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Better Christmas movie: "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" or "A Christmas Story?" (UserQ)

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12/15/11 8:25 am

CWG: tis the season to be merry. Merry: well that's my name! CWG: no sh!t!

TheKilling New Jersey
12/14/11 10:19 pm

don't piss me off art. you're all high if you chose Xmas story

thepezzyone North Carolina
12/14/11 10:10 pm

Hardest vote I've ever had to make on here.

12/14/11 9:17 pm

If u voted for the christmas story then try watching the other movie

Squid California
12/13/11 8:44 pm

Christmas Vacation is my family's classic movie for the holidays. We never skip it. I don't think we've ever even seen the Christmas Story as a family.

sarahg1995 Frankfort, IN
12/13/11 7:46 pm

I personally love them both so this was a really hard decision

JustKeepSwimming12 Montana
12/12/11 10:10 pm

Oh my gosh that is such a hard one... I like them equally but I had to choose one! I do not like one more than the other :)

lilipad Tennessee
12/12/11 6:26 pm

I loved the Christmas story!! It's one of the classics that never gets old

12/12/11 7:30 am

Vacation. The cat wrapped up as a gift was unforgettable.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
12/11/11 10:15 pm

Vacation is the great grandfather of toilet humor movies, it's only been downhill from there. I miss the good old days when a Leg lamp was risqué

12/11/11 8:55 pm

Both are great classics! I guess I have to go with A Christmas Story.

12/11/11 6:45 pm

Mr. Griswald would totally shot his eye out with a Red Ryder BB Gun. :)

Love 'em both

Someone Wisconsin
12/10/11 10:56 pm

Love them both dearly, but had to go with Story.

gonk In a psychology textbook
12/10/11 10:39 pm

Never seen christmas vacation, but I love vacation and I hate a Christmas story, so...

mstar1 Saint Cloud
12/10/11 9:44 pm

+1 Kut20

Hahaha! I went with Christmas Story, but it took me some serious internal debate to make the decision

monkeyy Ohio
12/10/11 9:26 pm

@jamesjelly no l have not heard of Chevy chase…:)

Nerdz Texas
12/10/11 7:52 pm

never seen both of them but the first one is coming on in abc family

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
12/10/11 7:20 pm

Christmas story!
An A+++++++++++++++++++

mmdubya SAV
12/10/11 6:35 pm

Considering my fam is more like the Griswolds - right down to cousins and in-laws - there's no way I'd choose the other.

12/10/11 4:46 pm

This is like Sophie's Choice.

PetePuma Oregon
12/10/11 4:10 pm

I enjoy both, but favor Story. I think tats because Story isn't crass or objectionable to most folks, whereas Vacation isn't everyone's taste.

Strawberi Michigan
12/10/11 2:23 pm

Neighbor: Where are you going to put a tree that big?

Clark: Bend over and I'll show you!

12/10/11 2:06 pm

@DiJ last week was Elf vs Christmas Story. I'm trying to knock Ralphie off the throne. :)

ryno Flyover Country
12/10/11 2:01 pm

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is funny, but A Christmas Story is a classic. You'll shoot your eye out!

12/10/11 1:02 pm

No comparison. Ralphie is the best

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
12/10/11 12:20 pm

I like both but Christmas story still wins :)

12/10/11 12:12 pm

I really love a Christmas story I don't think any Christmas movie tops it for me.

indiareef Virginia
12/10/11 12:04 pm

national lampoons, I think, is the funnier movie. but I can watch a Christmas story over and over and over....

12/10/11 11:50 am

Completely torn on this one, I could watch each of them over and over again

12/10/11 11:07 am

Both are great, but Christmas story is that movie you can let run all Christmas day and watch bits and pieces. Love it.

12/10/11 10:52 am

I love them both but I could watch Christmas Vacation over and over and over. Lots more laughs I think. A Christmas Story is a classic but it's a slower movie.

DeathSheep Michigan
12/10/11 10:43 am

National lampoons is the most retarded movie...

cabooseftw Illinois
12/10/11 10:24 am

And when Santa slides his fat, wide ass down that chimney, he's going to find the happiest bunch of assholes this side of the funny farm.

DavesNotHere where am I
12/10/11 10:12 am

Wasn't this asked a couple of weeks ago?

12/10/11 10:09 am

How can u not like christmas vacation?!? Christmas story is a great Xmas movie too, they're both classics at my house. But vacation is Sooooooo funny!

12/10/11 9:55 am

Just watched Christmas Story last night HILARIOUS I don't know how anyone could pick the other choice.

valeriejo ramble on
12/10/11 9:54 am

I loveeee Christmas vacation!! I watch it every year a million times and it never gets old. My 2 favorites are 'it's a wonderful life' and 'vacation'

12/10/11 9:52 am

This is goin to b the hap hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby danced with Danny fu**in K!!

12/10/11 9:32 am

monkeys!! ever hear of chevy chase?

monkeyy Ohio
12/10/11 9:30 am

Christmas Story. I've never even heard of the other movie.

Ladywv West Virginia
12/10/11 9:23 am

My family acts like the national lampoons movie :-)