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joker145 November 8th, 2014 12:37pm

SOHAH: it's Saturday. Did you wake up horny today?

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bs75758 Michigan
11/08/14 2:21 pm

Waking up next to my wife generally always makes me horny.

inge MIA
11/08/14 10:23 am

Yes. Didn't happen. My boyfriend had to pee, then his dog jumped on my uterus so took her out to pee, it was freezing...we just cuddled instead. :(

11/08/14 7:32 am

Every morning!

alynn Somewhere wonderful
11/08/14 6:50 am

Not today, but I'm sick, so I haven't been horny all week. Not sure which is worse...being sick, or not being horny!

WildRice With a side of sass
11/08/14 7:50 am

Same here. Got my voice back today!

alynn Somewhere wonderful
11/08/14 7:53 am

Yay! Mine is mostly back. Ironically, that hour of SOHHO was my best hour of the week, as far as my voice. So glad you're feeling better!

11/08/14 2:37 pm

That sucks! Feel better