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AdAstra The New Frontier
11/09/14 2:18 pm

Yes, NASA has given us so many technological advancements, and they will continue to with enough funding.

shemmes dc
11/08/14 10:41 pm

No way, let's explore the oceans first!

09/26/15 4:14 pm

Do you know how much of the ocean we have already discovered?

11/08/14 6:39 pm

This planet is soon going to run out of food then We are going to have to find a new home and live there and it will take a long time so they should start now.

11/08/14 6:42 pm

I'm guessing you saw interstellar.

11/08/14 6:19 pm

Yeah LET'S FIND SOME ALIENS. Based on how vast the universe is, there almost HAS to be aliens somewhere.

11/08/14 4:01 pm

Most of the most convenient things we have today and the greatest technological breakthroughs of the past are due to NASA. If we ever want to move forward. I say go for it.

BishopJ Ohio
11/08/14 12:34 pm

Most major technological developments beginning with the transistor have come from NASA

professorwho Madness and Genius
11/08/14 12:32 pm

Why shouldn't we? We outta get out there and see what the universe has to offer!

PresWK Minnesota
11/07/14 10:59 pm

If we want our civilization to be able to survive in the case of mass destruction on Earth, we need the means to become space-bound

11/07/14 9:14 pm

I'm looking forward to space probe
NEW HORIZON reaching Pluto in like 7 months or something like that that would be dope if they sent a space probe to the center of the Milky Way

11/07/14 9:19 pm

Lol I'm retarded I forgot how far we are from the center of the Milky Way I wish we could hit light speed

11/07/14 8:04 pm

Obama in his infinite wisdom cut programs and funding for NASA. Now we have to rely on potential enemies (and I use potential loosely) for our flights and we have seen how well that worked. NOT!

badgerben Las Vegas
11/08/14 10:45 pm

Never let the facts get in the way of a bigoted response.

SStauffer5745 Maryland
11/07/14 1:49 pm

What's there to fucking do in space that's important now

Rotavele Alabama
11/07/14 9:25 pm

Umm... Gee I don't know. It's not like Titan has 100x the oil that earth does.

Rotavele Alabama
11/07/14 9:27 pm

There's also tons of resources on other planets. We also have habitable planets not far from earth that likely already has life. (Probably not intelligent life though)

11/07/14 12:31 pm

We stopped dreaming. How much would you pay for The Universe?

11/13/14 12:08 am

So powerful. It's sad and true

TrojanMan Los Angeles
11/07/14 12:23 pm

Can't we just leave it to the private industries and give them a chance?

11/07/14 11:04 am

Ever since the space race ended NASA has kind of lost its purpose

Henry123 Connecticut
11/07/14 9:16 am

Yes ABSOLUTLEY. NASA is the future if mankinds long term survival and prosperity. I wish more people could see that

11/07/14 5:41 am

Of course!!!!! They need more money cuz every rocket blows up

asdfghjkl24242 Los Angeles, CA
11/07/14 10:32 am

The Antares rocket explosion you saw on the news was not a NASA rocket

hoosierwisdom inner voice
11/07/14 3:59 am

Yes, cuz I want out of here !!

JHawk3205 MD
11/07/14 3:54 am

Ummm yeah.. Nasas technological innovations are what keeps the us competitive internationally. Most people don't realize how screwed we'd be without NASA. And private aerospace companies have proven their lackluster

JHawk3205 MD
11/07/14 3:56 am

^ reputation by comparison.. NASA is so critical to this country; I can't imagine how dumb someone would have to be to struggle to understand that our future lies in nasas hands...

Henry123 Connecticut
11/07/14 9:17 am

Yea thank You! that post was almost identical to mine we have similar beliefs

sdbrev210 The Pursuit of Happiness
11/06/14 11:49 pm

We need to increase our military budget first. Stay strong, America.

getupbaby South City
11/07/14 11:28 am

No. No we don't.

studentforlife Colorado
11/06/14 11:35 pm

Seriously, everyone who answered with "outer space" comments needs to look up what all NASA does. We all depend on satellites far more than most people realize (weather, GPS, military needs, data, etc). Just do a little research.

eyesee central oregon coast
11/06/14 11:28 pm

It's naive to think they give a shit about us common folk. Give them more money, so they can build some crazy ass rockets with which to find another earth. No, a super-earth. As they complete the "global warming" of this one. Then they'll fly away????

11/06/14 11:07 pm

Not unless we as a nation are going to space anytime soon.

studentforlife Colorado
11/06/14 11:11 pm

NASA does a lot more than space travel

11/07/14 6:16 pm

You mean exploring different worlds to see if there is any life on them?

bnnt Los Angeles
11/06/14 7:39 pm

Make it part of the military budget.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/06/14 10:12 pm

They have their own space program.


sigs77 Pennsylvania
11/06/14 7:35 pm

Why don't we spend a few of these dollars on infrastructure and school. Possibly libraries. But we can't have free thinkers in today's society can we.

Congressman Louisiana
11/06/14 7:41 pm

Implying space exploration isn't free thinking...

11/06/14 7:56 pm

Because school highly encourages free thinking

RJ1969 SoCal
11/06/14 10:12 pm

Libraries? With scrolls made of papyrus?

jmcolema Greensboro
11/06/14 7:28 pm

We could tax churches. That would help funding tremendously.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 8:16 pm

Better yet ... take away tax exempt status from all those left wing "think" tanks that George Saros is funding!

RJ1969 SoCal
11/06/14 10:13 pm

"All those"

Yeah, they're on every street corner, just like churches.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 10:17 pm

RJ ... I'm glad we can agree that it isn't the quantity of sites that matters, it's the obscene amount of money pouring in from the limousine liberals into the obnoxious leftist organizations that shouldn't be tax shelters.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 10:18 pm

RJ ... I'm sure you'll also agree that the cancerous leftist tax shelters are also just a blight on society, churning out lies and distortion while the churches provide relief for the poor.

11/06/14 7:27 pm

Space is the new frontier!

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 8:15 pm

... and we need to tame the budget on the current frontier first!

11/06/14 7:24 pm

This is America the country of large amounts of worthless spending am sure we can cut something for SCIENCE !

11/06/14 7:24 pm

This is America the country of large amounts of worthless spending am sure we can cut something for SCIENCE !

11/06/14 7:15 pm

Always support SCIENCE!!!

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 7:20 pm

What will you cut to increase NASA spending?

Joshie New York City
11/06/14 6:52 pm

Checking what's going up on Mars isn't a priority compared to.... well anything there a million things the money could go to better use doing

11/07/14 5:08 am

What's a better use for that money than the advancement of our species?

Henry123 Connecticut
11/07/14 9:19 am

Do you have any idea how much technology nasa has created?

Shmad Toledo
11/06/14 6:49 pm

Let's be honest. What's the point? I think it has enough funding as it is. I mean there isn't to much they do to benefit society. I assume they help with the management with satellites. I think the funding is good the way it is now

Shmad Toledo
11/06/14 7:59 pm

But if it's cut I wouldn't be crying

studentforlife Colorado
11/06/14 11:15 pm

They don't do anything to benefit society? How about fund every weather satellite instrumentation and launch that keeps thousands of people alive considering satellites are used to track hurricanes and all global weather systems

studentforlife Colorado
11/06/14 11:17 pm

Not to mention most of our climate data. accuracy in atmospheric research relies on satellite data, which is why most studies begin their data analysis from the 1970s when satellite data began collecting

Shmad Toledo
11/07/14 4:19 am

I said they help with the management of satellites

muppethero pasco wa
11/06/14 6:08 pm

Holy shit. Thank you gop!!!

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 6:33 pm

Who can be surprised that Democrats are in for more irresponsible spending increases ... shocking!!!


Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 6:04 pm

As much as I like the space program, no budgets can be increased until we close several bloated and totally unnecessary departments. Then once we balance the federal budget, let's talk about responsible expansions in NASA.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
11/06/14 7:10 pm

Think: I like the way you think.
There should be no sacred cows until we learn to be fiscally responsible.

However, I don't buy the argument that the money is better spent on welfare like so many others say.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 7:19 pm

Casper ... I'm right there with you. NASA is a great investment, but simply put ... we have no money to invest.

Let's close the federal Departments of Education and Commerce and dramatically scale back HHS and the IRS and reduce all gov't pensions.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
11/06/14 7:32 pm

Think- i'm on your team!

I do wonder if the privatization. A little competition may improve results. I think O may have done good by accident. I'm sure he didn't mean to support "for profit" enterprise.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 7:33 pm

Casper ... you could be right.

Spiritof76 USA 1776
11/06/14 8:49 pm

Don't forget that small contribution to the debt from the Bush years, the Dept of Homeland Security.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
11/06/14 8:59 pm

Debt is debt regardless if POTUS.
Government is inherently inefficient.
It will expand unchecked until somebody takes charge.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 9:13 pm

Spirit ... U.S., it's not so pathetic that MrO called Mr Bush unAmerican by adding a pitiful $4T to the debt when MrO's gonna add 2.5 TIMES that much ... yep, MrO will add a whopping $10t to the debt.

You must hate when the facts get in the way ...

11/06/14 5:38 pm

Their budget is tiny compaired to that of military spending and welfare.

11/07/14 11:16 am

Military spending is more important than welfare. The government should give people on welfare bland, tasteless food so that they will find a job.

11/06/14 5:35 pm

We are 18 trillion in

RJ1969 SoCal
11/06/14 10:15 pm

Here we go with that crap again.

We. Owe. Most. Of. It. To. OURSELVES!

11/07/14 2:11 am

Then. Can. I. Have. My. 55k portion. Back. Please.

And why was this a HUGE liberal issue 8 years ago and now you all could care less. Such freakin hypocrites!!!

omniku dot com
11/06/14 5:03 pm

I think it's hilarious that so many people are saying "No" on devices that are rooted in NASA's accomplishments and with messages sent via satellite. Oh the irony!

(No offense to the SOH user with that name)

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 6:08 pm

Not sure about yours, but mine is paid for by me. With the terribly irresponsible spending we have at the moment, great causes like NASA will have to wait.

Let's focus on balancing the Federal budget, then let's talk about NASA.

studentforlife Colorado
11/06/14 11:22 pm

You paid for your own satellite?

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 11:29 pm

Darth ... Try to keep up. I was commenting about the "devices" referenced in the first comment. Those devices are the cell phones/tablets/PCs that we're using to access SoH.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 11:30 pm

Darth ... but thanks for asking ... with the amount I've paid in cell phone costs, I should own a satellite by now!

studentforlife Colorado
11/06/14 11:45 pm

I was definitely joking. I don't really think you shelled out the millions of dollars it cost to launch a satellite into space (not to mention the development of the instrumentations inside and the management of the data they provide).

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 11:54 pm

Darth ... so, hang on ... you allow yourself the flexibility to joke around and hold everyone else to their literal statements?

Got it.

studentforlife Colorado
11/07/14 12:10 am

I think you misunderstood me? Yes of course I can joke around (as can anyone). As far as holding people to their literal statements...well if they're literal then yes, as that means it's not a joke...I think I missed something here

Think Lovin Life
11/07/14 10:10 am

Darth ... you obviously did.

omniku dot com
11/07/14 12:20 pm

Think- I agree about irresponsible spending. 3 weeks of war spending = NASA's annual budget. But unlike the wars, NASA's ventures pay off big time for private industry and our economy which makes NASA's cost negative... We actually PROFIT from NASA.

omniku dot com
11/07/14 12:22 pm

Multiple studies have been done to estimate the overall economy's ROI on NASA investment. Conservative estimates say it's between 2:1 and 3:1, the more generous ones say the ROI is 14:1!! We don't lose money on NASA, we make money!

Think Lovin Life
11/07/14 12:26 pm

Omni ... I'm absolutely there! But you can't spend money -- even on a sure thing -- when the bank account is empty!

We have so many departments and projects in the government that must be stopped first.

omniku dot com
11/07/14 12:27 pm

Microchips (and lots of inventions that we take for granted) are direct descendants of the Apollo's integrated circuits. Just think of how our entire economy (not only the tech sector) has benefited from this one invention. Well worth the investment!

Think Lovin Life
11/07/14 12:29 pm

Omni ... you're preaching to the converted. But the bank has no money in it. If it's empty we can't invest.

Let's work together to cut waste and put money in the bank so we can spend it on good things, like NASA!

omniku dot com
11/07/14 12:38 pm

I agree we need to cut government spending, but NASA is near the bottom of my list of programs we should make cuts to. There are much much much bigger fish to fry. Guess we just disagree on this one.

Think Lovin Life
11/07/14 12:42 pm

Omni ... We must be involved in different discussions… This thread is about increasing the budget for NASA not decreasing it.

11/06/14 4:22 pm

a lot of great technology has come from the NASA program..lots of amazing engineers. I'm pretty sure the funding isn't just for finding the aliens, and good things can come from an increase in budget. Better them than politicians

11/06/14 4:12 pm

Should we yes. Can we, no...
We have way too much debt to consider an increase in spending.

Jack14 Massachusetts
11/06/14 3:49 pm

Yes but that is nearly last on the list of programs that need to be cut.

11/06/14 2:57 pm

Those of you who said no have no idea hat inventions have come from this program or the many good men and women who no longer have jobs.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 6:16 pm

Mom ... hang in there with your over-generalization! Some of us know very well the value of NASA and are quite disappointed at the irresponsible spending of our so-called leaders.

Let's increase NASA's budget right after we eliminate waste!

Alex619 California
11/06/14 1:44 pm

We need to abolish that entire agency. Government is there to protect life, liberty, and property, not spend billions looking for "little green men" (there words not mine)

11/06/14 2:23 pm

Us, all NASA does is search for aliens. Sent via satellite. Which were made by NASA. Along with many other important things.

Arixtotle New York
11/06/14 2:34 pm

Please go look up what NASA has given us. Many of the things that we use everyday were discovered by NASA.

TheLastAmerican fairfax
11/06/14 2:35 pm

That is not the primary point of nasa... To look for aliens lmfao that Star Trek. Creationists like yourself really need to stay in church and out of science, you have nothing to add, your reasoning doesn't belong here... Shoo troll

11/06/14 5:03 pm


studentforlife Colorado
11/06/14 11:25 pm

Oh the ignorance! Do you have any idea what all those satellites NASA funds do? They give you your weather, they track hurricanes so people don't die, they give you GPS so you don't get lost, they are crucial to the military

studentforlife Colorado
11/06/14 11:27 pm

They give us our atmospheric data which without we wouldn't have discovered so many atmospheric phenomena. They give you google maps. And that's just touching on the surface! You depend on satellites every day and don't even know it.

11/06/14 1:42 pm

Yeah, Maybe we stop supporting terrorist and giving money to the poor pathetic welfare trash of the country and we can afford to.

StilettoMiss SF med law, meme queen
11/06/14 2:04 pm

"Republicans claim they've had it with American socialism. Maybe they should return the tax dollars subsidizing them."

studlies idaho
11/06/14 3:58 pm

Whoever wrote that article is a moron.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 6:21 pm

Stud ... you expected something intelligent from the "Salon"?

saulecker Durham, NC
11/06/14 6:59 pm

"Poor pathetic welfare trash"

You really are a terrible person.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 7:23 pm

Saul ... sorry this one landed so close to your home.

But it's time to grow up and stop the liberal spending spree. We're out if money and so it doesn't matter how noble NASA is, we can't afford more spending.

saulecker Durham, NC
11/06/14 7:49 pm

So close to my home? I don't understand how being a selfish sociopath has anything to do with my home. It's amazing to me how willing some people are to just throw others down the gutter.

saulecker Durham, NC
11/06/14 7:49 pm

"You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette" makes for poor public policy.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 7:52 pm

Saul ... if you'd communicate in full thoughts rather the out of context phrases it'd be easier to understand the points you're trying to make.

As is, you leave a LOT to interpretation!

saulecker Durham, NC
11/06/14 7:57 pm

I don't think we speak the same language then. I think I'm being pretty clear.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 8:06 pm

Saul ... I quite ... "Poor pathetic welfare trash". You really are a terrible person.

Yep, that's a pathetic substitute for English.

saulecker Durham, NC
11/06/14 8:10 pm

I don't get it.... I give up. Your fantasy world is better constructed than mine.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 8:13 pm

Saul ... what a joke. You do realize that EVERYONE can see your silliness, right?

You'd be better off admitting your communication inadequacies and moving in. But, suit yourself! You certainly are free to continue to spew gibberish.

saulecker Durham, NC
11/06/14 8:15 pm

Seriously... You are trying way to hard. Hop back in your bunker and we'll let you know when it's safe to come out.

Think Lovin Life
11/06/14 9:09 pm

Saul ... you can try to characterize me, but you're WAY off. You inability to communicate has no baring on me.

Nice try.

11/06/14 1:24 pm

Well considering that Obama changed NASA's main objective from space travel to muslim outreach, no I do not think we should increase the budget

Wycliff Huntington Beach, CA
11/06/14 1:07 pm

With what money? DoD is on life support, infrastructure funding is arguably atrocious in most areas, social programs are absurdly bloated but untouchable, and above all we have a national debt of unimaginable proportions. It's simply not possible.