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Show Of Hands November 9th, 2014 2:08am

Did/do you play a varsity sport in high-school?

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Blaze01 Ga
11/12/14 6:45 am

Dose marching band count?

lyyved Virginia
11/11/14 4:50 pm

Did play JV field hockey until I hurt my knee.

Ernest Make it so
11/11/14 3:58 pm

Marching Band. Yes, it's a sport.

venividivici colorado
11/11/14 3:57 pm

Cross country and swimming

hsd19 Virginia
11/11/14 3:01 pm

Football, Basketball, and Baseball. I have the school record for TD grabs.

11/10/14 6:18 pm

Is mayonnaise a sport?

niceguy Salt Lake City
11/09/14 10:03 pm

I could've taken state if the receivers had some talent!!

iJake Colorado
11/09/14 8:34 pm

Varsity Tennis and went to state.

johnieboy an unmarked explorer
11/09/14 8:20 pm

Baseball and football. 2012 5A state champs for, where did the time go.

11/09/14 5:52 pm

Varsity marching band?

11/09/14 1:19 pm

Unfortunately, there were not many sports for girls when I was on HS, but they did start a girls track team when I was a Jr, which I did. Young girls today, you are so lucky to have these opportunities!

cowboy Doors of Perception
11/09/14 11:47 am

Football. It was the only reason to show up to High School.

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
11/09/14 10:16 am

Football and Tennis. Just for the record, football and tennis teammates have very little in common.

sd123 San Diego
11/09/14 10:12 am

I did varsity working at a grocery store

Macmurphy35 Alabama
11/09/14 9:29 am

Basketball. Shooting guard. #33. Blonde, could bomb 3's, so nicknames the other (mostly black) dudes would call me were Larry Bird or Steve Kerr. Was so fun.

11/09/14 6:33 am

Played. 9 man football in rural MN from a town with a total population of 700. My soph, jr, and sr years I never came off the field. I played linebacker , running back, punter, kicker. I did it all. Also wrestled but it kinda sucked starving yourself

11/09/14 6:18 am

Played football, track and field and wrestling in high school, but I prob was smokin pot the whole time :)

donna0987 Indiana
11/09/14 6:10 am

Swimming, I was a distance swimmer.

Nos4at2 demented weirdo
11/09/14 6:05 am

No, laughed at the jocks and the rah rahs, was more interested in wandering off by myself to go fishing or read a book

gemayne va
11/09/14 1:04 am

Tennis. *•*

RINOTom Peoria, IL
11/09/14 12:29 am

Baseball. I'm pretty humble about most things, but I was a REALLY good f*cking center fielder.

BushyTop Seattle, WA
11/08/14 11:24 pm

I played hockey, unfortunately we don't have high school hockey here in the PNW so I wasn't a varsity athlete.

11/08/14 10:59 pm

Varsity wrestling!

Congressman Louisiana
11/08/14 11:08 pm

Isn't that a prerequisite for homosexual porn?

vbranger Hillary for Prison
11/09/14 12:22 pm

Wow congressman! That is stupid. Wrestling is actually the hardest sport in school. It's one on one all out physical strength and technical sport.

11/09/14 12:25 pm

You shoulda seen the football players when they tried to practice with us haha they were dying, the coaches were friends so every once in a while we'd mix a practice.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
11/09/14 12:25 pm

Plus that would say MMA fighting is homosexual, since it's usually 2 people of the same gender in a ring. But people like congressman would get their A$$ beaten if he gets in the ring with a professional fighter.

Congressman Louisiana
11/09/14 2:47 pm

Yea but then again I don't feel the barbaric need to savagely fight a half naked man for the enjoyment of mostly other men.... I'll keep my brains and spare the brawn. Not everyone can be so lucky.

ChristopherW Colorado
11/10/14 9:48 am

Wrestling is not the hardest high school sport, football is much more difficult.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
11/10/14 11:23 am

Wrestling is the hardest sport.It will challenge All category of your toughness not 1 central area such as: basketball,soccer, football.wrestling is full contact fight(6min)you're getting pushed,pulled,hit & your endurance is being tested to the max

vbranger Hillary for Prison
11/10/14 11:24 am

Although you have a team, they're not on the mat with you (to pass the ball to, blocking for you) it is mentally as tough because YOU'RE the only one going into the battle for yourself.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
11/10/14 11:24 am

Many football, soccer, (very rarely basketball due to the seasons) and other athletic programs try wrestling and usually the only ones that can stand the test are football players, but not before they take a knee and a brutal beating of reality.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
11/10/14 11:26 am

So don't kid yourself. If you think otherwise, it's because you have yet to try wrestling. It will beat you down. It's you and your opponent. No one is there to help you win.

ElizabethL BOS . NC
11/08/14 10:58 pm

Sure did! Varsity Cheer.

11/08/14 10:53 pm

2014 IHSA 2A crosscountry state champions!!!

SonofMetal Heavy Metal
11/08/14 10:18 pm

Never got a shot. I wanted to try out for the soccer team my freshman year, but they were a very competitive D1 school, so they weren't really interested in someone who never played officially.

Congressman Louisiana
11/08/14 11:09 pm

They wouldn't even let you try out?

SonofMetal Heavy Metal
11/09/14 8:26 am

I had originally missed the try out day because I was out of town, so I emailed them saying I would be present for the make up try outs and they replied back with what essentially said don't bother. Haha but it's okay, I found a new passion in HS

kreich1990 A Galaxy far...far away.
11/08/14 10:13 pm

Three of them. Football, soccer, and bowling.

bnnt Los Angeles
11/08/14 10:02 pm

None. I had, and still have bad coordination.