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cavman32 Texas
03/11/12 11:00 pm

Survival of the fittest, no everyone treated equal crap

Shellyleft Vermont
03/11/12 10:13 am

President Obama is the only logical choice, unless you are part of the1%, which 99% of us are not.

03/09/12 10:14 pm

i thought u were joking

03/09/12 10:13 pm

@abrakadabr,oobama 2012, Equality for NONE!!!!!!! (i Thoth u were Uk for a sec)

03/09/12 10:10 pm

@texindy, go back to California where you belong

03/09/12 3:12 pm

I'd be okay with Roomney, it's his party I can't stand

03/07/12 11:48 pm

*~*~*~*~*~*** ROMNEY 2012 ***~*~*~*~*

03/07/12 4:30 am

Once again obama using press conference to campaign

03/06/12 10:36 pm

I'm not making this up.

03/06/12 10:35 pm

Once, again. Children.

03/06/12 8:38 pm

I honestly don't have a problem and I'd be happy with either. I wouldn't mind the change but Romney is one sketchy dude... RON PAUL 2012

03/06/12 6:42 pm

Well now i know you really belong in ca

03/06/12 12:23 pm

I just enjoy open dialogue. I get it from the GOP. But I never get it get it from Paul supporters. Every single Paul supporter I try to speak to on or off soh won't acts like children. Maybe not all of them, but all the ones I move spoken to.

03/06/12 2:58 am

Ca ive seen all your blog post's through out soh you made it quite known your a dem maybe a little closer to the middle but still a dem

03/05/12 9:26 pm

Thanks for answering my questions and not avoiding me Psycho44!! Nice to know its possible to have a regular conversation with you. A loss for intelligent dialogue today.

03/05/12 7:14 pm

Equality for all even if your lazy don't wanna work &do drugs.sheesh nice post makes me wanna really go put there in the world and give 150 percent

03/05/12 5:27 pm

Psycho when did I boast about anything? Seriously? What did I say? I'll retract it.

03/05/12 5:21 pm

Ca you boast so much about being a dem see what they did to your state u live in

03/05/12 5:20 pm

Or paul then he takes it hands down

03/05/12 3:06 pm

And if somehow the economy backtracks on growth immensely.

03/05/12 3:05 pm

Romney has a chance ONLY if he puts Christie or Rubio in the ticket. #timetogetrealisticgop

03/05/12 3:04 pm

Obama will win as long as Christie doesn't run. That simple. I'm sorry, but even Paul never had a chance against him. Coulter had it right. This, coming from a Dem.

03/05/12 2:21 pm

Open your eyes Palindrome!!!

tsk California
03/04/12 11:22 am

Which is also why the powers that be, will not let Romney and especially Paul win. We can hope, but it looks like 4 more years of kow-towing to our chinese overlords.

tsk California
03/04/12 11:04 am

The difference is Obama has destroyed the value of the dollar by QE'ing to restore american exports. Romney says screw the chinese and will tarriff our way back to a balanced trade deficit. If romney wins and keeps his promise, our days of cheap chinese imports will be over and we can move jobs back

03/04/12 7:27 am

I don't really see a difference

palindrome California
03/03/12 10:23 pm

Rio- yep. Obama hasn't even BEGUN to campaign. Haha just wait, the man is a powerhouse when it comes to campaigning. I helped coordinate and organize (as a volunteer) for him here in CA last general election, the amount of resources the campaign was using was incredible.

03/03/12 8:31 pm

Obama is in gold/sachs back pocket

03/03/12 6:43 pm

Jus doin that cuz he black

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
03/03/12 6:35 pm

I was on the fence as to who I was voting for, but the GOP is looking more and more distasteful by the day. Say what you want, Obama is doing the best he can with what he's got. He's got my vote this november!

03/03/12 3:53 pm

@Palindrome nope hillary's got 2016

03/02/12 6:15 pm

Mitt should have his goldmen sachs friends bribe santorum to leave the race..

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
03/02/12 9:29 am

A Romney nomination = a write-in for Ron Paul from me!!!

fadinho michigan
03/02/12 7:14 am

@any1bt Pushing the idea of fair share and fair sacrifice is campaigning? This really saddens me.

03/02/12 7:11 am

@ncyeah also he might persuade romney to the light side of the force..

03/01/12 9:41 pm

the v.p. does a lot . look at Cheney pulling bushie's strings!

ncbuc Get Over It
03/01/12 8:45 pm

I can just see him now...for $600/month we'll give you shitty coverage. But if you don't like that option. You can pay a $300/month penalty for opting out. Other way bend over you stupid citizen. Get down there with the poor. Ya f@&k.

This message sponsored by Mitt Romney.

ncbuc Get Over It
03/01/12 8:35 pm

@psycho...yeah because the vp actually does things?? Don't think Paul would enjoy giving romneycare infomercials to universities and bs countries.

03/01/12 8:20 pm

@ fresh1, you forgot "get that black guy out of there"

03/01/12 8:06 pm

Fadinho: Obama used the state of the union as an excuse for and hour long campaign speech. He has been campaigning, playing golf, and doing anything but run the country for the last year.

03/01/12 8:04 pm

Yeah but the end justifies the means he might be able to do more as vice than a c-man

ncbuc Get Over It
03/01/12 7:58 pm

Not that he cares about me....but definitely more than Mitt Romney. Lol