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2x32luv Oklahoma
10/21/11 6:44 pm

Ii help to build strong young women

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/19/11 8:39 pm

Again sorry thought you were mad cause I called you a guy. 

kilinfreak Oregon
10/19/11 6:12 pm

@Tops it's my grandpa's saying... He's funny. :)

10/16/11 2:40 pm

I build hope and laughter in people souls lol. thats why i put yes ;)

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/16/11 8:48 am

@ Kili I would say going from a size 28 to a size 8 takes some skill. Not a lot but some. It's water aerobics not gym. 

10/16/11 12:46 am

@ Alaskin That is exactly what I was about to say.

kilinfreak Oregon
10/15/11 3:44 pm

@jgreene and those who can't teach, teach gym.

10/13/11 2:15 pm

I'm a teacher... I build minds!

10/13/11 4:08 am

I build home made bongs, does that count? But it's not for a living

KudosToYou California
10/13/11 12:21 am

Currently "building" building models in Revit. I want to be an architect...
I don't build anything, not yet, but as I get more into things I'm going to get onto some construction jobs, plenty of DIY work, physical model building on select projects...

eradicator JC
10/12/11 11:20 pm

Architect: literally "master builder." I haven't put on my toolbelt in years, though. I coordinate and direct building, along with my GC buddy below. Where does that fit in the logic of the question?

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
10/12/11 6:46 pm

I am a GC. So, I build on paper and then watch other people actually work.

10/12/11 6:20 pm

No... teachers are some greedy bastards who only care about their union thuggery, their pensions, and their benefits. Them kids come second.

blutuesday California
10/12/11 12:09 pm

The comments about teachers are from small-minded individuals, obviously.

10/12/11 11:40 am

Sure I do, and im proud of it !!
Duct, pipe, exhaust systems, etc. Anything that has to do with controlling air and architechtural sheet metal. I am a SMWIA Union Local 104 Sheet Metal Worker.

10/12/11 11:39 am

Does building computer programs count?

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/12/11 10:58 am

How in the world could my husband teach welding if he did not know how to do it? He turns out state winners. People who make statements like that are just plain jealous.

10/12/11 9:55 am

@jgreene I do both: teach and work in the field. The field is volatile, while the teaching provides financial stability

10/12/11 6:23 am

i go to school for a living

10/12/11 4:02 am

I flip houses does that count? We do alot of rebuilding.

10/12/11 12:50 am

Yes, the developing minds of my 2 sons. The egos and self assurance of all those I love.

10/11/11 9:47 pm

I'm with weezy. I'm very proud of my role as an educator.

10/11/11 9:16 pm

Electrician and damn proud to earn every dollar I make

jdawg3000 Illinois
10/11/11 8:45 pm

those who cant teach dont really care weezy.

10/11/11 8:23 pm

Those who can't teach have to try to make up for the fact that they don't have the ability to share their knowledge and help someone else grow. So they are stuck using some lame phrase they heard before to hide their own ineptness.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
10/11/11 7:52 pm

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.

10/11/11 7:27 pm

I build futures, dreams, and a foundation for all!

I am proud to teach. 

dlyliny1 New York
10/11/11 6:13 pm

Yes, does building Excel models, MS Project timelines, etc, count? I build cakes but (for now) it's just a hobby ;)!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/11/11 3:17 pm

all over Oregon. Believe me he is not the only excellent teacher. Most of the ones I know provide supplies out of their own pockets.
Why don't you try teaching a skill some time.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/11/11 3:14 pm

lives. We've been to weddings and funerals. He now has second generation students. With his degree he could make more money doing other things. With his skills he could make a lot more money. He teaches welding. He teaches work ethics as will as skills. His students are wanted for employment

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/11/11 3:09 pm

@ jm my husband has been a teacher for 34 years. He has saved lives. Yes saved! One kid tried to commit suicide my husband was the only person he would talk to. When others have been in crisis parents have called my husband for help. He may be "only" a shop teacher but he has changed many

10/11/11 2:45 pm

My company builds websites. Might not be physical, but it's functional. And they help build business. So it's like a two-for-one bonus! :)


10/11/11 12:45 pm

Dumbest comment?!? Seems like JmJohnson has a few that are contenders.

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/11/11 12:21 pm

JmJohnson just won the dumbest comment of the day award.

10/11/11 12:16 pm

You're right. I don't like being taught. But I like learning, that's why I'm in college.

Teachers think they are so smart. If teachers are so smart why the hell are they teachers? Because they're so noble? BS. Teachers are ALWAYS tooting their own horn and I'm sick of it.

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/11/11 11:28 am

@jamesjelly . It's a good job to have. Plenty of job security..... there will always be sick people and old people.

Wert A picture of my junk
10/11/11 11:18 am

Wow. These results are a lot more to the no side than I thought they would be.