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Do you concentrate best when it is completely silent?

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01/19/13 10:30 am

Absolutely not. I turn on pandora specifically to hear music while I write. Music can be good for stopping writers block.

01/17/13 8:30 pm

I like to listen to music keeps me from falling asleep

tdaddy Kentucky
01/17/13 5:22 am

No. I like to hear crickets and/or chirping birds and/or the electronic drone of a refrigerator compressor or air conditioner or computer fan, but music, radio, or TV is too distracting.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
01/16/13 7:03 pm

Same here but due to surgeries and infections.

chile safer than congress
01/16/13 6:56 pm

Oh, so now your segregating your choice in ambient noise?

(Just messin....)

01/16/13 5:36 pm

I have ADD, I can't focus with multiple sounds going on. They'll all mesh together and drive me crazy. I'm always jealous of people who can listen to music and study at the same time.

godcyanide Probably gone for good
01/16/13 2:27 pm

I've got a little hearing loss/tinnitus, so I can't deal with silence, as it's not really silent. I have to like whatever is in the background, though, otherwise my dislike of it will distract me worse than anything.

mstar1 Saint Cloud
01/16/13 7:31 am

I do, but that's predominately due to the fact that I suffer some hearing loss and struggle with multiple voices and sounds at once. Perils of so many years of playing live music and working in machine shops to pay the bills without using hearing protection.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/16/13 5:26 am

ONLY, if I'm trying to hear the pin drop. :)

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
01/16/13 4:59 am

White noise, low volume.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
01/16/13 4:59 am

Generally speaking, yes. Really depends on what I need to focus on. And my mood.

Br@ndon Your Soul
01/16/13 3:34 am

I do. Unfortunately my roommate doesn't .

emsies Seattle
01/16/13 12:17 am

Depends on the task. For example, it has to be silent for me to read my history or earth science textbook, but I do much better writing and math with music.

01/15/13 11:54 pm

It doesn't really matter to me. Usually, I listen to music when I'm doing work, but it has to be music I'm unfamiliar with or kinda bored of bc ill want to sing along or just sit and listen. Silence is good too. Less distraction, but not as fun.

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
01/15/13 11:27 pm

I don't get distracted usually. Silence or a noisy classroom, either way is fine. Interestingly though, if its busy work I prefer music or tv in the background, but if its a really challenging assignment I prefer silence.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
01/15/13 11:21 pm

Rockin out on my air guitar ????

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
01/15/13 9:54 pm

If it's completely silent, I become overly conscious of every little noise that is made by others and myself. I prefer to listen to some quiet, slow music. Preferably with little to no vocals.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
01/15/13 9:23 pm

The only thing that really distracts me is people talking. So, any other background noise is fine. If I am talking to someone and a TV or radio is on, the electronic device will need to be muted. Otherwise, I get very irritated. However, when it is time to sleep, I generally turn the TV on a timer.

01/15/13 8:49 pm

I need white noise

deathvalley Chicago native
01/15/13 8:45 pm

Silence is golden and the older I get the more I appreciate it!

WanderLost over the rainbow
01/15/13 8:33 pm

I work better in silence, but I love having music play all the time...which explains why I get so distracted!

EarlyBird Portland
01/15/13 8:25 pm

You must do some concentrating because you're pretty smart for a 12 year old.

01/15/13 8:09 pm

Whelk u was trying to consent rate on math hw and I fell asleep so that's what happened

01/15/13 8:06 pm

Same hear but the first time I tried that
I didn't get the best dreams from listening to REMs It's the end of the world as we know it and ACDCs highway to hell

01/15/13 8:04 pm

Neither unless its interesting I don't concentrate at all just get distracted and goof off.

01/15/13 6:54 pm

A little background noise is nice, but not too much.

max69power Florida
01/15/13 6:53 pm

I need noise all the time even to sleep. I put on headphones and listen to podcasts to go to sleep. I will get distracted if I hear some out of place noise.

01/15/13 6:52 pm

Noise canceling headphones

techgirl89 Michigan
01/15/13 6:29 pm

it's actually a relief when my fiance is at work because he comes home and immediately breaks out the tortilla chips or wants to have some noisy app game playing. You know, it was pretty peaceful while you were gone lol!

techgirl89 Michigan
01/15/13 6:26 pm

I am a college student and it's really frustrating when i go to the library for silent study and there are people who are crunching on chips and chatting on their cellphones or smacking their gum. i miss the old days where a library was QUIET...

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
01/15/13 5:56 pm

There has to at least be nature sounds. It's really true. Silence is deafening.

mthomas3073 Costa Mesa
01/15/13 5:04 pm

Rather with some ambient music in the background

01/15/13 4:25 pm

There's really no such thing. Electricity is humming, a faucet is dripping, it's never really silent for me. I put noise on to drown out the little annoying noises.

01/15/13 2:46 pm

If I can, I will always listen to music.

susanr Colorado
01/15/13 2:42 pm

It's been many years, but that kind of silence is something you don't ever forget.

RJ1969 SoCal
01/15/13 2:41 pm

SHHHHHH! I'm trying to answer this question! Let me think here....

lmurder MDK
01/15/13 2:32 pm

I usually have classical or Lana del Rey playing.

01/15/13 2:18 pm

I'm able to get random noise to fade in the background because I'm very focused but I still do *better* in silence, and talk would distract me too much.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
01/15/13 2:00 pm

I do best with enough random noise to mask anything that might distract me, but not music or the like that might itself become a distraction. If it's too quiet, I can hear myself, heartbeat, breathing, joints, etc, which is distracting. An aircraft in cruise flight with the radio off is perfect.

suppressedID anti Gilead
01/15/13 1:47 pm

These are not the droids you're looking for.

halsnobordrgrl CT
01/15/13 1:22 pm

I need just a little background noise.

01/15/13 11:52 am

That thing that makes you run to find out what your kids have gotten into this time.

scmama South Carolina
01/15/13 11:50 am

I have 3 young kids, so someone help me out with this question...what IS silence again?