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Show Of Hands March 12th, 2012 12:00am

Do you think that President Obama's energy policies have contributed to the rising price of gasoline?

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03/22/12 2:15 pm

The market will go up and down evidently we live in a world market. We have enough of our own resources to take care of our own needs for the next 200 years. We just need a leader that doesn't turn off the oil pump and concentrates on algea!

03/21/12 7:32 pm

Obama is not a president worthy of the white house, but the ghetto

03/21/12 8:30 am

today under Bush in 08, $3.75, gal. under Obama, $3.69, gal. Turn off your Fox "news"!

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
03/19/12 6:11 pm

Holy crap! You people are insane! The oil companies are ALWAYS looking for some BS excuse to pick our pockets.

03/18/12 9:35 pm

they're the same as they were four years ago. Google gas price history you morons

03/18/12 6:15 am

it's good to see at least 50% of the Independents are thinking clearly

03/17/12 2:15 pm

No middle eastern insurgency and capitalist blockades along with monopolisation of American oil has

03/17/12 12:54 pm

Also, there's a shorter keystone pipeline that leaked oil 12 times the first 12 months of its existence.

03/17/12 12:53 pm

The Keystone Pipeline is being "shopped" in America because Canada didn't want it.
The first, shortest, and most economically smart proposal was to Canadian west coast but was "environmentally" rejected...

03/17/12 11:18 am

the gas is stupid people wanting more more well they would get more if they lowered the prices cuz people would buy buy buy

tlcwrites California
03/17/12 8:47 am

For those saying me need to do more drilling to raise domestic oil supplies: Did you know the US has been a net exporter of oil over the past 2 years? If we are exporting the oil we have bcuz we can't sell it domestically, how is adding to the oversupply helpful?

rons Thanks America
03/17/12 7:53 am

algae is the solution. fill AF1 with it.

03/17/12 7:47 am

What a lot of people dont realize is that the price index of oil/gas hasnt changed much when looked at historically. The real problem is that the strength of the dollar is falling and will continue to fall due to the Feds printing dollars like its no tomorrow. as we keep bailing out banks and printi

BCKR Onward and upward
03/16/12 10:55 pm

@H50: one industry Obama has improved is the US auto industry. Back on top!

03/16/12 3:43 pm

Yes, I am a far-right Conservative that watches Fox News every night. As a matter of fact, I will watch The O'Reilly Factor and Hannity tonight.

03/16/12 3:39 pm

@Swanson do you know one industry Obama has improved since his time in office?

philmchawk Gaia Agia
03/16/12 8:19 am

Nah. Think about it: Gingrich can offer us $2.50/gal of fuel. (In exchange for presidency [fuck that, btw. Corrupt fuck])

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
03/16/12 5:18 am

Absolutely! Drilling on FEDERAL land has decreased substantially during his term in office. Obama is taking credit for the increased drilling on state-owned and private land, but in reality, the only reason drilling has increased at all is because he currently has no way to block it on those lands.

03/16/12 4:43 am

Swaon: Hard to believe so many fell for his hope and change crap! He is the one that said he doesn't deserve to be re-elected if he didn't get things fixed after three years.

03/15/12 9:07 pm

Damn Obama!!! Didn't solve world peace and cancer.

03/15/12 6:52 pm

How has our war had an impact on oil prices?

03/15/12 6:43 pm

I would like to announce that I am running for President of "The Flat Earth Society" because there is nothing in sight that even says we are close to having a green alternative! Until we do I say harvest what mother earth has provided! And keep the air in your tires up!

dflem Arizona
03/15/12 6:42 pm

Speculation in the market and our war in the middle east effect gas prices not the president

03/15/12 4:11 pm

If he is serious about renewable energy why wouldn't you give the top Universities even NASA a challenge to develop the next renewable energy? Instead of throwing billions at these bankrupt crap companies frame it like Kennedy did going to the Moon!

03/15/12 4:09 pm

He is right there is more drilling going on now then there has been in recent times, its all on private land that he cannot stop!

03/15/12 4:07 pm

We set on the worlds largest untapped oil reserves in the word. The technology we have is able to get it out of the ground safely and still protect the environment. The problem is its on federal land and Obama has virtually shut down fed land to drilling.

03/15/12 3:41 pm

I could be wrong here, but I feel like you could blame Obama for not putting enough focus on alternative energy. I know he isn't directly causing the oil crisis, but he most certainly isn't doing much to fix it.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/15/12 1:26 pm

If you just leave it in the ground, it isn't really a resource in the usual sense. I don't really understand what is meant by renewable either, since solar and wind are, but hydroelectric isn't. Like the sun will always shine, but gravity might get used up.

03/15/12 11:32 am

no one is to blame. oil is NOT a renewable resource and it belongs in the ground.

bradbp Washington
03/15/12 10:50 am

Jopat is right although the fed is separate (unconstitutionally separate) policies are what cause the need to print that money

jb44 North Carolina
03/15/12 9:26 am

As we deplete the worlds reserves of oil, there is only one direction for the price of oil to go, up, way up! The world is consuming oil at an un-sustainable rate. At some point US oil reserves will be retained only for national defense within our borders. Research Peak Oil.

03/15/12 7:05 am

aren't behind this QE crap you really have drank the kool-Aid! Whats the easiest way to get a fresh supply of dollars? Print it!

03/15/12 7:03 am

Solo- i just read your post from 3-14 8:52 pm post about the fed. as sophisticated as your posts are I find it hard to believe that you believe the fed acts autonomously! These are presidential appointees that love their job, if you don't think Obamas economic team

03/15/12 3:13 am

Let's see...froze drilling in the Gulf & mo Keystone pipeline...that would be a great big ol' YES! The fact that he's scared of his own shadow & apoligizes for anything he blame on George W or anyone else helps- but the lack of drilling is the biggie.

03/15/12 3:10 am

@showofhands THIS is what I enjoy about the comment section. There have been things come up I hadn't thought a lot on; left & right. Coming from a close to center, no definite party, person I appreciate calm swaps of thoughts. There we're several on this one. Thank u @Zod in particular

03/14/12 9:56 pm

Seriously Democrats?!? Are you that uninformed, or just plain stupid? Oil prices aren't all Obamas fault, but his policies are contributing.

03/14/12 9:15 pm

All prices are determined by supply and demand. If Obama was to step in do what people want him to do and "interfere" with the economy, every one of them would start to call him a "socialist" or "communist". Holy crap people. YOU determine the price of gas.

bradbp Washington
03/14/12 8:50 pm

Jopat yes. You get it but others want to point fingers in other direction

03/14/12 7:56 pm

Bradp: and we have inflation because we print money which makes the dollar worth less so it takes more dollars to purchase things like gas.

03/14/12 7:44 pm do realize that there are hundreds of pipelines, oil and other commodities criss-crossing this "pristine aquifer"....? You might want to look at the National Pipeline map of that area.

bradbp Washington
03/14/12 7:34 pm

It's inflation people not supply!

03/14/12 7:20 pm

BTW-last I heard, the 3 corporations involved, were working on a deal that would 1. take the pipeline OUT of the aquifer and 2. agree that a portion of the oil remain in the US-Obama WOULD approve this.

03/14/12 7:18 pm

Quantitative Easing 1 added .56 cents per gallon we have printed money two other times, I would say thats federal policy, wouldn't you?

03/14/12 7:16 pm

oh yeah i needed to add during 2011 oil production on federal land fell 7.9% natural gas fell 6.8%. Thank god states and private owners haven't lost their minds!

03/14/12 7:12 pm

No way in hell did he cause it.