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chickencookie November 17th, 2014 1:07pm

Do you still send out Christmas/holiday cards the old fashioned way in the mail? If you never did send say no. If you are living with your parents, answer what they do.

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madeit Houston Area
11/17/14 8:58 pm

We collect old cards at church and do projects with them.

madeit Houston Area
11/17/14 8:57 pm

Cards are special and important to me, especially when everything else is electronic. I keep treasured cards in a special box and look through them every year.

Sam95 Nebraska
11/17/14 8:34 pm

We would send out probably 80 every year until last year. It's gotten to be too expensive.

meHE Not of this World
11/17/14 6:14 pm

And I send my extra cards to:

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
69 Georgia Avenue
NW Washington, DC 20307-5001

chickencookie It really is
11/17/14 6:32 pm

No that's not true. Walter Reede will not accept any cards without a name on it. Red Cross is involved with it and not the address you list. My friend's son is special ops and knows stuff like this.

madeit Houston Area
11/17/14 8:54 pm

Can you give us correct instructions?

chickencookie It really is
11/17/14 6:20 pm

I knew you would! Does everyone come to your house?

swjboucher Just Run
11/17/14 6:24 pm

Not at once. Usually 1or 2 kids and their families at a time. This thanksgiving our oldest and youngest 10 total. :-)

chickencookie It really is
11/17/14 6:33 pm

How big is it if you are all together.

swjboucher Just Run
11/17/14 6:46 pm

Kids and grandkids 21.5 am counting.

chickencookie It really is
11/17/14 6:49 pm

Wow! Now those are memories! You are blessed.

swjboucher Just Run
11/17/14 6:53 pm

Yes I am!! :-)

pateach2 love my son
11/17/14 2:32 pm

I did last year. This year I can't imagine I'll
Have too much time.

pateach2 love my son
11/20/14 5:56 am

Lol I'm trying...he's perfectly content in my belly.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/17/14 1:42 pm

We still do. It is a great way to reconnect with people we would otherwise have lost touch with, and maybe brighten their day just a little. Of course, we also send special cards to those we feel close to. Lots of joy for not much cost or trouble.

chickencookie It really is
11/17/14 6:36 pm

Yes especially for those who have moved, etc. and you have no contact the rest of the year

jmw7477 Indiana
11/17/14 12:12 pm

I've always thought of cards of any kind as a complete waste of paper.

jmw7477 Indiana
11/17/14 9:14 pm

Not to me. They go directly into the recycle bin when I get them.

jmw7477 Indiana
11/18/14 5:46 am

I would like it more, but it probably still go in the recycle bin.

bnnt Los Angeles
11/17/14 12:06 pm

We don't do cards anymore, only a Christmas letter with a few pictures in it to family and close friends.

chickencookie It really is
11/17/14 1:36 pm

A lot of people do that. That is a nice tradition too.

elianastar FreeSpeech
11/17/14 10:05 am

Always used to. Haven't for about 3 years.

elianastar FreeSpeech
11/17/14 10:06 am

It used to be something for which I planned & organized way in advance & mailed the day before Thanksgiving.

chickencookie It really is
11/17/14 1:37 pm

Mine are written out already. Last year I was just getting out of the hospital. So the whole season was a bust.

elianastar FreeSpeech
11/17/14 5:38 pm

:-( This year I'm sending self-made email msgs to just a handful of ppl. Got tired of sending out stacks of cards w/update letters personalized to each family... & getting no response at all from hardly anyone, in any way, for years & years.

leilu SoCal
11/17/14 7:57 am

Once I got married I started sending Christmas cards. We've only missed one year so far. I need to do a little photo shoot with h the kids so I can get this year's cards out.

11/17/14 7:53 am

Never did but I do send birthday cards to some young family members and my grandmother.

drunk ill be Bach
11/17/14 7:22 am

Christmas cards have never been a tradition in my family. Maybe because we always get together for the holidays

imanag My heaven on Earth
11/17/14 7:21 am

I look forward to Christmas cards. We still send out cards every year. In fact, I've only got 12 days to lose that last 5 lbs for the picture and there's a turkey in my way!!!

LadyBug237 Florida
11/17/14 10:49 am

Darn turkeys!!!

11/17/14 7:21 am

No. I've sent them a few times years ago but I wasn't consistent.

WildRice With a side of sass
11/17/14 7:11 am

We do a family Christmas card every year. I realize ppl are just interested in seeing a pic of the kids but we have fun making them and sending. I love getting Christmas cards!

chickencookie It really is
11/17/14 10:47 am

I love that. I always looked forward to the cards with the kids. Now each year I get less and less cards. People just send a FB message. I don't like that.

ButchBrewBaker Pennsyltuckey
11/17/14 7:01 am

What? People don't do that anymore? How sad.

roundsquare round square
11/17/14 6:37 am

That tradition went away years ago in my family.

chickencookie It really is
11/17/14 6:44 am

Why is that? I used to love waiting for the mail to come when I was a kid.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
11/17/14 6:36 am

I don't anymore. :/

chickencookie It really is
11/17/14 6:45 am

Why not!! Then I won't send you. So there!!

rons screw politicians
11/17/14 6:32 am

Some, getting less and less. Never a big card sender snail mail or otherwise. I don't open e-mail cards. Afraid of a virus.

rons screw politicians
11/17/14 6:52 am

Unfortunately the card burden usually fell on the bride. But we never felt obligated to respond in kind. Facebook covers most relatives now.

cpaswr just say the letters
11/17/14 6:30 am

We send out postcard type Christmas cards now.