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Rosebud November 2nd, 2014 2:37pm

Does your town have local police on duty 24/7?

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FarmerManE djent
11/02/14 12:01 pm

Town yes. The county it's self has 24/7 sherif support but they're spread too thin. I would worry about living way out away from town because of response time, especially with all the meth heads we have

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/02/14 11:22 am

The nearest town doesn't have any police at all.

rons Thanks America
11/02/14 9:51 am

Gomer relieves Barney when he finishes locking up at the garage.

AbandonedAccnt Not here.
11/02/14 9:16 am

Our town doesn't even have police. The county sheriffs are our police.

LadyBug237 Florida
11/02/14 1:07 pm

Same here^

rons Thanks America
11/02/14 10:55 am

You don't like Ponche?

susanr Colorado
11/02/14 8:17 am

I would imagine so, in a city with ~150,000 residents & a university.

firefly5 the verse
11/02/14 8:07 am

no, we kindly request that crime occur strictly during business hours.

yes, yes we do.

WildRice With a side of sass
11/02/14 8:04 am

I honestly think the town I grew up in didn't have police. The next town did. Huh. That sounds weird now that I say it.

Rosebud Ohio
11/02/14 7:37 am

I found out yesterday that my local police aren't on duty over the weekend. Any calls are forwarded to the sheriff's station.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/02/14 8:35 am

Really? That's odd.

Rosebud Ohio
11/02/14 10:53 am

I thought so too. I'd never heard of it.