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Show Of Hands June 12th, 2012 12:00am

Do you approve of Attorney General Eric Holder's response to the "Fast and Furious" gun smuggling investigation?

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06/17/12 4:36 am

What response? Holder is a POS that needs to be unemployed.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
06/16/12 8:12 pm

It's unbelievable how lockstep 50% of Dems are to not even bat an eye at the ultra corrupt actions of Atty General Holder. At least Repubs started to chastise Bush when he started screwing up. The Dems scare me the way they hail their fearless leaders.

06/16/12 4:46 am

Even if you believe the left, the monitoring failed. As a result we have a dead agent, and likely hundreds if not thousands of dead Mexicans as well.

Eric Holder needs to be held responsible for this terrible plan and the heartbreak that it caused.

06/16/12 4:43 am

Adalla ... You've been listening to the left wing talking points. The fact is that these guns should never have been sold these individuals and if the federal checks had been done properly they would not have been.

06/16/12 4:40 am

The real problem is that Fast and Furious was intended to be a sick and twisted attempt by the radical left to discourage Second Amendment gun ownership in United States. This feeble attempt backfired resulted in the death of federal agent. Eric Holder deserves to go to jail!

cowboy Dawns Highway
06/15/12 1:11 pm

This whole administration is full of dirtbags like Holder. Just like I knew would happen under Obama's watch. Holder will have to take the bullet for the furor. (no pun intended...)

06/15/12 1:01 pm

Trucks full of tequila roll through that border every day, and nobody gets hurt. Yet another reason why prohibition is a counter-productive fraud.

06/15/12 4:03 am

Obama besides being very bad himself, he surrounds himself with very bad people and advisors! NoBama2012!

06/14/12 8:19 pm

10 years for contributing to the death of a Federal officer.

06/14/12 7:23 pm

And some people hang on blindly to something that will never happen huh r3VOlution?

r3VOLution not of this world
06/14/12 6:06 pm

Some people stand with their party and compromise their principles.

06/14/12 2:50 pm

With holding evidence,lying to congress for a start.

adalla Virginia
06/14/12 2:41 pm

Mind sharing what violation of law you think merits 10 years in federal prison?

KommsWife Indiana
06/14/12 11:34 am

And forfeiture of all federal benefits

06/14/12 9:50 am

Eric holder is the devil himself and should be held accountable

timeout Boston Strong
06/14/12 9:14 am

Aaaaaah did I miss something here, when did the question change? Great subject but how did we get into the Florida vote issues.

adalla Virginia
06/14/12 9:08 am

So all the program did was monitor straw purchasers here and try to track whose hands the guns went to in Mexico. Those guns would have been purchased and transferred anyway. The only really desirable weapons that come from here are large calibre sniper rifles, though they lack the skill to use them

adalla Virginia
06/14/12 9:04 am

To the point though. Facts: The Border Patrol Agent killed was not murdered by a F&F weapon, but one was found at the scene. The weapons were not provided by the govt, but purchased commercially. What they can buy are only the same guns sold at Wal-Mart. Machine guns, grenades etc are not from here

adalla Virginia
06/14/12 8:51 am

You don't want anyone disenfranchised? Stop allowing their vote to be nullified by those without the right to vote. Put party politics aside

adalla Virginia
06/14/12 8:50 am

Jd123 - Florida culled 53,000 dead people from its rolls before it was legally estopped. They also found 832 illegal aliens who had voted, which extrapolates to over 100,000 expected illegitimate votes. This is the US of A, not some banana republic.

06/14/12 8:41 am

expect? As I recall the 2000 election was very close you wouldn't want the next president elected by illegal immigrants would you? That would be a sham but maybe thats what liberals count on now days. Florida is suing the DOJ hopefully it will be heard in the courts soon.

06/14/12 8:38 am

When they failed to return they were sent letters saying they had 30 days to respond and prove they were legal. They didn't return and needed to be removed. There is also the motor voter law that allows you to vote once licensed. And yeah in Florida there are mainly latino immigrants so what do you

06/14/12 8:34 am

Jd123: interesting theory you do realize how this all took place right? Florida had 186,000 people that had migrated to the U.S. get Florida drivers licenses these people were told to return when they gained their citizenship to make them permenate and prove their citizenship.

mmjman Emerald Valley
06/14/12 8:31 am

Proof that the few cases of voter Frau are even from illegals. The whole thing stinks, both parties are playing these silly games where they try to drive opposition voters out of there state or restrict there ability to vote. Whether its through redistricting or things like this.

mmjman Emerald Valley
06/14/12 8:29 am

Because of the way they are going about doing it. Coupled with the other things they are doing. If this is purely about stopping any illegal from voting, Why are they cherry picking names? What is the point of going through all the effort, time, and money, if there's only a .0004% fraud rate, and no

Rosebud Ohio
06/14/12 8:10 am

JD- then why care at all? If it doesn't make a difference? Sorry, but I don't think I should have equal weight in the voting polls with a non-citizen. Locally, sure. But someone who isn't a citizen should have an equal chance of picking the guy in the top seat that I have? Wow.

mmjman Emerald Valley
06/14/12 7:32 am

Oops should say more Likly to support instead of more Likly to vote. I find it very unlikely that illegals from anywhere are committing enough voter fraud to make a speck of difference in an election.

mmjman Emerald Valley
06/14/12 7:07 am

Um ok... Well that's not what I'm talking about. And that's a whole nother issue. Not a racist one I would never say that, there is a cyclical problem largely involving problems with our judicial system and hiring policies for ex-cons. But let's not got there right now lol.

mmjman Emerald Valley
06/14/12 7:04 am

Speaking immigrants? Yea, but considering there is only a .0004% voter Fraud rate it is silly to suggest illegal Mexicans are more likely to commit voter fraud than others, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that.

Rosebud Ohio
06/14/12 7:03 am

Screwed up in that scenario. Want to know what I'm talking about? Pepsi, a few months ago and their "unfair" background checks that excluded more blacks, because more black applicants had some form of a criminal record. Utter bullcrap. And before you say it, no I'm not being racist.

mmjman Emerald Valley
06/14/12 7:03 am

Never said it was racist, I said it is an attempt to lower the number of non republican voters, illegals from south of the border are more Likly to vote democrat then illegals from Christian conservative countries like the UK or Canada. And is there a higher percentage of illegals among the Spanish-

06/14/12 7:02 am

If this was a Republican administration, you'd see it on the news every night....and rightly so as it should be now!!
How many have to die because of such incompetence??

Rosebud Ohio
06/14/12 6:57 am

Oh JD I didn't realize you were a law expert. Oh, forgive me smart one. Nice try. Florida has a very high Hispanic population. Many are illegal.
I'm kind of getting annoyed, though, that now democrats are claiming everything is racist/against minorities because a minority is more LIKELY to have

mmjman Emerald Valley
06/14/12 6:46 am

They are white they don't have to worry about there immigration status being questioned. I used to know an illegal British immigrant who worked for a large American company making 6 figures a year, he lived here for 20 years and never once had his status questioned, not even by employers

mmjman Emerald Valley
06/14/12 6:45 am

That is illogical rosebud, why would a poor immigrants who are scared of deportation full out voter registration paperwork? And what about all the illegal European immigrants that don't apply for citizenship to avoid double taxation, beleive it or not there is alot of them. And they know because

mmjman Emerald Valley
06/14/12 6:40 am

African Americans vote. And effectively
Stops the African American churches "Souls to the Polls" program. Again, people who mainly vote democrat. Considering this, and lack of actual cases of voter fraud, it shocks me anyone could actually believe this is about fraud.

mmjman Emerald Valley
06/14/12 6:38 am

They have also made it more difficult for people who are working multiple jobs or trying to raise kids and work to register to vote, again people who mostly vote democrat. They have also reduced early voting days and banned voting in Sunday, which just happens to be when the majority of

Rosebud Ohio
06/14/12 6:38 am

JD- want to prove that assertion? Or, maybe, they've just started with the minority that is most likely to be illegal. Mexicans. Oh no... How terrible. The DOJ is a bunch of crap. At least how they "work" today.

mmjman Emerald Valley
06/14/12 6:27 am

Right way. The names they are sifting through to find "illegals" just happens to be almost all minoritys, democrats, and independents. It has nothing to do with voter fraud (which occurs at a .0004% rate) it is a witch hunt to purge non republican voters from the state.

06/14/12 5:16 am

consequences? Enter the Republican majority in the house. Seems to me the American public said to the government its enough already!

06/14/12 5:14 am

Down, oh wait they did agree to go to war both times and in his last two years there was a clear majority in both houses that voted in Medicare part D. Whew! Glad you dems finally get it! Now lets talk about the clear majority Obamas had his first two years, didn't Obama say elections have

06/14/12 5:10 am

Finally some honesty! As long as we all agree that congress has the purse strings we would have to agree that Bush wasn't the bad man he is made out to be. After all he had a 50/50 49/49 split in the senate and a majority in the house until 07. So he had a do nothing senate that voted everything

06/14/12 4:48 am

@All Eric Holder is just one of the very bad people this Campaigner in Chief has surrounded himself with. Now they are suing FL because FL is trying to enforce laws so illegals can't vote. Why would they do this? Because illegals like free benefits and Dems like their vote. FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BadBadger Georgia
06/13/12 10:17 pm

Any weed left in here? No? Ok, goodnight everyone.

veritas1 Panda
06/13/12 9:41 pm

@RJ If it has a CBN base, then it has a hydroxyl group, making it an alcohol. No?
@RPG Dallas. We've had a more than couple dealers caught. Thought that was normal in big schools.

06/13/12 9:38 pm

@veritas Do you live in a city? I grew up in a pretty small town so maybe that's the difference.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/13/12 9:37 pm

I'm off to bed folks. It's always a pleasure. Have a good Thursday!