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ludophile November 18th, 2014 10:47pm

Greatest US President Knockouts, Quarterfinal: Harry S Truman (seeded 7) v John Quincy Adams (seeded 18). Seeds from Wikipedia aggregate of polls, 1-3 rounds per day. Current bracket status at link.

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LibertyLover Pokemon 201461036800
11/19/14 7:18 am

I think this is the weakest bracket. Whoever wins will probably be eliminated next round by either Kennedy or Washington.

truspec Texas
11/18/14 4:46 pm

How has Quincy Adams survived so far? He only served 1 term and didn't accomplish much

brenstal Florida
11/18/14 5:34 pm

That's what I was going to say. Why are people supporting him?

ludophile following back from IL
11/18/14 6:20 pm

Weak opposition. JQ Adams had a first-round bye like about half the field, benefited from an anti-LBJ vote in the next round, then beat another surprise advancer in Coolidge in the weakest pairing of the round of 16.

NDAmerican Florida
11/18/14 7:20 pm

He lowered the national debt from $16 million to $5 million. He managed to advance many internal improvement projects (though not as many as he'd hoped), and was probably the greatest diplomat and foreign policy expert in American History.

NDAmerican Florida
11/18/14 7:21 pm

He shouldn't have beat Coolidge though.

truspec Texas
11/18/14 8:32 pm

Most of his foreign policy success was when he was Secretary of State. He was definitely one of the best Secretary of State's but this is about his presidency

NDAmerican Florida
11/18/14 8:58 pm

Like I said he improved the internal country, and lowered the debt.