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Have you ever been a patient in a hospital Intensive Care Unit? (UserQ)

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Lovatic Indiana
12/23/11 11:03 am

I haven't, but I hope everyone who has is doing ok now :)

12/18/11 6:09 pm

but when i had knee surgery- quite sure it wasnt ICU

12/18/11 5:56 pm

oh and i just remembered!! when i was 12 ihad to get reconstructive knee surgery(i hurt it on beam during gymnastics)

12/18/11 5:54 pm

yes... once when i was 14... i was doing a double back during my floor routine at states and i landed straight down on my head... i was unconcious and i also then had to get neck surgery...

AGC246 Florida
12/17/11 9:51 am

Also: you rude commenters need to stop insulting other people in a sad attempt to make you feel better about yourselves. I feel sorry for you, bc you must be hurting inside, but it wont make you feel any better to hurt others. Step away from the keyboard, & try making friends instead of enemies. :)

AGC246 Florida
12/17/11 9:47 am

healthy all my life! A couple bad cases of bronchitis, strep throat, colds, cavities, a few teeth pulled... But no broken or sprained bones! Lol

AGC246 Florida
12/17/11 9:45 am

When I was around 3 or 4, I got dehydrated & was hooked up to fluids on a thing w/ wheels for a little while... And when I was around 14 or 15 I had an endoscopy, which is when you are knocked out while the doctors stick a tube down your throat to take pics & samples. Other than that I've been

AGC246 Florida
12/17/11 9:42 am

I don't think I've ever been in the ICU... When I was born, I had to stay in the hospital for a few days due to breathing complications, I was a BIG baby & I had to stay in the room w/ all the tiny Premature babies, lol, I looked VERY odd & out of place, I was told. XD

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/15/11 6:47 pm

@Asian-Alphabet-Character OWWW!!! That has got to hurt!


12/15/11 3:27 pm

No...except if you consider getting hot sauce in your eye worthy of that treatment. LOL but that hurt. 

12/15/11 9:40 am

Glad your all still here and able to comment.

12/15/11 9:39 am

Wow! I can't believe what some of you guys have been through. Makes my quad bypass seem like a head cold!!

joshg USS Battleship Alabama
12/14/11 6:23 pm

Emergency brain surgery for a leaking cerebral aneurysm when I was 28.

monkeyy Ohio
12/14/11 3:18 pm

Yes as a baby. I was born two months premature and spent some time in the NICU(newborn intensive care unit) right after I was born to learn how to eat and some other stuff I was in the hospital for about two weeks. then I came home and everything's fine now. Of course I don't remember it…;)

dlyliny1 New York
12/14/11 12:45 pm

BTW, "hearmenow"="skull". He accidentally wrote a post for this ? under the ? re vending machines. It was the exact post that skull wrote here about kennels/foster homes. If he did grow up in foster care, that could be the reason for his hatefulness and disturbing, sociopath/narcissist personality.

dlyliny1 New York
12/14/11 12:27 pm

Had a huge benign tumor removed from my liver when in grad school. Believe I spent a short time in ICU afterward since they had to immobilize and remove my liver to get to the tumor and had to make sure they hooked it all back up right (like "Um, anyone know where this leftover screw went??" Lol!)

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/14/11 9:34 am

The personality is basically the same wants attention and a lot of it. A little different than vanguard. But Jessie and  &  all speak alike. A democrat on meth. Sometime very will informed sometimes too offensive.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/14/11 7:48 am

@HearMeNow???? is using the same Apple ID as the cranium…


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/14/11 7:46 am

@TopsQueen well if it is that same fellow, then he also changes personalities. Crazy. Makes you wonder where he/she really is and what mental illness they may or may not have.


TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/14/11 6:46 am

I do believe is Jessie before that that other offensive person that people called a troll. Started with a V. Just tries to change zip codes thus states.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/14/11 4:45 am

@iloveGod Well I'm glad to see that that isn't the only reason you love God. And thanks for the reminder to pray for those who say evil about us (I had forgotten).


emsies Seattle
12/14/11 12:31 am

I had surgery, so I went to the anesthesia ICU afterwards. It's not as calm or serene as you'd expect. There are a bunch of people talking and there's no beeping. Well, at least my heart monitor wasn't beeping because they disconnected me (I was apparently tangling the wires).

12/13/11 11:08 pm

Viral encephalitis which led to seizures and an induced coma when I was 12. Spent a week in the ICU.

12/13/11 10:41 pm

Fiat: I was an RN/Paramedic/Cardiac Tech for over 25yrs. When I was in my mid-30's, in 91, I returned to school, finished my BS in less than a year, & started in the PIMS program @ FSU. (Med School). Unfortunately, after 3 yrs, being a single mom+working; I was in an accident & fractured my spine.

12/13/11 10:02 pm

I'm the one taking y'all in.

sgeisler18 Illinois
12/13/11 10:02 pm

When I was 4 days old, I had a high fever that resulted in a seizure. I was in the PICU. My parents were told I might be a child that seized every time they had a fever. I have never had a seizure after.

PHP North Carolina
12/13/11 9:31 pm

As a kid I had an insane life threatening asthma attack.

12/13/11 9:00 pm

Only as a baby.... My grandpa just turned 83 last month, and he hasn't been in a hospital since the day he was born.

DrKelly Wisconsin
12/13/11 8:59 pm

@smallbiz. as someone in our healthcare industry, I couldn't agree more. best in the world, but we need to manage the costs.

12/13/11 8:26 pm

SoloPocono, RunAmuk, Rosebud, Tops, Fiat, Smallbiz, R@ndom, and others - bless your hearts, your stories make me grateful and inspired. You're in my thoughts.

HearMeNow, please have some civility. I can tune you out as quickly as anyone else but if you come from foster homes I'd rather not.

GirlOnFire Ohio
12/13/11 8:25 pm

I was in intensive care when I was a baby because I was born prematurely. but I don't remember any of it:)

12/13/11 8:15 pm

I broke my neck in a skiing accident, along with my nose and orbital. Because we live in America, and America is awesome, I only had to pay for the ambulance ride, around $100. Can't wait to go skiing this year.

12/13/11 7:59 pm

The USA has the BEST health care in the world.... We just need to control costs and get the government out of it.

12/13/11 7:57 pm

massive clot and would have died in a couple of hours. Do not talk to me about socialized medicine!!!

12/13/11 7:55 pm

I was in England on vacation and had a heart attack. They gave me a clot busting drug (not used in the US for 30 yrs) the put me in ICU. Nobody checked on me for 5 days then doc came in and said I was cured and could go. Flew home, checked into Hospital and was given instant angio. Was told I had...

Jzz California
12/13/11 7:43 pm

I've been close but have escaped it so far. sis was an icu nurse for years. they are true heros.

Jzz California
12/13/11 7:40 pm

hear me know. did you see Simple Rules 2. Be POLITE. I disagree with most of rose's comments, but there is no reason to be rude and nasty. shame on you.

12/13/11 7:39 pm

Hearme I am praying for you. I know the only reason you are like this is because you had a bad childhood or something tragic happened.

12/13/11 7:33 pm

Rosebud I am praying for you. You are a very smart wonderful woman. God loves you so much. God bless!

12/13/11 7:30 pm

Fiat2lux I know I had a brain bleed and two concussions. Sorry I don't know anything else. God bless!

DrKelly Wisconsin
12/13/11 7:28 pm

I was in icu once for subarachnoid brain hemorrhage. 60% die within two weeks of hemorrhage. I was in lucky 40%!

DrKelly Wisconsin
12/13/11 7:26 pm

@lax. fiat is correct. icu is intensive care unit, and for severe cases. an ED case ( no longer ER because they are emergency depts., not rooms) could become so severe that you could be admitted to icu. icu is an in-patient unit and EDs AR not typically thought of as inpatient because you have

12/13/11 7:23 pm

Hearme Tim Tebow is a wonderful person he is 1. Getting rewarded for stuff he's done and 2. God is using him for a witness.

12/13/11 7:20 pm

Fiat2Lux no that is not the only reason I love God that is just one of them.

amberzzz Iowa
12/13/11 7:19 pm

HearMe: are you this offensive in person? Or just super brave behind a keyboard?