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Do you think "Operation Fast and Furious" has been over-reported and blown out of proportion, or under-reported and buried? (UserQ)

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kreed Kentucky
12/14/11 7:27 pm

pinkyousuc I completely agree but be careful saying thank god it went wrong because many people have dies as a result of the mistakes.

12/08/11 8:01 pm

Seeing as I've never heard of f&f i would say it was buried. I
Mean, I may be 13, but I still watch the news.

12/08/11 4:44 pm

Make no mistake, Obama is after your guns. F&F wasn't supposed to happen this way. It was supposed to look like American dealers and "under-regulation" were to blame so that he could ram through another "Assault weapons" ban or the like. Thank God that it went wrong.

12/01/11 12:48 am

Writing headlines in the form of questions is a literary technique, not an admission to the absence of fact.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/30/11 11:10 pm

non-issue. when faux news needs to present the topic on a daily basis, featuring headlines that are incriminating statements followed with a '?', that should be an obvious clue. most people don't get that.

11/30/11 10:21 pm

under reported and under punished. those in charge need to be fired!

11/30/11 10:21 pm

under reported and under punished. those in charge need to be fired!

11/30/11 11:40 am

Underreported plain and simple.
And those saying any media is anything close to fair- you must not watch with any knowledge at all. There are so many reporting failures, flat out side taking, and incorrectness it makes me sick to watch. And it's considered news...

11/30/11 8:11 am

one border patrol agent dead plus over 300 Mexican citizen killed traced back to these guns. the Mexican authorities were never notified of this operation. no effort was made to stop these weapons from reaching the cartels and being used.

one80 California
11/30/11 7:34 am

Both. The 'Fast & Furious' incident isn't the real story, and the same thing happened under Bush. Holder didn't come up w the idea. The real story is way bigger than allowing firearms into Mexico.

veritas1 Panda
11/30/11 12:38 am

@Anarchy George Kaiser was who I was referring to…
It is a non-issue. A one bad loan is not a scandal. But people (well…not people just Fox) make it something it is not. It is nothing more or less than a well-meaning loan gone bad.

Sporter80 Oklahoma
11/29/11 11:19 pm

Never even heard of it.. Heh.
But I don't watch the News much ;P

11/29/11 9:54 pm

Sorry...said CEO earlier: I'm mixing my scandals...

11/29/11 9:46 pm

Apollo: for what it's worth: You might wanna read up on steve Mitchell (solyndra board of directors member) George kaiser, and his connection to Obama. Intersting reading...obvious connection, never hit the media. This solyndra thing was rigged from the start in my opinion

11/29/11 9:35 pm

the agent that was killed was probably killed by by friendly fire... the gov is trying to bury the DOD! let it go!!!!!

catey Pennsylvania
11/29/11 9:27 pm

Whoa I heard this mentioned like once before in passing?!?! So yes it was buried.

veritas1 Panda
11/29/11 9:07 pm

Fast and Furious IS an issue. Holder should resign.

veritas1 Panda
11/29/11 9:07 pm

Solyndra is a non-issue. It's a bad loan. Loans have an inherent risk. Sure the DOE should be held accountable but at the end of the day, it is one loan failure in a bundle of 200. If I'm Obama, I would be pretty proud of the 99.5% succes rate. But of course Fox "News" won't talk about the 95.5%.

veritas1 Panda
11/29/11 9:05 pm

@Anarchy. As much as I'm sure you would like that to be true, it is not. The only connection to Obama is one of the people who donated money (other people's money I should add) to Obama also invested in Solyndra. He had no position or authority in the actual company.

11/29/11 9:01 pm

Never heard of it, thus under-reported.

11/29/11 8:54 pm

....I'm not saying Obama knew, or is at fault, but if he thinks he's above a congressional investigation, he's sadly mistaken. Larger picture; this man has ZERO control over his administration...this was an operation that crossed borders...he needs to know about something like that!

11/29/11 8:52 pm

Eric holder is the Obama appointed attorney general. He lied about his knowledge of the operation...that's been proven. The WH has been asked what, if anything did they know, and we're told to present their documentation to the congressional investigational panel...they've not complied...why?

11/29/11 8:50 pm

The issue with solyndra is that there seems to be evidence that the WH knew the company was insolvent and a high risk and pushed their loan approval through anyway...the CEO of solyndra was a campaign bundled for Obama, so the question is "did Obama pay back favors with tax payers money?" ....

veritas1 Panda
11/29/11 8:35 pm

There are 1300 government organizations. The ATF is one of them. It has 9 offices within it. One of these offices was where the operation was conceived. Solyndra was on of 200 loans in that bundle of that office of the department of energy. Anyone who blames Bush or Obama is frankly, crazy.

11/29/11 8:24 pm

You might wanna check your sources on solyndra too...might find you've been lied to again...or how about this...I'll just tell you. You dont understand EITHER scandal AT ALL if you think you can somehow bring bush into it. He certainly wasn't my favorite potus, but what you're saying is just stupid.

11/29/11 8:22 pm

Hahahaha: you "blame bush" idiots are pathetic. Fast and furious was a sting operation conducted from 09 to exactly is bush involved there again?

11/29/11 8:20 pm

Camelnate: sure about that buddy?

11/29/11 7:52 pm

Once again, like soylandra and the financial crisis, "Fast & Furious" is another long-term policy implemented by the Bush administration, and now that they're going public,it's now magically all Obama's fault! I'm tired of these bullshit stories that ignite rage in the wrong direction.

11/29/11 7:45 pm

if Mexico would take care of their own problem maybe this wouldn't have happened.

11/29/11 7:41 pm

@leonel, thats what an opinion is!

Nerdz Texas
11/29/11 7:21 pm

I have no idea what that is so it must be hidden / buried

11/29/11 5:50 pm

Well I'm sorry I can't give my opinion even though that's the sole purpose of the app.

11/29/11 5:47 pm

If Holder and Obama didn't know anything about "Fast and Furious",(which I don't believe for a minute) what does that say about their leadership? If you have a program whose stated intent was to track the flow of weapons TO ANOTHER NATION, and they let subordinates handle it? Incompetent at best.

11/29/11 5:30 pm

@GreatOne, too true. Obama had no idea about this as far as we know. The ATF chief has already resigned because of this and I don't see much wrong in throwing out Holder on this arse either.

11/29/11 5:28 pm

@coke ur opinion is nonfactual information and if u predict this was a more widespread operation then pose your answer that way to begin with. Don't make people think that there is any actual evidence to actually prove what you are saying. Your gut is not proof.

11/29/11 5:19 pm

JohnJay...what do you mean by Administration? if you are referring to the presidency, you are wring. Obama had nothing to do with this. If you are talking about the ATF, I agree.

11/29/11 4:56 pm

Bottom line, the US Government provided weapons to Mexican drug cartels. those weapons ended up being used to kill a US law enforcement official. The current Administration approved the operation so they should be held accountable.

11/29/11 4:24 pm

Coke, solyndra was blown way out of proportion. it doesn't compare to this at all

11/29/11 4:16 pm

It's a big deal, but not as big as some make it seem. I don't know what happened to those in charge of it, but they should be fired (if they haven't already). But don't blame it on Obama, he had nothing to do with this.

11/29/11 4:02 pm

Fast and furious is scary

11/29/11 3:57 pm

Just like solyndra. You never hear about that anymore, and in my opinion in was bigger than this.

11/29/11 3:41 pm

@blahhhh or maybe ur just buried

11/29/11 3:40 pm

I just love how people still frame the media as liberal. MSNBC isn't the media. CNN isn't liberal. Fox is conservative. Red State is Conservative. The newspapers are pretty evened out between the liberal and the conservative ones. Don't even get me started of the WSJ. It's all Tea Party BS!

ghjkl Oklahoma
11/29/11 3:37 pm

Seeing as I have no idea what this is I had to say buried lol

11/29/11 3:36 pm

It's been reported by CNN well but Fox has blown it up. It appears like they want this to be Obama's Watergate but that fact of the matter is that there gas been no evidence that he had any awareness of the operation, attack Holder, not the administration

cup0pizza .
11/29/11 3:18 pm

Ignorant, coke. This story hasn't been buried.

11/29/11 3:16 pm

Half of the people don't even know what it is. They're either ignorant or the media buried it. Which one?

cup0pizza .
11/29/11 2:50 pm

4s, it's been on CNN and wasn't buried. Maybe you're the tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist.

11/29/11 2:47 pm

You know what I mean...a scandal, a government cover-up (kind of like what cup thinks happened with the Apollo missions), a denial from a WH to comply with a congressional investigation, an attorney general that perjured himself in a congressional hearing...leading story? Nope. Passing mention? Yep.