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typetype November 8th, 2014 8:50am

Would you rather have an employee with poor time management skills (coming in 5-10 min late) or an employee who engaged in unethical behavior? (Talks about other employees behind their back, or about social engagements others may find inappropriate)

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11/09/14 3:09 pm

"Hi, I'm Templeton" is very cute. Your cat looks like he has superpowers.

typetype level 2 pretty
11/11/14 12:10 pm

Thanks he does!!! He has a very powerful meow and he tries to make you scratch in his ears.

dfish at home
11/08/14 4:03 pm

I'd fire both

11/08/14 3:37 pm

the unpunctual usually is the first to go, and the trash talker follows the same fate somewhere down the all depends on what buttons were pressed

typetype level 2 pretty
11/08/14 11:48 pm

True dat. Even if they do everything else to satisfaction.