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Show Of Hands October 19th, 2012 12:00am

MEN: have you ever had a male friendship end over a girl?

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10/23/12 12:16 pm

Now, if SoH became an obnoxious poll version of The Newlyweds, I would understand your frustration, but seeing as it tends towards politics, culture, and random trivia... not really...

10/23/12 12:08 pm

Not many poll questions are sexual at all. This being the first "strictly heterosexual" question in at least two months, I don't understand what you mean by not many questions that are fit for you.

10/23/12 7:07 am

I was thinking the same thing. I'm gay, so this question could hardly be more irrelevant.

BadWolf The Library
10/22/12 1:48 pm

This question could easily be reworded to accommodate more than heterosexuals.

BadWolf The Library
10/22/12 1:46 pm

1) not whiny
2) not a lifestyle
3) none of those questions deal with sexual things

10/21/12 8:01 pm

No, because that's what women do.

10/21/12 5:19 pm

Why are there still 2 female answers?

EIT Near You
10/21/12 1:56 pm

We both liked a girl. I let him date her (it was a risky situation & I WAS the cautious type). She & I spoke a lot & she divulged the issues she had w/ him. Before you know it, she broke it off & still 14 yrs later despite him being married to another he still isn't man enough to talk w/ me.

10/20/12 2:15 pm

I danced with my 'friend' 's date at Homecoming more than he did. I'll let you all figure out how it went.

10/20/12 11:48 am

Obamalies: hateful bigot.

wirenerd Somersworth
10/20/12 8:11 am

I haven't had a friend relationship with a guy end over a girl, but I have had a friend relationship with a girl end over a guy. She started dating the biggest tool you could ever think of, and I told her it was a bad decision. The next day I saw him making out with her sister.

kermie gaytopia
10/19/12 11:48 pm

Tony, a lot of your questions are pretty heteronormative. :/

JustBob Your anger fascinates me
10/19/12 11:14 pm

I have a friend who used to try to sleep with my girls, some he did, I used it as a way to weed them out, still my friend though, I'd nail a broad, he'd take them and I'd move on to the next

LibertyLover Pokemon 201461036800
10/19/12 10:17 pm

What I don't like about this app is that the females can't see the data on this question, since they aren't allowed to vote.

LibertyLover Pokemon 201461036800
10/19/12 10:14 pm

No, I beat my friend up for calling my girlfriend a slut but by the next week we were friends again.

mac Oregon
10/19/12 9:25 pm

She was so hot, I was so stupid. He was so pissed.... 27.%? Did you all forget or was I the only inexperienced idiot to screw things up?

drhawkeye CA
10/19/12 9:20 pm

If the girl takes all the friends time, it can be hard to keep it.

DirtyHarry Louisiana
10/19/12 9:11 pm

B;tches ain't sh;t but hoes and tricks!!

scotty Nacogdoches
10/19/12 8:54 pm

Similar situation. Had a friend date & end a relationship with a close cousin. He said for me to choose, him or her. She said it would be ok if I didn't hang out anymore. I choose family & the fact she was willing to end a friendship.

NotQuiteWhite Earth
10/19/12 8:45 pm

Only if you count my sister- I've had two friends decide to start dating her. Both times it ended badly and I'll always choose family over friends.

taboo Louisiana
10/19/12 8:21 pm

true bros can get over that

10/19/12 8:15 pm

wait what kind of boy stuff r u talking about???

10/19/12 7:22 pm

Bros before hoes

10/19/12 7:17 pm

No but IF I wouldn't call that a friend in the first place. If there is such a conflict of interest, friends sit down for a talk and find a solution.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
10/19/12 7:13 pm

I have to know what kind of wizard tony is. So far he's predicted SOOOOO many polls that relate to my current life.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
10/19/12 7:09 pm

Yes! an only boy poll!!!!!!!! Thank god! I want to talk about boy stuff! Screw off-context. But sadly, I think the answer will soooon be to be yes, dammit.

10/19/12 6:59 pm

Money over bitches, Family over everything.....

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/19/12 6:59 pm

No, if she'd rather be with somebody else, I'm out, and if my friend has the tolerance for aggravation I lack, I wish them both well.

10/19/12 6:45 pm

It would be even more amazing if it could turn Cowpile off!

10/19/12 6:35 pm

Bitch wasn't worth it . I should of listened to my bro's . Bro's before HO'S

striker59 Colorado
10/19/12 4:48 pm

I don't date bit.._ oh I mean female dogs.

themiz Illinois
10/19/12 4:07 pm

Bros before Hoes

10/19/12 2:21 pm

It's about to- Tonight is Homecoming, and I intend to take her home.

monkees19 New Jersey
10/19/12 2:21 pm

Kinda? I have a friend I barely talk to now cuz NOBODY likes his wife but him. That said, I've never lost a friend fighting over the sane girl, no.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
10/19/12 2:01 pm

Coldplay. A band with actual musical talent. Their music has a harmonic flow thats food to the imagination. A very revered band. I'm thinking you're implying we should all either A) Listen to country. Or B) Music is for "gay" people.

10/19/12 2:00 pm

Wow, check the filter. The females are really actually NOT voting. I'm impressed!

Quinnipiac Here
10/19/12 1:14 pm

Yeah, my best friend got his dee essed by a girl i was dating back home when i went off to college. i kicked the dumb gash to the curb, but i couldnt get over the disrespek he paid me. the anger boiled over after a night of drinking and we got into a fight & havent hung out since. 14 years ago.

10/19/12 1:12 pm

And how did you to get to Coldplay???

Quinnipiac Here
10/19/12 1:10 pm

jesus, u caught your friend attempting to rape ur girlfriend? wow, that takes the cake right there.

10/19/12 1:10 pm

And even if I did listen to it, that wouldn't make me gay. So you're saying that everyone that listens to the Queen is gay? You saying that everyone that listens to M.Jackson is allegedly, allegedly I say, a pedo?

10/19/12 1:05 pm

Coldplay??? I don't really know how to answer to that one... Um I don't listen to Coldplay. I don't like that type of music.

ZacharyFL FL
10/19/12 1:03 pm

Bros before hoes