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Jack14 November 10th, 2014 6:01pm

Are you for the legalization/decriminalization of all drugs?

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bethanyq Ess Eff
11/10/14 2:10 pm

Probably for decriminalization of all, but I would say a lot of them should still be strictly regulated.

11/10/14 12:44 pm

That would include some really serious drugs that could result in major harm to those that don't do them.

eLucidate writing
11/10/14 12:25 pm

1. saves money in law enforcement
2. decreases black market activity
3. safer for addicts to seek treatment
4. increases ability for researchers to study their effects.
5. decrease incarceration rate (and costs)
6. freedom of choice

eLucidate writing
11/10/14 12:26 pm

Off the top of my head, I think these would be my main arguments for a paper.

DankZane Visus Per Mentem
11/10/14 12:40 pm

Not only that, but it's also been proven to decrease drug use. Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001, and their rates of drug abuse have dropped significantly.

Spartacus AUSTIN
11/10/14 12:19 pm

Not all drugs. Only natural ones that don't require processing of any kind.

11/10/14 12:10 pm

In my opinion, they should all be legal. The regulation of some of the very dangerous ones, such as meth, would be helpful. There is no question that people will continue to use any drugs they want whether it's legal or not.

susanr Colorado
11/10/14 11:44 am

I have a problem with some of them, the ones that seem to result in behavior that can be harmful to others, like meth. I can see decriminalizing them along with some better system for getting people help (mental, rehab, whatever), but I have trouble

susanr Colorado
11/10/14 11:45 am

with actual legalization of *all* drugs. Some, for sure (marijuana being the most obvious).

Cole12 ...
11/10/14 11:43 am

You could talk about the failure of Prohibition in the 20's, Portugal, and the monetary/human costs of the drug war.

Jack14 Massachusetts
11/10/14 12:05 pm

Portugal, thats good. I forgot about that. Thanks.

Cole12 ...
11/10/14 12:14 pm

No problem. Since they decriminalized drugs a decade or so ago, drug abuse has dropped by more than half - it's really worked amazingly well there. Hopefully the US does the same.

Pirate Uses the Tap
11/10/14 11:11 am

Drugs being illegal has not stopped people from using them yet.

11/10/14 12:07 pm

And it won't.

NDAmerican Florida
11/10/14 11:09 am

Yes, it's your life do what you want, however, I should not be held responsible for paying for your overdose in the emergency room if you don't have insurance. And you should be held responsible if the use of drugs interferes with your work.

NDAmerican Florida
11/10/14 11:10 am

I believe drugs should not be a crime, I believe it should be a medical issue (psychological and biological dependency). And the market would strongly expand if we open up new industries like they did in Colorado. Finally we would strongly reduce

NDAmerican Florida
11/10/14 11:11 am

The power of drug cartels, and therefore terrorist organization who receive funding from some cartels.

Jack14 Massachusetts
11/10/14 11:06 am

I am writing a decent sized paper for my Expository Writing class. Can you think of reasons why you said yes/no? Any reason you provide will be a help in adding info to my paper.