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TerryQuinn November 12th, 2014 3:46am

Thank you to all the Veterans and their families today. In honor of Veterans Day, I'd like to also recognize those who work to keep troops safe. How many instances of war being averted can you cite? (not just postponing war or avoiding war).

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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/13/14 8:08 pm

I remember how frightening the Bay of Pigs was

Wes28 CBus
11/13/14 7:48 pm

Cold War (Cuban missile crisis) and John Adams avoiding war.

Wino I need a drink
11/12/14 8:51 am

I would highly recommend seeing Colin Powell speak on this. He gives examples of how the U.S. works as a meditator and does this regularly. For example, did you know Spain and Morocco threatened to go to war with one another during the Bush Era?

TerryQuinn Stardust
11/13/14 6:53 pm

Thanks! I'll check that out. I didn't know about Spain and Morocco.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
11/12/14 5:45 am

Hard to say.
If war was avoided, we may not know we were headed to war.
But Cuban Missile Crisis is one recent one I can think of.

TerryQuinn Stardust
11/13/14 6:51 pm

Yes, hard to know if they are rare events or we jay don't hear about them. We often hear about the heroics of war, but not so much about the times when tactics or diplomacy kept us out of war while also not making the other guy stronger.

11/12/14 5:21 am

We didn't let stormin' Norman go into Baghdad in desert storm 1, holding off on that war for 10 years

TerryQuinn Stardust
11/13/14 6:45 pm

Doesn't count. That's what I meant by postponing the war. It matters to those troops, but I'm most interested in wars that we never had to fight.

TerryQuinn Stardust
11/11/14 8:48 pm

I didn't give this too much thought, but the only example that readily came to mind is the Cuban Missile Crisis. We avoided a thermonuclear war while also still looking strong against the USSR. I'd be interested if anyone has other examples.

TerryQuinn Stardust
11/11/14 8:59 pm

Oh. Another is the Berlin Airlift that also avoided war with the USSR. Here's a couple more:

11/14/14 4:56 am

Kennedy's weakest moment. Wow