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Show Of Hands February 21st, 2012 12:00am

If re-elected, do you think President Obama will govern in his second term similarly to how he has in his first term (priorities, boldness, etc)?

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abrakadabra Ohio
03/05/12 3:55 am

If your company downsizes that has nothing to do with Obama! It has something to do with your work ethic! My company did layoff in 2011 but they also still had openings. Yes I had to take a small pay cut however, it's their decision not the government. Think and don't accuse what you don't know!

Mortikai Georgia
03/02/12 10:38 pm

gotta say, at least he will be consistent, FAIL!

TechSgt Arizona
02/29/12 9:27 pm

Yeah he will be just as much a retarded ahole as the first term.

02/27/12 2:30 pm

I said yes but I change my mind to no...many of you are right I believe he will be even worse. He won't have to worry about re-election this time around so he will be even less careless about his decisions

02/26/12 4:08 pm

He'll be even more socialist

02/26/12 1:00 am

I lost my job recently due to downsizing; because it was in a field unrelated to my degree, making my education outdated, and that field is shrinking I am left with limited options. I am one of the lucky ones because I have an education and that counts for something - but not as much as it used to.

02/26/12 12:56 am

I know that my "world" cannot be used as a mirror of other places, seems every region has its own story, but many lower income individuals and families don't have the resources to relocate.

02/26/12 12:53 am

@landoffree - the majority of available jobs in my area that don't require specialized (like nursing or electronics) training, are minimum wage. The next level up is about $10/hr. The local institutions of higher Ed are overflowing, literally, because if people seeking retraining or more training.

dr.paul201 Pennsylvania
02/25/12 8:19 pm

Vote Ron Paul 2012.

Restore America now!
End the IRS and income tax.
Balance the budget year one!

mcdkm Houston
02/25/12 6:14 pm

He will be much worse and much more to the radical left without having to worry about another election.

02/25/12 11:07 am

Thats one reason why it takes more dollars to purchase their oil. Dont trust me look it up yourself, see what the dollars doing against other curruncy!

02/25/12 11:06 am

Nyevo; the markets been skewed! Any time a country prints money as the USA has done three times the dollar looses value. The oil producing countries threaten to stop using the dollar because its lost so much value.

NYevo NY
02/25/12 10:49 am

Where are all those pure market people now when the market drives up oil prices? If they are high and it leads to more interest in alternatives by the public, so be it.

NYevo NY
02/25/12 10:45 am

People said the same thing about Bush. A prez can't do much to change our society without congress. Stop the fear mongering

02/25/12 8:26 am

He would be much more dangerous because he would not care about re-election. Yes, more dangerous then he is already. We would not recognize our own country. God help us if the American voter is ignorant enough to re-elect this bad bad president.

02/24/12 3:11 pm

But is now during a deep recession the time to do it? That leads me to his mind set and bad judgement. He has went forward like he doesn't know we are in this recession spending money on companies that go bankrupt shortly after they get their money.

02/24/12 3:08 pm

something else. It takes 72% longer to get an approval if it is approved at all. Oil production is up because of new techniques, ever heard of hydraulic fracturing? He hates it! He hates oil shell! He does think higher prices will lead to other forms of clean energy being developed....

02/24/12 3:03 pm

He will try to get his Cap and Tax program implemented. He has already put policies in place that have kept oil prices artificially high. Ex; QE1& QE2 have killed the value of the dollar, some say as much as 20%. He says he's done more to get oil produced but history with approval shows .......cont

EnginE3r Texas
02/24/12 11:23 am

Obamas entire first term is practically one long campaign for his second term, showing us just a hint of what he has planned. If he gets a second term then the American way of life that we all used to cherish will be lost forever along with most of our freedoms.

02/24/12 8:10 am

He will be much worse. If he gets reelected, he will leave office like Bush.

02/24/12 3:24 am

What are you people talking about and what planet do yo live on?

02/23/12 9:04 pm

Let's just hope we don't find out!

ANYONE would be a better choice for Prez!!

02/23/12 4:42 pm

@harryc123 I totally agree. Without the need to be reelected, he will be able to pass whatever the heck he wants to.

02/23/12 2:26 pm

I said no because I believe he will be worse in his second term.

02/23/12 12:48 pm

Not biased are you? I haven't seen a sign yet that he even governs. He rules and assigns, mostly blame. It is his way or you're a racist. That's not governing. Four more years of the most arrogant, partisan president ever will be a disaster.

Think Lovin Life
02/23/12 12:24 pm

The key is not what was withheld, but rather the effective tax rate paid, after deductions and refunds. And the point is NEARLY half are paying NO Federal Income Tax. All MUST pay.

Think Lovin Life
02/23/12 12:22 pm

Remember ... there is a supposed reckoning every April 15th, and FAR TOO MANY people end up getting a full refund of all that was withheld. And unbelievably, some get back MORE than they paid in.

Think Lovin Life
02/23/12 12:21 pm

NYevo ... you are wounding more rational with some of your comments, but be careful with your assumptions. adjust because Fe Tax is withheld from the paycheck does NOT mean a person is paying taxes!

Rosebud Ohio
02/23/12 10:57 am

Gunny- not 21 but I live with my husband and daughter. It's not a good thing. It is my generation and my daughters generation (more importantly) that's being screwed by this unchecked massive debt. The only thing it can lead to is financial collapse/Greece.

02/23/12 7:55 am

That's only about $12/Hr even our lowest level laborer makes $16.24/Hr and its hard for us to find people willing to work for that.

02/23/12 7:53 am

That figure counters everything else I've seen so I doubt it's correct.

02/23/12 4:45 am

The Uk found out raising their highest tax rate to 50% killed what gets to the treasury.

02/23/12 4:42 am

Taxing dividends at obamas proposed rate will kill investment and put many people in jeopardy financialy. Not sure where the sweet spot is that will encourage investment and still allow seniors to survive.

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/23/12 4:40 am

Anyone over the age of 21, who is not living in their parents basement, please tell me how carrying debt is a good thing? Certain debts are a fact of life (mortgage/car). But debt other than that, especially credit cards, is an indicator that one is unable to distinguish between wants & needs.

02/23/12 4:40 am

veritas; IMO the entire corporate tax structure needs to be reworked. Starting with the Foreign Tax Credit that makes it profitable to hang a shingle up in the Caymans' and build your plants in China.

02/23/12 2:42 am

Deficit spending, the act of spending more than you are making, is bad because money needs to be borrowed in order to cover expenses. This increases debt.
...In moderation?!?! How do you quantify our debt is moderate???

02/23/12 2:31 am

So at that income level I would hope some federal taxes could be paid... Right?

02/23/12 2:30 am

"June 2011 inflation-adjusted median household income fell 6.7% to $49,909".

Source: NYT

veritas1 Panda
02/22/12 11:44 pm

@Ranks. Republicanism is a mental disorder? Jesus. Where do you get this stuff?!

@jopat So you agree with Obama that we should lower the corporate tax rate to 28%...

veritas1 Panda
02/22/12 11:41 pm

@landoffree how is deficit spending bad? Debt is a great thing (in moderation).

02/22/12 10:13 pm

landoffree - the median income numbers from the last census put it around $26000/yr. That means 50% make more than that and 50% earn less. The high end of Low income is $25000/year. So ... nearly half the population is Low Income.
tell me again about the travesty that is tax justice...?

02/22/12 9:13 pm

Hell run it the same way. Terrible, anti American and freedom destroying.

RJ1969 SoCal
02/22/12 7:53 pm

I guess I like the format more than any of the others.