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Show Of Hands September 12th, 2012 12:00am

President Obama reportedly declined an invitation to meet with conservative Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he visits the U.S. next month. Scheduling conflict or intentional snub? (UQ)

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Apex swimming in the sky
09/18/12 10:50 pm

I wish it was because he genuinely hates the mans guts, but probably just worried the extremist are going to yell comi if they meet.

NotAsheep Nevada
09/18/12 11:16 am

Load the questions much? lol my gawd

tdaddy Kentucky
09/16/12 8:40 pm

If the reason the PM came here was specifically to meet the prez, then yes it's a snub. But if the PM came here for some other reason and wanted the prez to adjust his schedule rather than vice versa, then it's not a snub.

Think Lovin Life
09/16/12 7:09 pm

K&J ... yep, my guess is that MrO is better than Mr Romney at many things, like: voting present in a crisis, golfing while the middle east burns, sleeping as an ambassador is sodomized and dragged thru the streets.

However, what we need is an adult with proven leadership qualities. MrO must go!

09/16/12 10:36 am

His schedule is too full of wasting tax payers money by going on letterman and campaigning...that's just not right. A sitting president should be able to campaign by actions!

KandJ North Carolina
09/16/12 5:59 am

if the President wanted/needed to meet with someone his schedule would be adjusted. there would have to be rationale for not adjusting his schedule to meet with one of the other world leaders... I would love to hear it, but doubt we will any time soon. Obama still is better than Romney!

09/15/12 4:33 pm

The president made it political going to Vegas and Letterman instead of taking care of our business with Netanyahu.

Think Lovin Life
09/15/12 4:13 pm

ishady ... has Muslim hostility "eased" under the Barry regime?

Yet another MrO lie.

EIT Near You
09/15/12 9:26 am

Israel is our friend and like our actual friends, they are understanding of scheduling conflicts. Making this political isn't helping matters.

09/15/12 4:49 am

If PM Netanyahu had his own late night TV show, Obama would most certainly meet with him.

ishady 86451132020
09/15/12 2:43 am

The only terror campaign I see is the one brought about by Romney and his tea bagger puppeteers.

Think Lovin Life
09/14/12 10:14 pm

Yes, scheduling ... Golf, sleep, fund raising in Vegas. Wait, wasn't it MrO who said we shouldn't go to Vegas?

What an utter failure. MrO must go!

taboo Louisiana
09/14/12 9:51 pm

Israel is an ally! of course it's scheduling

kirksten Columbia, MO
09/14/12 8:59 pm

This president has the most twisted take on foreign relations. I hope we don't see more of his agenda. After inauguration he sent back a bust of Churchill to Britain and has offended Britain on several other occasions. He just doesn't like certain countries and he doesn't care what's best for USA.

09/14/12 8:07 pm

"The day I'm inaugurated Muslim hostility will ease." Sen. Barack Obama 2007

Have we ever had a more arrogant, more naive President?

Pragmaniac Hipsterville
09/14/12 8:06 pm

He was over scheduled when I visited DC, too. I was ticked.

09/14/12 6:54 pm

Ishady I think the president should at least be honest! He supports the brotherhood and Hamas he should just admit it.

Think Lovin Life
09/14/12 6:30 pm

So ... let's pause for a moment and take stock. MrO came into office, kissed the ring of the Muslims, bowed to the Muslim Brotherhood. We gave these people billions, Now we have burned out embassies and a dead ambassador.

Let the twisting begin as we watch MrO blame Mr Bush & Republicans.

09/14/12 4:01 pm

Screw the Jews! Screw the Palestinians! Israel doesn't deserve our support, and the Palestinians deserve it even less. I'm tired of all this bullsh*t in general!

09/14/12 2:57 pm

Wakeup; you have names of people that disappeared or you just watching hollywood movies? Thats the problem anyone can just get on ere and pull a Harry Reid.

09/14/12 2:55 pm

Wow, just wow and how freaking stupid!

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 10:38 am

Maybe the meeting with the Muslim brotherhood might keep them from Invading through the sinai? Wouldn't peace with Egypt help Israel? Your welcome Jews.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
09/14/12 9:08 am

Don't forever that he will be meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood next week. :-/

09/14/12 9:03 am

A snub; another reason why I will not vote for him again. It's so important to work something out with Israel, especially when they are talking of preemptive strikes on Iran.

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 8:26 am

Israel might want to not be seen with us anyway we are hated in the region.

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 8:25 am

The army's and equipment they are using are a lot different today than in 67. Israel doesn't dictate our foreign policy at least they shouldn't. We pledged our support nothing has changed. They are concerned cause bush bent over for them, Obama does not.

09/14/12 7:41 am

“Not since its birth six decades ago has Israel been so cast adrift by its closest ally.” – Charles Krauthammer

09/14/12 7:30 am

Barack Obama doesn't want to meet Netanyahu because he feels uncomfortable in the presence of a real leader.

09/14/12 7:07 am

Netanyahu is doing two things that should be intolerable for any patriotic American: he is a foreigner trying to influence our presidential campaign and he is a foreigner trying to shove us into a war of choice in a region where far too many Americans have already died needlessly.

09/14/12 2:52 am

Remember Muslims hate Jews.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/13/12 10:19 pm

@ wakeup I think you got president Bush and clinton mixed up. People actually said they feared for their lives and those were clintons friends. Many aquontences had sudden deaths

09/13/12 9:12 pm

I love the libs vote on this one...yes a scheduling conflict, because going on Letterman, or fundraising with Jay-Z is much more important than the Iran/Israel situation!!

wakeup South Dakota
09/13/12 8:33 pm

A lot of neg. words to President Obama. When Pres. Bush was in office NO ONE dare challenge him until AFTER he left unless they desire to never be heard of again. Im neither fan of the two running but as a registered voter I'd take someone who's paid off college debt then one who DIDNT have to.

wakeup South Dakota
09/13/12 8:29 pm

The prime minister is no conservative.

09/13/12 7:35 pm

@see2016 but the DNC just added the whole "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel" statement. There's no way Jews would ever turn against Obama.......right?

09/13/12 6:50 pm

@antiobama. I think the Jewish people are smarter than that!

09/13/12 6:15 pm

Ishady i doubt the Israelis are scared of reprisals. Remember when 5 countries attacked them in 1967? Yeah they seemed to do just fine. Everyones scared of Iran who couldn't beat Iraq in 8 years of war they are no match for Israel. We ousted Saddam in about 4 days so its just a pimple on the ass of

09/13/12 6:09 pm

<----- The good thing here is Obama just blew the Jewish vote out the window!

WildBillWins Oregon
09/13/12 6:03 pm

Obama in an idiot. He must go! One term is WAY too much for that fool!

FakeSound Arizona
09/13/12 6:01 pm

You don't study law, do you?

FakeSound Arizona
09/13/12 6:00 pm

He knows that if he does, Republicans are going to shit their pants and call him a Muslim via rhetoric.

bbkkanders Kentucky
09/13/12 5:37 pm

Hussein is a idiot plain and simple. I can't stand that fool.

tsk California
09/13/12 4:59 pm

Benjamin got into a heated argument with the US ambassador. Obama knows he's next.

09/13/12 12:29 pm

That elitist socialist moron snubbed him. All hail emperor Obama! Yes we can yes we can!! 4 more years!! We aren't done shitting on the constitution yet!!

ishady 86451132020
09/13/12 10:26 am

The Israelis are afraid of reprisal so they pressure us into attacking. Then we pay for it by American lives lost in Muslim countries. Iran will be handled by the international community. We are not the police force of the world.

09/13/12 10:09 am

Pinky- we have without doubt or argument the most sophisticated, best funded, most advanced, and most diverse weapons-technology-development in the world. What Israel contributes by way of weaponry is no more than a drop in the ocean... Not to mention that we fund their weapons research.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/13/12 9:36 am

For those who think our alliance with Israel only benefits them, look up the military technology that they share with us. It's saving American lives as we type.