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Women: do you wear heels higher than 2" regularly?

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treegardner San Diego
01/22/13 6:50 pm

I'm tall so whenever I wear heels I feel like I am towering over everybody.

phantom Colorado
01/18/13 2:46 pm

I work in a psychiatric hospital. Heels are a completely ridiculous option there. Out on the town is a different story!

cduttwolf New York
01/18/13 2:00 pm

Me neither! I'm short but I hate heels... No thanks!

01/17/13 5:23 am

I'm less than 5', so yes I love my heels that range from 1-4.4".

FearToFall what is this for
01/17/13 3:52 am

I'm tall enough as is, being 5'8". At school, I might wear shoes with the tiniest heel, but usually I choose flats or boots instead. At formal events with family or chorus concerts, I'll wear slightly higher heels, but still nothing more than an inch or two.

01/16/13 9:23 pm

Really? What do you wear to wedding/parties? Unless you're very tall and always find a nice dressy pair of flats.

01/16/13 7:27 pm

511 is my lucky number I kid you not.

01/16/13 5:39 pm

I have short achilles so I naturally walk on my toes. I did a lot of ballet so naturally, high heels are my comfortable. Flats hurt my feet. I'm weird...

NFLPrincess First and Goal
01/16/13 4:41 pm

Love my stilettos!

madeit Houston Area
01/16/13 4:20 pm

My thoughts exactly.

MGMT Across the Universe
01/16/13 3:41 pm

I don't think I've ever even owned a pair of heels!

01/16/13 12:24 pm

I'm 5'8" and when I wear 4inch heels I'm so much taller than everyone, it just embarrassed me. Especially when when my ex was 5'9" lol

01/16/13 12:23 pm

I wear heals occasionally. Most of the time, it's chucks, Nikes or my boots.

EarlyBird Portland
01/16/13 9:27 am

Yeah, you're both right! I've seen a lot of those :-))

01/16/13 8:02 am

2.5 inch 40 hours a week!!!! Cocktail serving= not fun

arborfamilia on top of the hill
01/16/13 7:30 am

I'm 5'11", if I wear heels to the office they are generally pretty short, otherwise the men act funny.

Phijit Texas
01/16/13 6:56 am

Admittedly I am more of a boot and flip flop gal, but I have some cute heels for date night in my closet. I just don't wear them "regularly". ;)

Phijit Texas
01/16/13 6:54 am

Oh do I know what you mean! I started wearing flip flops constantly and found my arches HURT, but then my mom introduced me to "Fit Flops" which have a nice ergonomic arch support and they've been golden since. ;)

user321 Indiana
01/16/13 4:22 am

just converse....I'm pretty casual.

01/16/13 3:24 am

You mean you told him if he didn't buy you shoes you'd dump him? Or am I reading that wrong...

01/16/13 12:28 am

Yes! I feel most comfortable and attractive in heels. I wear them every day, but not at the price of comfort - I find ones that are both comfy AND stylish. I have a pair of 4-inch boots that I could (and have) walk miles in!

emsies Seattle
01/16/13 12:18 am

I don't think I own a pair of heels...
One of the perks of being 5'8"

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
01/15/13 11:29 pm

I don't wear heels often. Maybe 1-2 times a year and even then they're about 1-1.5 inches. Give me a pair of Converse any day.

01/15/13 11:22 pm

I've rarely found a really comfy pair of heels... plus, I'm a petite 5'3" and am proud to be short (and cute! Lol)

01/15/13 11:14 pm

Yup I'm a 6 foot junior in high school doesn't help

madeit Houston Area
01/15/13 10:34 pm

Ultimately, it's not about your heels, it's about your feet. You gotta do what you gotta do.
If you can't rock the heels, then just be you. We should all just be glad we can walk at all.
You go, girl!

01/15/13 10:27 pm

Being 5'9" when your boyfriend is 5'7" doesn't really allow for me to wear heels hahah

madeit Houston Area
01/15/13 10:23 pm

Kitten heels are lower and make you look pretty without too much heel that is admittedly bad for your body (btw have you heard about the dangers of wearing flip flops all the time? That's bad, too. No arch support.)

madeit Houston Area
01/15/13 10:18 pm

When I was younger I was a schoolteacher and used to dress more dowdy. Now I dress sharper-feminine and modest but with a sexy edge, including daily heels. People treat me differently now. My brother said, "You don't look 50, but I remember when you did!"

madeit Houston Area
01/15/13 10:11 pm

I keep trying but I can't seem to talk myself into liking wedges. They just seem clunky to me, maybe because
I just like the openness/airyness of a regular heel. I am willing to be converted. Can anyone help me?

madeit Houston Area
01/15/13 10:04 pm

I am 51 and I prefer at least a two inch heel every day. It's not the heels that bother me at all, it's the toes. If the toes of a shoe fit well, I'm buying them; but many times I can't find a well-proportioned flat I enjoy wearing.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
01/15/13 9:59 pm

I only wear heels for special occasions. It's not really feasible to wear heels around campus in the winter, or at work coaching gymnastics. When I wear heels, they're usually 4".

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/15/13 9:56 pm

he's maybe an inch or so taller than me, but I didn't want to risk making myself any taller. the pictures would have looked weird, and I also get kind of self conscious when guys are shorter than me. :p

gonk In a psychology textbook
01/15/13 9:54 pm

I love heels sooo much. I feel so good in them. And I work in an office, so I wear heels 5 days a week, plus church on Sundays. I'm obsessed. ????

01/15/13 9:32 pm

Love me some stilettos! I would feel like a grandma in a 2 inch heel. Gotta go higher.

01/15/13 9:02 pm

I just wear flats or very low heels. When I wear heels, I risk my ankle giving out.

01/15/13 8:50 pm

I am a danger to myself in heels

BabyBat TN, USA
01/15/13 8:21 pm

I can't wear heels regularly I have terrible foot problems but when I do wear heels I wear 3" at the lowest anything shorter just makes your legs look stubby and weird.

01/15/13 7:42 pm

4"-6"--and I wear good shoes. I'm sure there are plenty of ppl on here saying how bad that is but if they are jut passing ignorant judgment. I rarely have tired or sore feet

01/15/13 7:05 pm

My boyfriend is 6"5 I'm 5"5 , so I don't have much of choice ???? on the positive side when we started dating I told him needed to help me enhance my high shoe collection or it wouldn't work in the long term ????

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
01/15/13 6:49 pm

I try to wear about 2 inch heels when I can, but I'm 6"1 , it makes me like a giant! :)

01/15/13 6:38 pm

My everyday boots are 3, but that's about as high as I can go right now. I'm already 5'10 anyways.

colematts Buffalo, New York
01/15/13 6:37 pm

I don't wear heels all the time, but when I do I never wear heels shorter than 3 inches. Even though I'm 5'8", I feel like short heels make people's legs look stubby