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gramps November 6th, 2014 10:12pm

Wounded Warrior Project, to help wounded military personnel and their families. Should these people be relying on private donations, or should our government be supporting these families.

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kauaikitty right here
11/08/14 7:27 pm

It's a sad fact that lazy pieces of crap who know how to work the system can get their whole lives paid for by hard working tax payers but those who nearly died fighting for our country can't get health care much less help with basic necessities

vin woof
11/06/14 6:52 pm

It's best to stay clear of the corporate war machine. It's for profit not freedom and taking care of the pawns as they claim.

Wino I need a drink
11/06/14 6:21 pm

You get injured fighting for a country, that country should, without question, take care of you! The way we treat veterans in this country is appalling! By far, this is my biggest issue for both parties.

11/06/14 6:42 pm

My thoughts exactly! But the politicians won't dare think of that as anything other than another entitlement.