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ButchBrewBaker November 10th, 2014 12:18am

If two parents believe that following their religion is the only way to heaven, would they be neglectful if they didn't demand that their child go to their church, synagogue, mosque, etc.?

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2albion2 California
11/11/14 3:17 pm

If parents thought to go to heaven you should eat only sheep poop, then of course they'd be neglectful if they didn't demand their kids do that. They'd also be deluded, horrible people. That's what can happen when people slavishly follow a book.

statgat Hello World
11/11/14 1:17 pm

For a religion to be the true one, it must allow for agency...the child must be eventually allowed to choose for himself. At what age is up to you.

moriahdanielle Des Moines, IA
11/09/14 9:02 pm

As the child of parents who believe that, I disagree.
Allowing children to think for themselves is good. Let them find the truth instead of forcing it down their throats.

EarthMunkey The Golden Rule. Always.
11/09/14 7:00 pm

If that is their belief then yes they would.

The truth?...well they don't want to hear that now do they?

EarthMunkey The Golden Rule. Always.
11/09/14 7:48 pm

I know that I would never force a child to follow a god with no power.

I would let then figure it all out on their own. Without my help or the help of others.

Brainwashing children is inhumane.

ButchBrewBaker Pennsyltuckey
11/09/14 7:50 pm

Wouldn't keeping them from religion be encouraging them not to believe? Isn't that a form of passive brainwashing?

GlockMan1 Alabama
11/09/14 7:54 pm

Brainwashing works both ways.

EarthMunkey The Golden Rule. Always.
11/09/14 8:19 pm

I would keep them away. I would teach them about all religions and let them choose.

I have followed 3 before settling on the path I am on now.

AbandonedAccnt Not here.
11/09/14 5:29 pm

Whether they believe that or not it is a parent's right to inculcate their beliefs in their children.

ButchBrewBaker Pennsyltuckey
11/09/14 5:29 pm

If you believe your religion is the only way to heaven, why would you want anything different for your child?

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
11/09/14 8:48 pm

Would you feel just as strongly that two satanists would be poor parents if they DIDN'T indoctrinate their children with the true teachings of almighty Beelzebub?