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Fox semirural
11/14/14 5:20 am

I've never fallen asleep during a flick, but I can get bored and mentally disengaged, then simply stop paying attention to it. If in a theater I'll stay as I paid and for the sake of a companion.

spring27 California
11/14/14 4:08 am

I completely snoozed through Oz the Great and Powerful.

skarlightgloww colorado
11/14/14 12:45 am

I never used to, but I've fallen asleep during ~ 8 out of the last 10 I've watched. Lol

11/13/14 6:22 am

I fall asleep if they are boring, even in theaters.

jonfrei the boonies
11/13/14 2:05 am

In the theater, no. At home in the recliner -- different story...zzz...zzzz......

dventola98 CMU
11/13/14 1:58 am

you're up late cold keeping you awake? :)

skarlightgloww colorado
11/14/14 12:44 am

:) good guess but no.. Deep fried Oreos were keeping me awake >:)