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Show Of Hands December 16th, 2012 12:00am

Have you seen The Hobbit (or do you plan to see it while it's still in theaters)?

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chile safer than congress
12/20/12 10:04 pm

But people died for the birth of the republic of Texas. Does that mean you have to move?

12/20/12 8:25 pm

Awesome movie. Peter Jackson is a great director. The commenter below me is mentally instable

dsMultiChat California
12/19/12 2:43 am

Peter Jackson is a horrible director!

DiNutso Mississippi
12/18/12 7:34 pm

(cont.) after the amazing job he did with the LotR trilogy.

DiNutso Mississippi
12/18/12 7:33 pm

Unfortunately, I did see it. It was such a mockery of the book that Tolkien must be rolling over in his grave. Poor Radagast--his character was butchered for the sake of lengthening the movie. It was okay as far as book-to-movie adaptations go, but I expected better of Peter Jackson (cont.)

vinenoob lovely
12/18/12 3:05 pm

What's with Utah and The Hobbit? Well, it at least shows how awesome Utah is.

12/18/12 12:19 pm

There were actually 27 animals killed.

12/18/12 12:16 pm

I want to see it very very badly, but won't due to the severe animal abuse and deaths that occurred during filming.

12/18/12 7:59 am

It was excellent, very faithful to Tolkien's works.

BriD Illinois
12/18/12 2:01 am

Animal abuse. No, thank you.

BriD Illinois
12/18/12 1:56 am

Um, it was 3 horses that were killed. Disgusting.

fourwinds box of rain
12/17/12 5:00 pm

Saw it, it was very good.

KnightParty666 Tennessee
12/17/12 4:29 pm

Man the hobbit got be da shit! We got my main nigga bilbo baggins on the grind with that old bitch gandalf or wateva. And they out there on some huge ass adventure shit and I'm just sittin here masticating.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/17/12 3:48 pm

You don't feel the length of the show as it seems to fly by.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/17/12 3:46 pm

Just in case you did not realize, this is the first part of the Hobbit. There is more to come...

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/17/12 10:31 am

Yes! I'm a loser I lost over hundred pounds thank you.

chile safer than congress
12/17/12 9:57 am

Those CGI wolves could been have been saved... a jump drive, or to the cloud.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/17/12 8:44 am

Going. On Christmas day after gifts the ladies are going to see Les Mearsables why the guys stay home and watch TV with the kids. I know I spelled it wrong I tried and tried that's closest I can get so sorry.

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/17/12 7:35 am

Basically this question is asking : Are you a loser?
I answered no.

12/17/12 6:06 am

Read all of JRR Tolkiens books and watched all the movies.

earendil Alaska
12/17/12 6:01 am

You seem like a very bright person.

earendil Alaska
12/17/12 5:59 am

Azog is in the lore, but he has an expanded role

earendil Alaska
12/17/12 5:56 am

I wouldn't call horses being eaten by trolls abuse....

earendil Alaska
12/17/12 5:53 am

You will not regret it

earendil Alaska
12/17/12 5:52 am

Maybe you should see a psychiatrist

earendil Alaska
12/17/12 5:51 am

You do know that the wolves are CGI right?

12/17/12 5:47 am

Loved it. Can't wait to see the next. And the next. Is it long? Yes. Does it add details not in "The Hobbit"(and yet still within the realm of Tolkien)? Yes. But I'm not going to complain because I went into it knowing Peter Jackson's style so none of that was a surprise. See it. Be swept away.

12/17/12 2:43 am

I will not see this movie or support it because they let the animals in this film die from poor conditions after the film was finished

12/17/12 1:42 am

I say if you're not a fan of the hobbit and Tolkien and are expecting an action packed movie then go see something else.
All the smartassy critics giving it bad reviews can suck it and go watch another weird French film.

12/17/12 1:40 am

Just watched it on IMAX 3D tonight. As a fan of LOTR and Tolkien in general I was impressed and happy with the movie, it follows the book well and the photography left me with my mouth open a few times. Not quite sure how it'll be 3 movies but I'm glad they're including everything in the story.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
12/16/12 10:27 pm

Google "the hobbit and animal abuse" Christine. You're way off base. Over two dozen animals died from the atrocious housing conditions during production.

12/16/12 9:50 pm

Twice! Friday morning and night. I'm the leader of the Fellowship of the Ring (LoTR appreciation society) at my school, so I have some accountability. Holy crap I'm a geek

wears Tennessee
12/16/12 9:38 pm

Just finished the book...going to see the movie Monday nite

cmbgator Fort Myers, FL
12/16/12 9:31 pm

Peter Jackson seems to believe that longer is better because it is more dramatic. All of the LOTR movies could have been 30 minutes shorter. He didn't need to drag out every scene.

tdaddy Kentucky
12/16/12 9:30 pm

When it comes to Netflix I'll see it.

cmbgator Fort Myers, FL
12/16/12 9:27 pm

Game of Thrones is far superior to LOTR. Peter Jackson seems to think dragging out a scene makes it more dramatic. It doesn't. I could watch the first season of Games of Thrones over and over. You could not pay me to watch the LOTR trilogy again.

12/16/12 8:45 pm

It's gotten some poor reviews and I have to say, the commercials did not look great. But I will likely go and see for myself how it is..., I really enjoyed The Lord of the Rings

catey Pennsylvania
12/16/12 8:14 pm

Oh my god it was amazing! Sure there was a lot of extra stuff, but the more the merrier!

listgarten SF Bay Area
12/16/12 8:11 pm

Just saw it a few hrs ago
Pretty good movie

BroM Western New York
12/16/12 7:49 pm

From what I've heard (I haven't seen the movie) the trilogy will make use of Tolkein's notes about what else is going on in Middle Earth that has to do with the general story of the ring.

12/16/12 7:48 pm

Its surprisingly true to the book. But there are parts that are not

BroM Western New York
12/16/12 7:47 pm

Could be worse. You could have to sit through Twilight (my condolences if you've had to).

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
12/16/12 6:24 pm

At least Bilbo was not portrayed as a crying, whiny, wuss.
Too long, too much filler not in the book.
Good movie. Not great.
2 movies would be more than enough.

12/16/12 5:33 pm

I wouldn't mind seeing it but not sure I will.