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Show Of Hands June 25th, 2011 12:00am

Should each state determine its own law regarding marijuana legality, or should it remain banned at the Federal level?

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winter123 Oklahoma
07/17/11 10:26 am

@historybuf- I voted states and I have never done a drug in my life. If it is legalized at the federal level and they try to legalize it in my state I will vote no.

NYevo NY
07/17/11 8:55 am

And if we were in prohibition times, that would make you a criminal alcoholic if you said yes. See? Logical all the way through ;-)

07/16/11 7:45 pm

If you said state, then you are a pothead.

KrazyPanda Missouri
07/16/11 2:23 pm

I think that it should become a prescription drug.

winter123 Oklahoma
07/12/11 8:49 pm

RP2012 you give Ron Paul a bad name he will not legalize pot completely, he will only abolish the federal laws it will still be illegal in the states that keep it illegal so get your facts straight. Oh yeah Ron Paul 2012

07/08/11 1:37 pm

U R sad and ignorant vamp99

07/08/11 12:07 am

Smoking altogether should be banned.

NYevo NY
07/07/11 2:33 am

Regulation is a choice. And we, oddly, have decided to regulate some substances while criminalizing another even though their net effects on society suggests we should sometimes do the opposite. We are a very strange people sometimes

07/06/11 9:41 pm

People who say Federal are ignorant of the truth about drugs. They were all put on the planet by God who expect us to use them with intelligence and moderation. God never intended they be regulated by government. This is so wrong on so many levels.

purpledragon Pennsylvania
07/03/11 2:32 pm

Making every state have their own laws that are different in other states is the major reason for the civil war. And it will create a new problem about drug smuggling.

07/02/11 11:22 pm

I love how all the people from Cali comment on this poll lol

07/02/11 10:45 pm

If it's gonna be legal make it legal everywhere so there are no problems with smuggling drugs

07/02/11 10:18 pm

MJ is illegal due to the fact that our government is extremely ignorant and uninformed of true issues, regarding our nations future. Marijuana legalization can only benefit our government, if not federal.. Let the states choose and benefit themselves.

simple New York
07/01/11 11:30 am

I would like to say writing letters is a good idea.... if anything came of it. And nothing does. Throughout the past the only effective way to get something like that legalized is to have a giant ass protest at Washington with like thousands of people, if not more. Chill, smoke, protest, repeat.

06/30/11 10:12 pm

As i choose to abstain myself. In a free state it should be a personal choice. Let the state persuade but not chose for me. We pay too much for prisons full of drug users.

06/30/11 8:47 pm

I stand corrected. My earlier statement about Dems. not standing on principle is clearly incorrect based on the results so far concerning individual vs. labor union rights. As a committed conservative, bravo Dems... Bravo!

06/30/11 4:34 am

George Washington was all about hemp products and fully believed in it as the biggest cash crop in America. He liked to pack his pipe with it too. Just saying.

06/29/11 6:15 pm

Why is marijuana categorized with cocaine, seriously?

06/29/11 11:35 am

@Luke: And regardless of whether they should be legal, in keeping with the spirit of the question, it should definitely be a state-by-state decision. Exactly as our founding fathers intended.

06/29/11 11:34 am

@Luke: Legalizing drugs would solve a myriad of issues, including helping with border security. We have lost TONS of freedoms in the war on drugs. That makes it a huge issue in my opinion...

simple New York
06/29/11 8:49 am

Should each state determine its own law regarding marijuana legality, or should it remain banned at the Federal level?

Perhaps you need to re-read it. You said "the best part of the question is it has nothing to do with keeping marijuana illegal at a federal level"
Almost word for word

06/28/11 11:57 pm

I get headaches from people smoking so I don't want it to be legal for more people to smoke...

06/28/11 9:54 pm

The best part of this question is it had nothing to do with keeping marijuana illegal at a federal level. The pot smokers are just so scared that they'll lose the chance of it ever becoming legalized. Quit smoking the garbage and get your head out of the clouds.

06/28/11 9:49 pm

great points. See? I actually see some things through in debates, but fags with hemp in their name, now THAT would be wasting my breath.

06/28/11 9:46 pm

@FreeHempMan: your name just states the fact that you have a one sided opinion on the argument, so I'm not even going to waste my time and argue. But just so you know, I'm not retarded and know my shit. So shut the fuck up fag. And to the other person talking to me, I agree with you 100%,

06/28/11 8:15 pm

better than drinking-weed smokers generally don't get violent and crazy--they just wanna..well, do nothing! lol I suppose it'd free up a lot of room in prison for real criminals (murderers rapists, child molesters, fraud/corruption). But then what we argue about?! haha

06/28/11 10:38 am

Doesn't matter in Utah. The Mormons will never allow it.

06/28/11 7:38 am

@Luke oh yeah! And also if it were legal here it would be grown here and people wouldn't have to worry as much about drug trafficking across the border since their demand would be less. Jus saying! I agree we have huge issues but it would be a way to help the debt and provide great economic relief

FreeHempMn Minnesota
06/28/11 7:37 am

Luke, really? You really do not know what your talking about, you talk about saving the planet in one breath but cut down cannabis and hemp in the other. They both can help the problems you talk about, educate your self my friend.

06/28/11 7:33 am

@Luke also if they sell it and tax it that's even more money going into the system for education, helping the less fortunate, etc. We'll still need to watch out for the ppl who deal hardcore drugs but legalizing pot could actually improve the country in a lot of ways

06/28/11 7:27 am

@Luke I agree about the bigger issues.. Yet the money spent to house marijuana dealers and users in prison, task forces, etc could be used for better things.

NYevo NY
06/28/11 5:37 am

The reason why people keep talking and fighting for seemingly trivial or important things is because some people drag out the closure.

Just as soon as personal use is decriminalized, the issue will go away. Make it illegal to use while driving and the like an the issue goes away

06/28/11 3:18 am

legalized, it's not gonna happen for a LONG time, if at all; maybe after we worry about bigger issues

06/28/11 3:17 am

As if there aren't enough arguments and problems in he U.S. already? C'mon people, we definitely have bigger problems than legalizing marijuana at any level. We should be worried about global warming, education, gas, the border. Lots of things! I can't believe people are still trying to get MJ

06/28/11 2:09 am

Legalizing weed would benefit the government and the people. Bringing hemp products to the market would stimulate competition to lower prices. Taxing the regulated sale of marijuana would bring in revenue for supporting states lowering budget deficit.

06/28/11 1:46 am

Drink too much alcohol you can die. Smoke cigs all your life you can die. Take too many Tylenol you can die. Even if you drink too much water too fast you can die. Smoke too much weed in one sitting.. You eat a snack and fall asleep. Hmmm

06/28/11 1:13 am

If some of the top doctors in this state can smoke pot every day and still win acclaim for their medical skills it's my opinion lies and ignorance are the reason pot is still illegal. Ingenuity and persistence will win this battle in the end.

06/28/11 1:08 am

State governments. Feds just want a reason to support a huge justice system. What better way than to keep recreational drugs illegal?

06/27/11 11:44 pm

If I were prez I'd ban every tobacco product since ppl die from 2nd hand smoke more than normal smokers and about the marijuana if it's nationally illegal why would one state let it be legal?

NYevo NY
06/27/11 9:55 pm

Hahaha. Such a good comment.

06/27/11 9:41 pm

I can't believe you spent all that time commenting here. Write ur poli-ticians.

06/27/11 9:16 pm

I like Holland's take on this...

NYevo NY
06/27/11 6:58 pm

Side by side, if both were legal, alcohol is waaaaaay worse for our society. In every way, shape, and form. I'd laugh at the double standard if not for how sad it is for some who rot in jail for solely this offense.

06/27/11 4:53 pm

Van fast food sounds delicious

teddywaffle Illinois
06/27/11 4:29 pm

@thatoneguy yeah but weed is hahaha. Knives are dangerous. Are we going to make knives illegal? More young people are killed by auto accidents each year, shall we ban cars? Mcdonalds is worse for you than most of these things but it's still here. Shall we van fast food (i say yes to that). Legalize!

06/27/11 4:23 pm

To the stupid people saying alcohol is worse... Your right BUT Theres already way to many people drunk driving we don't need people drunk and high.. 2 wrongs don't make a right. And it's natural too BUT not all natural things are good for you

06/27/11 4:17 pm

Continuing from below, marijuana does not have these horrible effects and should be legal on a federal level. Alcohol and cigarettes should be banned before marijuana any day.