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Show Of Hands November 16th, 2014 4:11am

A Texas woman was injured while trying to stop her 4 pit bulls from killing her neighbor's beagle, after her pit bulls entered the neighbor's yard through a hole in the fence. She's now suing the neighbor for not confining the beagle. Pick a side.

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coloradical Vote or Shut Up
11/22/14 2:14 pm

Hope the Texas woman doesn't have kids. Whack Job.

11/21/14 9:10 pm

Typical pitbull owner

kjs Minnesota
11/20/14 2:45 pm

I would of shot the dog. A neighbor of ours, when we lived in TX, had one and it killed the other neighbors dog. The owner of killed dog was a policeman and killed the pitbull.

11/20/14 3:34 am

LMAOOOOOOOOO!! WTH alternate universe did I wake up in? Is this one of those National Enquirer stories?

11/20/14 1:40 am

I really don't understand why, out of all animals available, people feel the need to buy and raise Pit Bulls. Then the owners say "no its really nice" as it gnaws your arm off. Disgusting dogs.

Seanas541 Lucedale, MS
11/20/14 7:31 pm

While you have to admit pit bulls tend to be more aggressive, how the act towards also is a major factor.

AGC246 Florida
11/19/14 7:22 pm

If this woman's dogs are that aggressive & violent that they would enter a neighbor's yard to attack & attempt to kill a neighbor's dog, that woman should keep HER dogs confined & maybe consider a trainer!

11/18/14 8:29 pm

the pitbulls should have been put in a goddamn leash

11/18/14 8:29 pm

Incredulous, but not surprised. Greed continues to succeed compassion a common sense. Two law suits coming.

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
11/17/14 7:43 pm

Wow wtf. It was the pit bull owner's dogs that were escaping their boundaries. Plus the pitbulls could have very well made the holes in the fence themselves. How does she think she can sue because her own dogs hurt her and then killed another dog?

11/18/14 1:47 pm

With a bleeding heart Lib jury, I would not be surprised if she wins.

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
11/18/14 1:49 pm

I mean, it doesn't matter the severity. It's all her fucking fault.

11/18/14 2:22 pm

Of course it is. My point though is with the right lawyer and jury, it wouldn't surprise me if she wins the suit.

purplemonkey New York
11/17/14 4:01 pm

Only in Texas can women be that stupid.

PapaNichols North Carolina
11/17/14 4:21 pm

false, women can be that stupid anywhere

11/18/14 7:09 am

False. ANYONE, anywhere can be that stupid.

11/17/14 1:51 pm

Hello?! If your suing the beagles owners for not confining their dog, where were YOUR FOUR dogs when this occurred? Not confined I presume!

11/19/14 7:33 am

The pit bulls had escaped from their own yard and were in the beagles yard...

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
11/17/14 11:46 am

This lady's dogs get out, get into the neighbor's yard and kill the neighbor's dog, and this lady is now suing the neighbor because she didn't contain her dog? how? how are you going to hold a beagle against FOUR pit bills? this lady is fucking st

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
11/17/14 11:50 am

stupid. Maybe SHE should have contained HER dogs. I hope the neighbor countersues for the loss of her dog. The stupidity. of people just make my forehead hurt from all the facepalming I do.

11/17/14 11:19 am

Put the lady in a small enclosure with the pit bull? Naaa.

Wert A picture of my junk
11/17/14 10:22 am

Who owns the fence?

bonemouth lost in the wilderness
11/17/14 10:17 am

This is wrong on so many levels. If there was no fence and the beagle was on his property the pit bulls had no right to attack it. This is all on the pit bulls owner.

LanceCo Southern Utah
11/17/14 8:21 am

To whoever voted for the pit bull owner, can you please explain your decision

penelopetx Texas
11/17/14 7:39 am

Why does ONE woman need FOUR Pitbulls?

bonemouth lost in the wilderness
11/17/14 10:10 am

In America you question why a person why to have what have what? What business is it of yours. Sad country we live in.

alkie New York
11/16/14 9:54 pm

I blame the Pitt Bulls. They should get the chair.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
11/16/14 9:14 pm

It sounds like this was a shared fence. If so, it was just as much her responsibility to repair it as the beagle's family. Even if it wasn't a shared fence, if her dogs were in her neighbors yard then they weren't properly restrained, so I don't

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
11/16/14 9:15 pm

know who she thinks she is to accuse them of not restraining their dog.

11/16/14 8:46 pm


11/16/14 8:34 pm

LOL no

11/16/14 7:38 pm

First of all why is she walking all four dogs at once? It would be much safer if you walk two at a time since they are very muscular and powerful dogs, third only to the Rottweiler.

11/19/14 7:36 am

The dogs were in a fenced back yard. The pit bulls broke through the fenced and killed the beagle in his own back yard.

SonofThunder peace
11/16/14 7:18 pm

In most areas the law is against the dog owner who cannot control the dogs, regardless of what happened. Because in the end if her dogs escape her at that point whatever happens, she is liable.

11/16/14 5:11 pm

Do I have to really say anything man people can be such idiots.

11/16/14 4:57 pm

are you fking kidding me. thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. obv the beagle owners side.

muppethero pasco wa
11/16/14 4:26 pm

I can't think of any property law that would be on her side.

11/16/14 4:19 pm

I love pit bulls so I usually agree with pit bull owners but this lady is retarded.

mbrady a ginger
11/16/14 3:26 pm

The owner of the pit bulls should be charged for wasting time and money of the beagle owner on a outrageous lawsuit.

11/16/14 3:01 pm

Lady sounds like a schlob

11/16/14 2:31 pm

It's totally the pit bull owners fault. If you have dogs that are vicious you need to keep a really good eye on them or have them put down because if it's vicious, and you know it's vicious, you can't blame anyone else for an attack.

11/16/14 2:07 pm

She's suing for 1 million dollars! She's out of her mind. The defendant should be awarded $$ for having to entertain this nonsense.

HoloTheWiseWolf Texas
11/16/14 1:46 pm

Well it all depends on what happened. If she's suing because the woman refused to intervene and confine her Beagle DURING that fight, then yes she should win. If she's suing because the woman let her dog BE in the backyard, she should lose.

11/16/14 3:58 pm

Even so, the question makes it seem like she was injured by her own pit bulls. But in any case, suing for getting injured by voluntarily jumping in the middle of a dog fight on another person's property is ridiculous. Definition of frivolous lawsuit.

alkie New York
11/16/14 1:27 pm

This reminds me of a burglar breaking into a house then falling on a knife and injuring himself so he sued the home owner. WHAT?

nyjewboy USA
11/16/14 12:50 pm

You gotta be fuckin kidding me...have you no shame pit bull woman?

11/16/14 12:36 pm

Well was the hole between yards? & if so how is it only the beagle owners fault? & if not, why were the pit bulls not on a leash??

11/16/14 11:44 am

6% of those responding to this poll need to reread the question more slowly so they can understand it. If that doesn't change their answer, they need to get some crayons and draw it out.

kauaikitty right here
11/16/14 11:11 am

The owner of the pit bulls is at fault for not having her dogs under control, evidence by the fact they were in the beagle's yard.

11/16/14 11:00 am

So...The pitbulls entered the neighbor's yard...and the pitbull owner is saying that the beagle wasn't properly contained?? How does that even make sense? Oh, Texas...

11/17/14 4:29 pm

no.. not Texas, even we say the lady is dumb as a box of rocks, this only promotes pit owners as illiterate hicks. a common fence is both their issue, but when she allowed her own dogs to escape into the neighbors yard, the fault becomes solely hers

11/16/14 10:54 am

How can you blame the beagle owner for an event triggered by the pit bull owner?

cowboy Here and There
11/16/14 10:02 am

You own vicious dogs and then call a lawyer to get 1 million dollars when they attack. Lawyers are the scum of the Earth. Use the Pitbulls on lawyers.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
11/16/14 10:13 am

I agree fully. One of the problems with our legal system is how corrupt lawyers exploit it to their financial gain. We need to go to a system where the loser pays the legal costs.

pcox104 Florida
11/16/14 10:46 am

Again, the issue here is the owner, not the "dog". The lawyer may be ruining his reputation, but he's merely standing up for an imbecile willing to feed him.

11/16/14 9:29 am

If I were the beagle owner I would counter sue for the other owner not restraining her dogs.

11/16/14 10:39 am

Which he most likely would have won, but he decided not to do so since the police already decided to declare her dogs dangerous and it would not bring his dog back. The poor guy sounds like a class act.

angstanon San Diego, CA
11/16/14 9:18 am

Regardless of the state of your neighbor's fence, it is your responsibility to keep your dogs in your yard. I'd never expect my neighbor to build or maintain anything to keep my Ridgeback in his yard. That's my job. I hope this gets tossed.

mbrady a ginger
11/16/14 9:14 am

Nice to see everyone getting along in a poll for once :-D

11/16/14 11:03 am

I think everyone got along once before when we were talking about people who have a positive view of ISIS.

irockin Missouri
11/16/14 9:07 am

How can this even be a case?

11/16/14 9:01 am

People will sue over the stupidest stuff and make themselves look like an idiot. If you could control your pitbulls, this wouldn't be a problem.

KeystoneLight Chicago
11/16/14 8:28 am

Someone call Judge Judy ASAP

NexusBlue California
11/16/14 7:54 am

I'm surprised by South Dakota's answer

FarmerManE djent
11/16/14 7:34 am

Unless I'm misreading something, everything is on the pitt bull owner.
I'm really surprised at the vote