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MackGray Jiving and Shucking
11/15/14 6:18 pm

As a Lions and Spartans fan, I am quite aware of what Drew Stanton is capable of. He has a good eye for the game and is able to make plays. However, megatron is too much for Patrick Peterson to handle. And Tate will expose a Cromartie.

MackGray Jiving and Shucking
11/15/14 6:21 pm

Lions pull this one out in the desert. It's going to be a close one. Best game of the week. Lions by 3 with a last second field goal by very shaky kicking game.

gonzoboy Arizona
11/15/14 4:14 pm

Stanton is a PROVEN backup, and would be a starter on other teams. Cardinal's are fo' real! Cardinals defense wins this, in a low scoring affair...

MackGray Jiving and Shucking
11/15/14 6:22 pm

He really is a starter. I'm more afraid of Stanton than I am Palmer.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/15/14 2:03 pm

Ellington will need to be a superstar with Palmer out.

MackGray Jiving and Shucking
11/15/14 6:24 pm

Lions have the best run defense in the league. Ellington will be a non-factor. This one is going to be decided on the arm of Stanton.

timeout Boston Strong
11/15/14 1:25 pm

The Cards are for real, don't care who their QB is.