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Show Of Hands June 25th, 2012 12:00am

Assuming the same salary, would you rather have a job with high job security but low opportunity for growth, or moderate job security but more opportunity?

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EarlyBird Portland
07/05/12 11:33 am

You can't get ahead in the world without opportunity for growth.

opie99 left coast best coast
07/02/12 12:47 am

I have a great job with lots of security but I'm unsatisfied because even with more education there is no growth... it feels awful.

donyewest Georgia
06/27/12 6:14 am

I have high job security with little growth opportunity. I want less security and more opportunity - be aggressive!

ncbuc Get Over It
06/26/12 8:33 pm

I have no debt other than mortgage. Wife owns her own business and I work on the side. We are secure now. Wouldn't have it any other way. My job will probably remain the same. Fine with me. No opportunity does not mean you can't get fired for poor performance. If I don't I'm gone. Simple as that.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/26/12 8:29 pm

I took a greater than 10k pay cut to be somewhere that is secure with great benefits. I am not a slack ass. That is why I just got a raise in less than 6 months on a job that a had no exp. I was one of the best at my previous position. But it wasn't worth the stress and lack of incentive.

06/26/12 8:15 pm

Depends on the salary and how much I like what I am doing. Better question would you take a 10000 dollar pay cut from a 50k job to do what you love

06/26/12 4:21 pm

Freedom is dependent on opportunity. Security dependent on fear.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/26/12 8:13 am

You could look at this as the difference between working for a paycheck or strictly on commission.

shyriath1 Ware Ye the Dragon
06/26/12 7:29 am

Also, yes, I'm choosing "security", especially in this economy. People make a lot of ambition, but all it is is an easy way to lose everything you've got; I've known too many talented people from work that left for a better opportunity only to be left jobless when the company downsized.

shyriath1 Ware Ye the Dragon
06/26/12 7:15 am

Don't understand the comments along the lines of "But what if you chose security but then they start cutting jobs?" If that was the case, surely it couldn't be considered a job with high job security for this purpose. Yes, opportunity can equal security, but that's not what the question is asking.

06/26/12 6:05 am

Those who are not ambitious or who have limited talent will tend to choose "security". Our teachers unions fail our children because tenure drive mediocrity.

tomzerby Rhode Island
06/26/12 5:24 am

I feel like it depends on age; older individuals caring more about job security

DaKernal Colorado
06/26/12 4:43 am

If we stop growing, we die. Since the question gives us the same salary, the opportunity to grow gives us more options and thus more security.

06/26/12 12:22 am

Ergo opportunity is the better decision. If and only if you dedicate yourself to hard work.

06/26/12 12:21 am

Opportunity to rank up and once you reach the highest rank you are able to get, then you have yourself a slight advantage from the employees below your rank, stronger job security.

06/26/12 12:18 am

If you chose the high security and stuck in the same level of position, and assume you are the average level employee. Ask yourself this, what if my boss starts doing job cuts?

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
06/25/12 10:49 pm

I agree with elbow82 it depends on the salary amount.

06/25/12 9:40 pm

I'm damn good at what I do so security isn't an issue. Give me opportunity any day. I've even quit really good jobs where there was no growth potential. With no challenges I get bored.

tidford My little piece of heaven
06/25/12 9:04 pm

Elbow82 has it exactly right. At $1,000,000/yr doing the coolest job, I'd like security. Flipping burgers for minimum wage - give me opportunity.

elbow82 Veganland
06/25/12 8:38 pm

This is fairly dependent on the salary. If it was $200k a year, I'd be happy with security. If it's $20k a year, I'd prefer opportunity. Right now, in my current position, I'd choose opportunity.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/25/12 7:18 pm

The pinnacle of job security and opportunity is to be self employed. You'd never fire yourself, right?

06/25/12 6:33 pm

Security is a myth, unless you're a bureaucrat.

06/25/12 4:05 pm

The turnover rate at most entry level jobs is scary! I'd rather know that I have a steady stream of money coming. Security for me.

HayleyS looking up.
06/25/12 3:35 pm

Depends on what the salary is. Lol

06/25/12 3:22 pm

There should never be job security as it breeds mediocrity. If you can't figure out how to play the game as an adult and be willing to take chances then your problem is within, your life will be mediocre as well.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/25/12 3:02 pm

At this time and age...safer. Did the other and advanced consistently. Then the industry basically left the country. So i left the industry all together. Give me security in a field that will not be going anywhere. As my new field is.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/25/12 2:14 pm

KommsWife that's true, regardless if the job or other factors. I used to tell the new kids the best way to get checked out and enjoy the work is to never screw up and always be the best. And even if you aren't really the best, be good enough to believe you are.

06/25/12 2:12 pm

Opportunity-if you have the opportunity to go beyond what you are originally hired to do, that means you are doing an excellent job. The higher you go, the more job security you have. It all works to the same purpose.

KudosToYou California
06/25/12 2:09 pm

As I don't have a job and would be starting on the bottom of the totem pole in my chosen career path I'd need opportunity to advance.

KommsWife Indiana
06/25/12 1:29 pm

Zod, you also have the opportunity to do a better job then your average coworker.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/25/12 1:20 pm

There are other factors that are much more important to me, such as interesting over boring, new challenge every day over SSDD, a guaranteed early retirement, etc, but between security and opportunity, security wins. You always have opportunity - it's called quitting for a better job.

06/25/12 1:19 pm

Assuming I keep my current job I am doing well and don't have higher ambition but in this competitive market there's always the risk of being replaced. Security please!

06/25/12 1:14 pm

Oportunity- even if you happen to lose your job, your growth at your job gave you more experience to list on your resume.

lmurder MDK
06/25/12 12:54 pm

Opportunity. Too many people get content here and settle for less knowing they have security.

06/25/12 12:40 pm

I think this one has been asked before, or something similar.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
06/25/12 12:22 pm

Sorry in this financial climate and at this point in my life I go with security. If I were younger it would be a different answer.

06/25/12 12:05 pm

Opportunity. If you're going to dream, dream big. Otherwise you're no different than a hamster on its wheel.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
06/25/12 11:38 am

Security. I'd rather have a steady amount of money always coming in rather than taking a gamble to make more.

scottstots Georgia
06/25/12 11:32 am

Opportunity, so i can make more and advance

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
06/25/12 10:49 am

The age filter is what I expected on this question. When your young opportunity is key, when your older and more settled security is what mot look for.

06/25/12 10:20 am

Opportunity. If you are willing to work you butt off, you can succeed greatly.