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krayzewolf November 10th, 2014 6:16am

Do you think Monster energy drinks are Satan's soft drink?

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eLucidate writing
11/10/14 12:12 pm

"do you know what a milf is?"


krayzewolf New Hampshire
11/10/14 2:26 pm

Plus her look at "Bottoms up". LOL. Priceless. :)

fredd TrumpLand
11/10/14 10:38 am

Never been a fan of any energy drinks really.

MBachmann John 3.16
11/10/14 3:55 am

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Torfin Never Behind
11/10/14 2:18 am

I think they taste bad but the devil has nothing to do with that as far as I know.

messerone Omnipresent
11/10/14 12:59 am

This is what happens to you when the highlight of your week is waking up early on Sunday to go praise the almighty, invisible man in the sky... *facepalm*

krayzewolf New Hampshire
11/10/14 10:26 am

Me too. I had to post it. :)

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/09/14 11:52 pm

Cooked up in an underground lab probably. If this is what hell tastes like, I don't want to go to heaven.

Tariq88 Utah
11/09/14 11:29 pm

I don't know about that, but they're not the healthiest.

krayzewolf New Hampshire
11/10/14 12:14 am

LOL, nothing's healthy anymore. I remember as a kid though I used to drink this stuff called Jolt cola. That would wake the dead. ;)

11/09/14 11:17 pm

Sure, why not?