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---- November 18th, 2014 7:47pm

Four rabbis, three of whom were Americans, we're all killed in their synagogue while praying. The two responsible, took knives and hatchets to people. They were later killed by Israeli police. NYPD has put synagogues here on alert. Are you worried?

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chinito Florida
11/18/14 4:50 pm

Very worried. They killed a Rabbi here during the war

Doopy Remedial Americanism
11/18/14 2:35 pm

No, worry is something you do before a tragedy. Now I am saddened and angered.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/18/14 1:50 pm

Personally no the nearest synagogues 100 miles away. For my Jewish friends yes. The church I attend does display the Star of David

sdbrev210 The Pursuit of Happiness
11/18/14 1:40 pm

Ah, yes, Muslims spreading more of Muhammad's love.

cowboy Here and There
11/18/14 1:00 pm

Those Islamists had a gun too. I heard the account of one person that got out. He said one Islamist was shooting people point blank in the head. Fucking savages. As long as our President is friendly with Hamas backed CAIR, we should be very worried.

AbandonedAccnt Not here.
11/18/14 12:50 pm

Not yet. We're still a few years away before Islamic terrorism becomes a weekly problem here. It does already happen, but not with enough frequency yet that I worry. If anything I'm disappointed in knowing that it will be a problem here eventually.