apple!

09/11/12 3:44 pm

iPhone trumps them all! ;-)

09/11/12 3:11 pm

Also, as a side note, Samsung got sued over TouchWiz. Apple did not sue Android. There is a difference but since iOS users are so simplistic, I won't bother trying to explain.

09/11/12 3:08 pm

...iMessage, OTA updates/syncing, the ability to open apps from the lock screen, 3D maps, turn by turn navigation, and if the rumors are true, a larger screened phone. And these are just off the top of my head. You help prove my theory that Apple fan boys have their heads in the clouds.

09/11/12 3:04 pm

@Anarchy, Android was in development long before Apple revealed iOS. Among the other things Apple "innovated" are front facing cameras, voice control, widgets, multi core processors, a less restrictive App Store, LTE, customizable wallpaper, customizable user controls, a more complete Web browser...

09/11/12 1:57 pm

Going to try WP8 when released, wife has an iPhone 4s, she doesn't like it, keypad is slow gyroscope is slow, home button sticks, lots of dropped calls. I had an android, not bad, a little slow. So in November it's time to try WP8 Samsung Zenith!

dudley northern Virginia woods
09/11/12 1:49 pm

Oh apple . Maybe I can un- answer. There are windows phones?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/11/12 11:31 am

Managing ebooks and PDFs with iTunes is such a hassle I use Calibre to do it for me, except for the ones in the Kindle app. In fact, it's easier to email myself a PDF and open it in iBooks than it is to sync it to iBooks with iTunes. That's just what annoyed me today - I could think of more.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/11/12 11:24 am

(cont) calendar to a handful of programs, and doesn't have a desktop calendar of it's own like the old Palm PDA. I don't want or need iTunes for anything - I'd much prefer to backup my apps to the hard drive, and copy music, video, etc manually to the iPad/iTouch/iPods, but Apple won't let me.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/11/12 11:24 am

wertyio the biggest issue I've had with it was when I added a new Nano a few years ago, it removed my Shuffle. When I added the Shuffle back, it cleared it's memory. Now I have to sync manually, iPad first, then iTouch or it adds recently acquired iTouch apps to the iPad. It only syncs the (cont)

esp Warwick RI
09/11/12 9:10 am

Where is the none of the above

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
09/11/12 8:53 am

iPhone but I voted for android as a vote against windows. After they sold me a defective xbox, Microsoft can go out of business in my opinion. I refuse to buy from them.

ThinkAboutIt Staten Island, NY
09/11/12 8:49 am

Android but windows has faster user interface but nothing can top apple's.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/11/12 8:31 am

I could have added that iTunes is by far the worst thing about iPhone/iPad/iPod, and might just be the worst software ever written. So bad they ought to be paying me to have to use it. I'm really hoping Windows 8 makes the new Windows phones and Surface tablets legitimate competitors.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/11/12 7:43 am

Windows Phone 7 lacks app support. The similarity to Zune for managing music and video files is almost a deal breaker by itself, and forcing you to use the "cloud" to sync contacts is. The hardware is nice though. I'll look at them again when 8 is released.

Happy Hong Kong
09/11/12 7:33 am

Android, Windows phones suffer from a lack of apps at the moment. Both of them have better notifications than iOS though.

hippiedude fields of green
09/11/12 5:47 am

My friend has the windows phone and i've used it and its a little confusing because Im used to my iphone but it is super fast, smooth and I also like the home screen display be because its easy to work through and find things. Ive played around with androids but I hate them.