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DBuehrer November 10th, 2014 7:39pm

Between Hillary Clinton and Dr. Ben Carson who would you rather see as your president in 2016

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11/10/14 5:10 pm

Polling booths should double as futurama style suicide booths.

Shmad Toledo
11/10/14 3:52 pm

If you pick Clinton, u are crazy

Brandon1995 San Francisco
11/10/14 1:34 pm

As a liberal progressive, my choice is obvious.

droo Santa Barbara
11/10/14 1:02 pm

I used to think "anyone but Clinton"- now I think "anyone but Carson". Clinton by a long shot.

11/10/14 6:54 pm

sure carson isn't that experienced but we can't get a whole lot worse than we are now because we basically have a retarded chimpanzee in office now, hillary wouldnt be much better

musiman28 Cotton country
11/10/14 12:51 pm

ABC - Anyone But Clinton.

Pirate Uses the Tap
11/10/14 12:45 pm

At least Clinton is not homophobic like Carson.

Shmad Toledo
11/10/14 3:54 pm

Just because he is against gay marriage doesn't mean he is a homophobe. It means he doesn't think it is a good
Thing for somebody to become gay because if could effect them negatively, physically, spiritually, health wise etc.

musiman28 Cotton country
11/10/14 7:42 pm

Just saying that a basis of our society shouldn't be changed by a very small percentage of said society isn't homophobic.