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Show Of Hands November 2nd, 2011 12:00am

If you were diagnosed with an illness with a 95% chance of being terminal, would you pursue all available avenues for a cure, or seek the highest quality of life in your remaining time?

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pacagawea Illinois
11/16/11 3:47 pm

I would do my best to do both, but you can't stress, that makes it worse. Have fun!

11/14/11 9:54 pm

I would spend all my money if I new I only hand a few days to live

11/12/11 10:25 am

depends on the timeline

14573 Scary Numbers
11/09/11 10:59 pm

@ash well if that plan include preemptively killing me off then !@&$ that

14573 Scary Numbers
11/07/11 10:42 pm

I would fight. If I died before my mom it would crush her so I would live if I had to blow all of heaven and hell to do so

11/06/11 11:32 pm

I couldn't be happy not fighting.

juliana.p Virginia
11/06/11 9:27 am

Such interesting results! The split is almost the same across all different filters. Fascinating.

11/05/11 6:03 pm

It's not worth your time for that 5% chance that you'll live. Enjoy the time you have left instead of going through chemotherapy or something and enduring all that pain just to get a for more painful weeks

11/05/11 8:14 am

Is neither an option? Why spend my money on myself? Hopefully I'd have enough time to teach my children how to spend money wisely and hook 'em up when I pass.

11/05/11 2:37 am

I'd fight, but only because I'll have a newborn son in April. If I was older, or didn't have young children, then I wouldn't.

Kristina74 Pennsylvania
11/04/11 6:09 am

A relative of mine just found out he had cancer two years ago and he was only in his late 20s. He has been fighting and trying everything and is finally in remission. They told him at one point it was basically hopeless. I say fight! you never know what new drug or treatment is on the horizon.

11/03/11 8:55 pm

@Topsqueen, Thank you

11/03/11 8:34 pm

Your gonna die someday so there's no stopping it!

onetruth California
11/03/11 5:34 pm

There is more to life then fighting to live.

onetruth California
11/03/11 5:33 pm

I guess it depends on if you believe life has a purpose, and if there is a God.

matsmama Texas
11/03/11 1:32 pm

I have a 3y/o and soon will have a newborn. I can't imagine leaving them without a mother. And it breaks my heart to think that if something happened to me, at this young of an age they wouldnt remember me. The only way I would be able to die peacefully is knowing I did all I could to prevent that.

Wes28 CBus
11/03/11 1:14 pm

Not to be gross but Id probably go have sex with someone so my genes wouldn't end with me.

mwaters379 Connecticut
11/03/11 11:12 am

Rather take the little money I have to enjoy my final days.. Then be in so much debt I could never pay it back and be miserable for god knows how many years I would have left..

11/03/11 10:40 am

There's no enjoying terminal illness. There's just drugs to dull the pain and make you forget who you are and who your family is. You'll be happier fighting than sitting at home with a bunch of tubes sticking out of you waiting to die.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/03/11 10:14 am

UFsurfer prayed that they would be guided every step of the way. That God would be with them. Please tell them prayers hugs and wishes from Oregon.

11/03/11 8:57 am

what a bunch of die easy pussys

11/03/11 7:48 am

I've actually been thinking about this lately because my uncle was just diagnosed with cystic adenoid cancer, for those so inclined, please pray for him and his wife.

11/03/11 7:46 am

I thought this would be more age dependent, at 27 years old, I'd have to try everything, too much ahead of me to just give up. In the 60+ age group I could understand the other option.

tsk California
11/03/11 7:42 am

Medical bills are one reason why people go bankrupt. Unless your rich or have a good insurance plan, just die and start over bc you'll be in miserable debt for the rest of your life.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
11/03/11 7:24 am

@mzungu. ..why did you leave Uganda in the first place?

11/03/11 7:18 am

Wow, I'm surprised no one's brought up that bullshit about how "God decides when you go" and "you shouldn't interfere with His decisions". Way to go, guys.

11/03/11 1:04 am

You didn't say how long we have to live. Life is terminal for everyone.

11/03/11 12:26 am

....the hell am i gona find a cure?

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/02/11 11:57 pm

@ old lady you sound like a Red Hatter. 

11/02/11 11:35 pm

Depends on my age...If I was in my 70's or 80's, I would enjoy the rest of my life. But, if I was in my 20's, 30's, or 40's.... I would definitely TRY to look for a cure. :P

11/02/11 11:30 pm

@mzungu while not personally a Christian I admire anyone who would choose to help others despite their illness.

11/02/11 11:18 pm

depends how old I was

11/02/11 11:12 pm

You can fight it and still enjoy life

11/02/11 11:12 pm

I owe it to my family to fight for it.

mzungu Washington
11/02/11 10:58 pm

I would go straight to Uganda and do mission work. No question about it.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
11/02/11 10:54 pm

I would want to make my last days easier for my husband and kids. Spending all our money looking for a cure with a 5% success rate doesn't seem right to me. I wouldn't want to be in pain though. Maybe something in-between, take some medicine, not enough to make me sicker, but live,love and laugh.

11/02/11 9:41 pm

It would depend on my age at the moment I would try to beat the odds

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
11/02/11 8:34 pm

Depends on how old I am when I find out. 35 yrs old I'd go for the 5%chance. 75 years on!

11/02/11 8:23 pm

depends entirely on how much pain and suffering is involve. how could I have quality of life if I'm in constant pain?

swimguy Illinois
11/02/11 8:04 pm

My dad was happy and a loving father until the end. He was trying to be with his children as much as he could before he died. If I have kids one day and am in that situation i would do the same

11/02/11 7:55 pm

Dragging me out of this world kicking and screaming, never give up

Brelore Tennessee
11/02/11 7:17 pm

depends entirely on how much pain and suffering is involved in getting a cure

homeagain NWA
11/02/11 6:50 pm

How long do I have. If its 95% terminal but I only have a couple months-beach. 95% But I have a year, I'll split my efforts between trying to find a cure and putting my life in order. We all have a condition that is 100% terminal (old age). For that enjoy life not look for fountain of youth.