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Show Of Hands September 14th, 2011 12:00am

In a primary election, do you vote for your personal favorite candidate, or the candidate you think has the best chance to win a general election?

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09/24/11 2:50 am

I vote for the candidate who is the smartest, honest and has the best ideas.
People gave Obama a chance, he didn't deliver. Let's vote someone else in next year shall we? This isn't American Idol, put some thought into your votes.

09/18/11 1:37 am

This go around, I'd say most electable.
Anyone but this guy again...

09/16/11 10:44 pm

We have open primaries in my state. In a year where there is a sitting president running for re-election, I vote for whoever in the primary from the opposing party I think would be the best president. In a dual primary, I select whichever primary is more competitive and use the same criteria.

jakersw22 Michigan
09/16/11 7:59 pm

I vote for the least eligible republican, so my party (dem) has a better shot.

09/16/11 5:23 pm

Ron Paul has no chance! But you can still dream.

I vote for the (R) and not the (D).

I wish we were a Libertarian nation though..

09/16/11 12:25 am

I've been voting for almost 50 years now and most of the time I vote against some flake rather than for a smaller flake.

09/15/11 8:31 pm

Kut the Kkk openly supports republican presidential candidates

Ranks New Jersey
09/15/11 7:56 pm

Hey the words of Al Bundy, "Let's Do This"...I will challenge u on any topic any time

jjplol North Carolina
09/15/11 12:48 pm

Obamas' campaign focal point was "change". If people actually wanted change, they'd probably vote Ron Paul. I've never voted, but this upcoming year I'm going for my favorite.

bambi069 Anacortes
09/15/11 9:58 am

Question needs to be changed... I vote for not my favorite and not who I think will win but the person who ( in my opinion) will do the best job.

09/15/11 6:37 am

Vanguarde, quit your fantasy. How are you still on here?

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
09/15/11 12:29 am

You sound like an ass vanguard. Why would anyone want more of that?

09/14/11 8:39 pm

Only cowards block me. Be a man or woman and stop acting like children. Try to debate me on my level. I was a master in the Yale debate team. I never lost.

09/14/11 8:22 pm

How is the "most electable" determined? Hmmm by being the favorite.
Ron Paul for president

09/14/11 5:20 pm

...that just so happened to share their voting record. It's the same today. Democrats will seek out minority groups and promise them power to get elected because there is no other way people with functioning brains would vote for their obviously hypocritical ways.

09/14/11 5:18 pm

@American, the whole point of the creation of the Republican party was to abolish slavery. Democrats had been lynching people of color until they realized they could be using them to get desperately needed votes. Then all of a sudden they were never racist and the KKK is just a radical group...

09/14/11 5:10 pm

@32, do you have any idea why our founding fathers started the American Revolution? Or why the pilgrims went to Massachusetts? Because the government got too involved in their lives. Yes, there is a central government. But that is to keep the states united as a country. There has to be SOME rules.

09/14/11 4:05 pm

@32no republicans only want small govt nowdays because the liberals have made a large govt still trying to make it socialist.

09/14/11 3:17 pm

I'm registered Unaffiliated so I don't vote in primaries. However, I may have to vote in 2012 GOP primary cause Obama's going to lose & I can't afford to trust Tea Party nincompoops to send the right candidate through to the generals.

Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, and Buddy Roemer are the only choices.

09/14/11 3:02 pm

My favorite, of course. The national favorite, most often, is only based on who was able to secure the most money from corporations to which they'd become indebted if elected. The candidate with the most money runs the most successful campaign and wins the election.

09/14/11 2:52 pm

American; How id I know you would say something like that? you're so predictable! your party just has a different way of enslaving people now days. Sad they don't see goes like this, vote for us and we will give you everything you need!

09/14/11 2:44 pm

jameskelly; why do you think I blocked you?

09/14/11 2:40 pm

Vanguarde says that Ron Paul is who we should have as the next commander in chief. He would be a very entertaining President to watch in action....

09/14/11 2:18 pm

He also said screw isreal, Iran is no threat, 9-11 was our fault, ect. His fiscal policies are amazing but It won't do any good when Iran nukes our asses and wipes out our only strong ally in the middle east.

winter123 Oklahoma
09/14/11 1:00 pm

Knght6- Paul wants to get rid of the income tax and the IRS that should be enough to vote for him.

09/14/11 12:55 pm

... or the lesser of two evils.

09/14/11 11:53 am

Ron Paul? Who in a blog on his website agreed with bin laden that 9-11 was our fault??? The guy is a kook on foreign policy. Fiscally not so bad though

Soitgoes Missouri
09/14/11 10:53 am

I always vote for my favorite. It lets the party know what's important to you. A ton of people are voting Paul becausr of his economic plan. Even if he doesn't win the primary, the message might get through to the candidate that does.

09/14/11 10:27 am

American, yes the parties have essentially flipped several times. But do you really need to bring race in AGAIN? it's really getting old. Makes me not want to listen to anything else you say, because it's probably ignorant as well...

09/14/11 10:00 am

I hurts me inside to think that 32no may cancel out my vote

09/14/11 9:12 am

hahahaha32no is not only an idiot, but is completely, factually incorrect, and spouting irrelevant drivel....again.

09/14/11 8:46 am

I wasted my vote once, won't do it again.

09/14/11 7:39 am

jopat!! I thought you blocked me!

09/14/11 7:06 am

opinionesru; I was responding to 32no and her goofy statement. the republican party was tarted in 1854 in opposition to what was going on in Kansas at the time. the southern democrats were in control during secession, so where did I miss the mark?

09/14/11 7:04 am

are there any qualified candidates?

09/14/11 6:56 am

opinionsru; where did I go wrong?

ORinNY New York
09/14/11 5:45 am

Im thinking back to 2000 when Ralph Nader made such a wonderful splash in politics and offered a real candidate with ethical convictions you know he'd stand by, then I remember all the dems. Who gave me such a hard time for 'wasting' my vote. These poll results make me think y'all have bad memories.

catey Pennsylvania
09/14/11 5:02 am

Not necessarily my favorite candidate, just the one who's ideas I agree with and the one that I think would make a good leader.

09/14/11 4:10 am

George Wallace was a racist...

09/14/11 4:09 am

'inamorata' ? ask S. Jobs, I have no idea....

09/14/11 4:08 am

I am a liberal/ independent living in Utah....I don't vote FOR any candidate I like here....inamorata voting against the one the Mo's like.....almost always a repuglican.....sheeple abound here.

09/14/11 3:10 am

I alway vote for the candidate I like the best or I vote against one who's ideology I disagree with... Like a homophobe