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Rotavele November 8th, 2014 10:19am

Iraq's new TV show is a satire for ISIS which starts with a drunk America leading into Al-Baghdadi hatching from a satanic egg, and eventually has Qatar, The Joker, and Stalin dancing with ISIS. Is this just humor or too provoking for now?

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rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
11/09/14 6:48 am

sounds like south park

jsmooseman You started it.
11/08/14 7:50 am

I could care less what they do.

rons screw politicians
11/08/14 6:03 am

I think it's time to drop the big one.

rons screw politicians
11/08/14 6:01 am

I think that's Bollywood produced!

Rotavele Alabama
11/08/14 3:21 am

I didn't include the part of Israel giving birth to al-Baghdadi because it's in the title.

I thought it was hilarious, I think they could have left Israel out of it but apparently Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and some other countries are doing these parodies

Rotavele Alabama
11/08/14 3:21 am

Too and actually believe Al-Baghdaddi is a Mossad agent.

Other than that, I thought it was pretty funny.

Rotavele Alabama
11/08/14 3:29 am

The America starting to narrate and then getting drunk and not doing much, but just becomes arm in arm with Qatar was pretty good.

And of course the ISIS guys saying crazy stuff was good.

Rotavele Alabama
11/08/14 3:19 am

(Thank you Middle Eastern Media ... I forgot the RI but thank you MEMRI for translating it)

Rotavele Alabama
11/08/14 3:25 am

Character representations:

Cowboy: America
Girl with Star of David necklace: Israel
Lady in Green: Mouza (Ex president of Qatar's wife)
The guy with Mouza/The joker = Stalin

No source says who the vampire is supposed to be.