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Show Of Hands June 14th, 2011 12:00am

Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? (no cheating, try it before answering!)

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flyte44 Pennsylvania
07/04/11 9:09 am

I thought the south would have problems. guess not.

striker59 Colorado
06/28/11 8:59 am

I can touch my toe to my nose but not hands to my toes

06/24/11 11:58 am

I can... Ima cheerleader:)

06/24/11 7:39 am

Jacob I totally agree lol

jacobsoro Colorado
06/23/11 12:24 am

America is more flexible than i would have thought

06/22/11 2:45 am

Lol, like the guy who said " with a long stick" XD same here

samantha New Jersey
06/22/11 12:01 am

Half the people on this app probably can't even see their toes...

Overmind Texas
06/21/11 8:26 pm

Put a donut down there and that's a yes

06/21/11 8:02 pm

You should have to do this before you order food at McDonald's.

06/21/11 10:31 am

06/20/11 9:22 pm

Of course I can! It's easy for me!

06/20/11 6:39 pm

Yes, but the less I do it, the harder it is.

06/20/11 9:31 am

I'm a beast I can do anything.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/20/11 8:10 am

Loosing 115lbs and taking water aerobics after 60 has made a difference.

06/20/11 2:45 am

Only if I reaaallllllly need to, haha.

06/19/11 10:40 pm

If I lift my toes up, yes lol

06/19/11 7:36 pm

Im a competitive gymnast so i always have to do tht when i strecth

06/19/11 1:38 am

Getting closer thanks to yoga

06/18/11 11:59 pm

No way I did not even think it was possible.

06/18/11 2:20 pm

Is it suppose to hurt? Lol

06/18/11 12:50 pm

congrats @MDF! lol @bnjers

06/18/11 11:43 am

If you'd have asked me a year ago, I would have said "no." :(

A change in eating habits (not a diet) and two new puppies later though, and I'm almost as fit as I was in high school! Almost! Lol!