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Show Of Hands September 12th, 2012 12:00am

Russian scientists have discovered the remarkably preserved remains of an extinct Woolly Mammoth. They believe that it may contain cells capable of being cloned. Awesome or creepy?

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tdaddy Kentucky
09/16/12 8:23 pm

Wow!! A real life Jurassic Park is just about the awesomest thing I can think of. 'Think you could outrun a hungry T-Rex? Haha!!! (:

09/16/12 6:45 pm

Awesome discovery...creepy if they actually clone it. We do NOT need a real life Jurassic Park.

Sigriest California
09/16/12 8:18 am

Thanks SoH!!
Another question that I want I answer 'Both".
It is awesome And creepy

09/16/12 5:38 am

That's totally awesome
Clone everything clone me (:

09/15/12 9:45 pm

My fiancee said 'hasn't anyone watched Jurassic Park"

FyndFyre Moon Base Alpha
09/15/12 1:24 pm

Yes, but that's a movie. I think it would be a great step forward in science if we managed to clone a woolly mammoth.

EIT Near You
09/15/12 9:28 am

No thanks. The animals died for a reason. Let it be. The natural cycle.

09/14/12 9:14 pm

Have u seen the movie Jurassic park? There's a reason why these things are extinct......

kirksten Columbia, MO
09/14/12 8:52 pm

So the Russians will have nukes AND wooly mammoths!?! We're toast!

09/14/12 7:49 pm

I would do anything to see a live wolly mammoth.

09/14/12 6:54 pm

It cool because if they can make that work maybe we can save the animals we are loosing to global warming

09/14/12 6:18 pm

Let the Skepticism Commence!

shefjr New York
09/14/12 9:23 am

This is the devils craft!!! Lol!

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
09/14/12 4:21 am

2katz- how does a blind, mute, and deaf person speak? Sign language. These mammoths won't use sign langue, but they'll use their instinctive behavior. And the stories they'll tell us is for us to explore.

09/14/12 2:39 am

Saber tooth tiger should be next!

Vincere Seattle
09/14/12 12:07 am

@kubu1218, I don't know about you, but I base all of my opinions on scientific matters off of blockbuster movies. I mean, what better source is there?

kubu1218 Texas
09/13/12 9:04 pm

Awesome, yes - but in theory only. Didn't we all see Jurassic Park?

2katz I live in Nebraska
09/13/12 8:18 pm

Optomist16 - what stories could a cloned mammoth or any creature "tell" us? And if memory and knowledge did successfully clone, what language are they going to speak?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/13/12 7:47 pm

Hey, if you can't make a great coat out of mammoth wool, what can you?

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
09/13/12 7:27 pm

I think if you screw up nature, you have to set it back. That doesn't mean let wooly mammoths roam the streets crushing houses, that means they need to come back. They could bring back dou-dou birds, too.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
09/13/12 7:26 pm

I want them to be cloned. The stories they could tell us would be fascinating. However, if we didn't contribute to the extinction, I wouldnt be saying yes. But we DID because mammoths had many more cold places to live.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
09/13/12 5:14 pm

Kytoaltoky- of course we aren't! "let nature take it's course". Heard that saying? Humans are destroying nature. If we were part of nature, the world would be green and nice and beautiful. I'm not dating we're bad- I'm saying we aren't part of nature.

HGolightly California
09/13/12 4:00 pm

Cloning is creepy and immoral. how many failed fetus will be laying around until they get it right?

chrismisen atlanta
09/13/12 3:29 pm

it would be cool, but an abomination.

09/13/12 1:58 pm

Creepy, but only because Russians found it.

09/13/12 1:51 pm

Oh, and since they would probably use elephants as host, the hormonal production would be similar as well, not that this has anything to do with "re-populating" the world with wild mammoths.

09/13/12 1:49 pm

@optimist6. So...humans aren't part of nature?

09/13/12 12:50 pm

We know roughly - from the bones - how big and strong these animals were.
From that, we can calculate how strong the cage has to be. Steel beats flesh.

09/13/12 12:48 pm

How many times do I have to repeat Jurassic Park is FICTION?
It never happened. Independence Day invasion, the war of the worlds, these things did not happen!!! We cannot say what happens if aliens invade but we know animals can be contained. Even a T - Rex.

09/13/12 12:37 pm

Haven't we learned anything from Jurassic Park, apparently not

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
09/13/12 12:35 pm

But of COURSE the Russians will bring them back!!! They're RUSSIANS!

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
09/13/12 12:34 pm

We killed them- we re-make them. Nature didn't take it's course on it- we did. However, they will need to know how to do a legitimate gender change on the mammoth or else there will only be 1 gender for the mammoth...

09/13/12 12:19 pm

Next, I'd love it if they could clone Dodo birds

09/13/12 11:34 am

I wanna eat what our ancestors ate.