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FrostedMin California
09/23/12 11:38 am

Canned cat food is just disgusting.

jumalauta New York
09/22/12 9:06 am

it all tastes the same to me

shefjr New York
09/22/12 5:13 am

Canned before bed every night. Nice full bellies keeps them (2) asleep all night long. ;)
09/20/12 9:02 pm

Dry cat food will eventually make your cat sick and die before it's time. Ask a vet, check it out, it's true.

because South Dakota
09/20/12 7:34 pm

when I eat cat, I prefer it with a nice dry rub

09/20/12 6:48 pm

Dry food, but my cat would beg to differ

ltsmith WV
09/20/12 6:38 pm

@gramps, haha! Don't be hating good ole WV! I mix up, raw beef, raw fish, raw chicken liver, spinach, pees, yogurt, raw eggs with shell, and raw pumpkin. It's actually not that expensive, it's about as much as good quality dry dog food, but it's soooo much healthier. They also get raw turkey necks.

09/20/12 3:04 pm

@itsmith, where do you get all the fresh meat, roadkill or poaching? Lol

ltsmith WV
09/20/12 2:30 pm

My cats and dogs are on a raw meat diet, it's fantastic, though it smells awful

mmjman Emerald Valley
09/20/12 9:26 am

Especially if she stops eating. If she eats and then pukes she may have developed an allergy to something in te wetfood, my cat developed an allergy to some of the stuff they put in fish flavored wetfood and would puke so it's all chicken and beef now. But again you might wanna check with a vet.

mmjman Emerald Valley
09/20/12 9:24 am

You need to take her to a vet.....

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
09/20/12 8:47 am

I'm actually a little worried because recently my cat has been vomiting after eating her morning wet food. I think she's just really hungry and is eating too fast as this is a new problem, but I don't know. before taking away the canned food I might try giving her smaller portions...

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
09/20/12 8:34 am

I have nine rescue cats and one rescue black lab puppy. Kinda chaotic lol. Let's stop the cat hate they're both precious!

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
09/20/12 8:32 am

Dry but a little canned on occasion. All dry can cause health problems.

09/20/12 8:10 am

I don't have a cat but if I did I'd prefer dry. Seems easier to serve.

Hawkn Texas
09/20/12 7:54 am

One time I woke up half naked, laying in dry cat food. That was a weird night

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
09/20/12 7:52 am

They do much better wthi the wet based on their genetic design...I feed both to my kitty

knh85 ...
09/20/12 6:44 am

Should have been a neither. Cats are carnivores. They should eat raw meat.

09/20/12 5:54 am

I really don't like the taste of either.

09/20/12 4:12 am

We always fed our cat dry food & when we started feeding him wet food he gained tons of weight, switched back to dry & he stopped gaining, but its been hard to lose it. I would assume dry food is healthier from my experience

09/20/12 2:50 am

Also agree with you, cornybread. Sorry didn't see your comment when I posted about zomj's comment.

09/20/12 2:46 am

Completely agree zomj. If you don't like the subject of the question, it's exceedingly easy to skip it. No hating required.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
09/19/12 11:33 pm

wait seriously, why are there so many cat haters on here?? if you don't like cats then the question doesn't involve you. you couldn't have just ignored it?

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
09/19/12 11:31 pm

@themata wow, you totally suck. as to the question, I just picked randomly since my cat gets a variety - canned food in the morning, dry food in the evening.

09/19/12 10:43 pm

I vote whichever one cats don't like.

Because **** cats... that's why.

spindrift take the red pill
09/19/12 9:07 pm

Both taste awful. If you close your eyes the wet is like eating a homeless person. Either way you aren't gonna have a solid BM.

tsk California
09/19/12 8:51 pm

Wet bc it contains more Taurine, an essential amino acid that cats cannot produce.

dcsharp29 Wichita, KS
09/19/12 8:49 pm

That's dry DOG food, because cats are useless unless your hobbies include sneezing and separating shit from gravel.

09/19/12 8:33 pm

dry is so much easier but my boy wont touch it. picky.

broncomark often, not what I seem
09/19/12 8:26 pm

both, duh! feed a bit of wet, but give dry ( less tasty/less sugar). if really still hungry, they will eat some dry.

mmangone Prescott
09/19/12 7:09 pm

It has been found that increasing the moisture content in the food of male cats will help prevent urethral obstruction. Most veterinarians recommend feeding a high quality canned food to male domestic cats.

mmangone Prescott
09/19/12 7:09 pm

It was believed that dry food would help reduce tarter and resorptive lesions but studied have shown that the benefit is not as great as once thought.

Zack100 Tatooine
09/19/12 6:36 pm

@praet1965 I learned what anthropomorphize means in theology today!!! We were talking about how humans anthropomorphize god in Genesis.

09/19/12 6:32 pm

Wet food smells bad. It makes me gag!

09/19/12 6:22 pm

I probably anthropomorphize here but I'd prefer juicy wet food and it's closer to what cats would naturally eat.

tidford My little piece of heaven
09/19/12 6:07 pm

Lizard & bird. They are not dry, but I don't think the come in a can either.

kitten2cat Unknown
09/19/12 6:07 pm

I like canned cat food. It smells good. I feed my cats dry food though.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/19/12 5:58 pm

at = cat
housecoat = housecat
autocorrect = dismal failure.

freeedom New Hampshire
09/19/12 5:24 pm

I feel like this poll would have different results if cats voted on it.