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SearsTower November 13th, 2014 2:35am

Should gay married couples be able to adopt a kid?

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11/12/14 8:26 pm

Definitely yes and so should many other people who seem to get told no unfairly. Singles for example.

11/12/14 8:33 pm

Don't you think they would get made fun of in school and also what if the parents get divorced. The kid would be devastated

11/12/14 8:41 pm

No I don't think they'd get made fun of at school and if they did, that's on the prejudice jerks allowing it. Divorce is a possibility for any child with married parents. It devastated me and I'm not adopted.

vin woof
11/13/14 9:27 am

I was adopted. I'd rather my parents be gay and made fun of than have been aborted. How's that for a reality check?

11/13/14 10:34 am

That's very good vin. Consider reality checked. :)